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2BR Duplex + Maids Apartment For Sale In Mudon Views
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6 Years Post Handover Payment Plan
Starting Price
AED 1,604,000

2BR Duplex + Maids Apartment For Sale In Mudon Views

A part of the exclusive apartments of Mudon Views, The expansive 2BR duplex with maids room continues to set a high standard of modern and premium living. Exquisitely designed that has a special offer of 10/90 payment plan with 6 years post handover + 100% DLD waiver. As you open the door you are welcomed by a tranquillity that helps you ease into your new city lifestyle.

What is a Duplex?

A duplex is a type of apartment unit having rooms on two adjoining floors connected by an inner staircase. There are many duplex apartments for sale in Dubai offering various sizes and arrangements. The term duplex literally means a two-storey apartment unit and can feature 2-bedroom duplex for sale in Dubai up to 5-bedroom duplex for sale in Dubai. Some developers also create a 1-bedroom duplex for sale in Dubai. The larger types  are called triplex (3-storey apartment), quadruplex (4-storey apartment) and quintuplex (5-storey apartment).

Duplexes in Dubai commonly feature the typical parts of a regular apartment such as master’s bedroom, regular bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, kitchen and dining area. The unique part of a duplex is a staircase or private lift considering that it is a two-storey unit. Some duplexes also provide a balcony, perfect for a relaxing day while admiring the views of your community. Duplexes in Dubai usually occupy the higher floors or penthouses. If you wish to avail hotel-like service, there are also several serviced duplexes for sale in Dubai providing you laundry, housekeeping and even valet parking services.

Residents can also choose between an unfurnished and furnished duplexes for sale in Dubai. Enjoy the freedom to customize your home with an unfurnished duplex for sale in Dubai, while a furnished duplex for sale provides all complete furniture items and electronic appliances like air conditioning unit, wshing machine, refrigerator and basic kitchen gadgets.

Sizes of Duplexes for Sale in Dubai

The common sizes of duplexes for sale in Dubai range from 1,000 to 6,000 square feet (on the average), The indicated sizes and measurements, however, still depends on the design of the developer.

Residents of Duplexes in Dubai

The common residents of a duplex for sale in Dubai are couples or families that want to experience the ambience of a two-storey house within a high-rise setting. Other residents could also be two families who would love to share a home but at the same time, want to enjoy  privacy in separate floors of the house. Transitory residents of duplexes in Dubai include tourists on a holiday or international delegates in business conferences.

Best Locations: Find Duplex for Sale in Dubai

Imagine living within a magnificent marina community while enjoying the sunset views from your balcony. This is how living in a duplex for sale in Dubai Marina looks like. The marina development offers a waterfront-style of living with yachts moored along the marina. Enjoy the best dining, entertainment and leisure facilities right at your doorstep. Also located within the vicinity is the Dubai Marina mall, a premium shopping and entertainment destination.

Another key location where you can find the best duplexes in Dubai is Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). Live in a duplex for sale in JVC and have finest amenities all within reach. Several duplexes in Jumeirah Village Circle even allow pets in the house, perfect for animal lovers who can’t live without their dogs or cats. Living in JVC allows you to experience a peaceful life tucked away from the city noise. There are grocery stores and dining places near the vicinity, and a major shopping mall is just a few minutes’ drive from home. Savor the beauty of nature in its wide open spaces and parks. While the location is nestled away from the city, one can easily access other destinations in Dubai as it is connected to major road networks.

Finally, the most popular location for luxury properties in Downtown Dubai. Living in a duplex for sale in Downtown Dubai gives you the unique opportunity to live in an excellent location which has easy access to the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall and the iconic tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa. The duplexes for sale in Downtown Dubai are designed with high-end finishes, floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings and exclusive amenities including a private pool.

Benefits of Buying Duplexes Dubai

  1. Villa-living within a high-rise building

Living in a duplex apartment for sale in Dubai allows you to experience the ambience of villa-living while enjoying access to the high-end amenities. Compared to an ordinary flat or apartment, a duplex in Dubai has its master bedroom usually located on the upper floor, while its kitchen, dining and living room are all in the lower floors. While some people desire to live in traditional house types like villas for sale in Dubai, the distance of the homes to the workplace and the amenities of the city is a reason why they still go for apartments. With duplex apartments, now it is possible to live in the villa lifestyle in a modern community setting.

  1. Perfect for combined families

If you own a duplex apartment in Dubai, you can opt to live with your family and your extended family by sharing one living space. A spacious residence is perfect for family bonding and get-togethers through simple activities within the home. At the same time, you are ensured that you still maintain utmost privacy, as the noise in the living room would not be heard on the bedrooms upstairs. A duplex apartment  is indeed the perfect home for close-knitted families.

  1. Attractive home for rentals

Because of the aforementioned benefits of the duplex living, this type of residence is an attractive home for rentals. Duplex apartments are relatively cheaper than villas, commonly designed with wide balconies and located in higher floors guaranteeing unobstructed views, making it marketable among clients. Owning a duplex for rent in Dubai also provide the owner high rental returns, being located in prime districts in Dubai. Tourists and international delegates would also prefer to stay in a duplex for rent in Dubai because it is a homey accommodation instead of a hotel, especially for month-long stays.

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