Jumeirah Village Circle
#Project NameProperty TypeMin. PriceCompletion
1Binghatti Mirage Apartments Dubai AED 706,448 Q4 2021
2Living Garden Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 483,778 Ready To Move
3Signature Livings Apartments Dubai AED 494,819 Ready To Move
4Regina Tower Apartments Dubai AED 362,000 Q4 2021
5Binghatti Gate Residences Apartments Dubai AED 736,215 Q4 2022
6ACES Chateau Apartments Dubai AED 855,125 Ready To Move
7Laya Residences Apartments Dubai AED 845,471 Ready To Move
8Belgravia Heights I Apartments Dubai AED 805,828 Q4 2021
9Oxford Boulevard Apartments Dubai AED 795,000 Q3 2021
10Oxford Residence II Apartments Dubai AED 390,000 Ready To Move
11Pantheon Elysee 2 Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 479,000 Q2 2022
12Bloom Heights Apartments Dubai AED 406,000 Q1 2021
13Bloom Towers Apartments Dubai AED 686,000 Q1 2021
14Belgravia III Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 1,028,828 Q2 2021
15Belgravia Square Apartments Dubai AED 854,828 Q4 2022
16Aria Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 662,661 Q1 2021
17O2 Tower Apartments Dubai AED 452,000 Q2 2021
18The Square Apartments Dubai AED 492,000 Q2 2021
19Ghalia Tower Hotel Apartments Dubai AED 449,999 Ready To Move
20The One Hotel Hotel Apartments Dubai - Q4 2021
21Oxford Residence Apartments Dubai AED 380,000 Ready To Move
22Pantheon Elysee Apartments Dubai AED 549,900 Q4 2020
23Park Villas Villas Dubai AED 2,340,580 Ready To Move
24Gardenia Residency Apartments Dubai AED 552,889 Ready To Move
25Pantheon Boulevard Apartments Dubai AED 753,451 Ready To Move
26Joya Verde Residences Apartments Dubai AED 432,952 Ready To Move
27Uniestate Prime Tower Apartments Dubai AED 362,000 Ready To Move
28Belgravia Heights II Apartments Dubai AED Q4 2021
29Hameni Homes Apartments Dubai AED 2,024,208 Q1 2020
30Dar Al Jawhara Apartments Dubai AED 437,660 Q1 2020
31Five Jumeirah Village Dubai Apartments Dubai - Ready To Move
32Full Building Full Buildings Dubai AED 65,000,000 Ready To Move
33Spica Residences Apartments Dubai AED 743,019 Ready To Move
34The Habitat Villas Dubai AED 2,150,000 Ready To Move
35Milano Giovanni Boutique Suites Apartments Dubai Hotel Apartments Dubai AED 1,000,000 Q1 2020
36Artistic Heights Apartments Dubai AED 399,000 Q4 2020
37La Riviera Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 704,000 Ready To Move
38Crystal Residence Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 903,719 Ready To Move
39Eaton Place Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 865,828 Ready To Move
40Tower 108 Hotel Apartments Dubai AED 999,999 Ready To Move
41Belgravia II Apartments Dubai AED 1,600,828 Ready To Move
42Belgravia Apartments Dubai AED 1,800,000 Ready To Move
43Alcove Apartments Dubai AED 838,336 Ready To Move

Jumeirah Village Circle is indisputably one of the best things to happen to Dubai. Started off as experimentation by the mega-developer Nakheel in the region, Jumeirah Village Circle’s founding idea was to amalgamate posh urban lifestyle in a village-like setting consisting of lush green gardens and free-flowing water canals. Thus, Jumeirah Village Circle proved out to be everything imagined and stands tall today as one of the most sought-after residential developments in the region due to its proximity to some of the busiest city districts and recreational spots as well as the tranquility and serenity it entails away from the mainstream hustle and bustle of this beaming metropolis. That is exactly the reason why Jumeirah Village Circle is chock-full with various Properties for Sale in Dubai within it be it the lavish Villas and Townhouses for Sale or commodiously structured and family-friendly apartments for Sale.

Jumeirah Village Circle Development

Why choose Jumeirah Village Circle?

Jumeirah Village Circle enjoys an extremely central location when it comes to its proximity and reach to and from. Lying in the middle of the Jumeirah District, the residential development has close access to some iconic leisure and recreational destinations like Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Reachability to these places indicates how lively and exciting family weekends can be for people residing within this community. In addition, there is always a need for some key places by a resident no matter where they reside in the world and those are the place’s access to daily life necessities like Supermarkets, Hospitals & Pharmacies, Banks and ATM machines, and Educational Institutions for their children. Jumeirah Village Circle entails all of these and at every other step. In fact, most of the villas and apartment developments have their own dedicated supermarkets and ATM machines too. Investing in such a developed community will definitely reap good returns for investors. Thus, it would certainly be the best bargain you could ask for.

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Jumeirah Village Circle Community

Nearest School and Nursery in Jumeirah Village Circle:

The area itself has its own school and nursery. Here is a list of schools and nurseries nearby:

  • JSS School
  • Ladybird Early Learning Centre
  • Nord Anglia International School Dubai
  • Jumeirah International Nursery
  • Sunmarke School Dubai
  • The Wonder Years Nursery

Nearest Mall and Community Center in Jumeirah Village Circle:

The area itself has its own shopping mall and community center. Here is a list of mall/s nearby:

  • Circle Mall

Nearest Hotel in Jumeirah Village Circle:

The area itself has its own hotel. Here is a list of hotels nearby:

  • Sofitel Hotel Staff Residency 1
  • Suits in the SKai
  • Dune Properties JVC

Nearest Hospital and Clinic in Jumeirah Village Circle:

The area itself has its own hospitals and clinics. Here is a list of hospitals and clinics nearby:

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