Villas for sale in Dubai

Villas for sale in Dubai

Over the last few decades, many property investors set Dubai as their first destination. As property hunters like homes with a private garden and open space, the popularity of Dubai villas is increasing. If you want to provide yourself with a great and safe living and make a high return investment, look for villas for sale in Dubai.

Here, you can read more about Dubai villas, their types, prices, neighborhoods, and more.

Why do people choose to buy Dubai villas as a profitable investment?

Today, you can find a variety of property investment opportunities in Dubai. But you might wonder why people choose Dubai villas to invest in?

Here, you can see a summary of why people invest in Dubai villas.

  • Dubai is a smart and happy city
  • It is a luxury symbol
  • The city safety environment
  • Booming tourism industry
  • Affordable and flexible payment plans

Freehold vs. Leasehold villas in Dubai, which one should you buy?

If you want to buy a villa in Dubai, you have to know that there are two basic types of homeownership. One is freehold, and the other is leasehold. Here, I help you understand the property ownership types as a foreigner who wants to shell out money in buying a property in Dubai. It will help you choose the most appropriate villas for sale in Dubai.

Dubai was the first emirate in the UAE, which opened its designated areas for foreigners and expatriates. At first, in 2001, they granted foreigners to own property on a leasehold basis. Then, in 2002, the government provided foreigners with the right to purchase and own property on a freehold basis.

As you understand, the difference between these two property ownerships lies in the buyer’s rights. Let’s explain each one more completely.

Leasehold Ownership

In this type, you buy villas and have the right to own the property for a fixed term, mostly 99 years. In leasehold terms, you own the villa and not the land. Here, the land ownership is still for the freeholder, who leases the land to construct the property for the specified term. So, when this term ends, you revert the entire ownership to the freeholder. Several communities in Dubai offer leasehold villas for sale. Properties available for sale in Dubai Silicon Oasis and Green Community are several of the investment choices you have for buying a leasehold villa.

Freehold Ownership

When you buy a villa on a freehold basis, you have complete ownership of the property and the land. There is no time restriction in this type which means you are the king. So, you can sell, rent out or occupy the property as you wish. If you are looking for freehold villas for sale in Dubai, properties available for sale in Arabian Ranches and villas for sale in Reem and The Villas are among the finest options for you. These communities are several of Dubai’s most popular areas in which you can find state-of-the-art freehold villas.

What is the best type of Dubai villa to invest in?

Villas for sale in Dubai vary in options such as unit types, price ranges, and space covered. You can choose among different areas or communities, and their architectural style and amenities could vary. Here, I will introduce you to some popular villas in Dubai.

  • Dubai’s Mediterranean Villas

The first style is the Mediterranean, which originated in the 1920s and reflected magnificence and splendor. This Italian and Spanish architecture style is appropriate for warm locations, such as Dubai.

  • Contemporary Villas in Dubai

The second style is called Contemporary, which reflects the architecture of the modern world. Dubai villas in the contemporary design blend two different designs and have an element of innovation in them.

  • Arabic

You will find this popular style in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Arabic-style villas are also famous for their magnificence and splendor. These villas have spacious rooms, domed ceilings, large windows, and designs with great chandeliers, shiny floors, and complex railings.

  • Dubai’s Spanish-style Villas

Another Dubai villa type is Spanish-style refers to Spanish Colonial housing units in the 1600s. Usually, they have ornate archways, classic wooden-beam roofs, and small windows, and people recognize them by their white stucco, thick walls, and adobe brickwork.

  • Dubai Villas With Classic Design

The last type is the Classic design which originated from the ancient Romans and Greek. This type represents the luxurious lifestyle that was dominant in that era. Typically, classic villas follow three rules such as solidness, usefulness, and beauty.

What are the best areas in Dubai to find a villa for sale?

There are some locations people like most to buy a new villa in Dubai. Here, you can find some of the best neighborhoods to invest in, in Dubai villas.

Dubailand, State-of-the-art Villas in Dubai’s Future Hub for Recreation

The first neighborhood is Dubailand, an outstanding residential hub, which extends across a vast area. It is an extravagant location with residential facilities like shopping malls, theme parks, eco-tourism projects, and sports and recreation. There you can find multi-billion dirham projects like villas for sale in DAMAC Hills and other freehold residences.

Eterno Villas at Damac Hills 2

Mirdif, Offering Villas for Sale in a Serene Neighborhood of Dubai

The second area is Mirdif, away from the densely populated areas of the city. This area is a good selection for people desiring seclusion. Today, many investors buy villas in Mirdif to live in a peaceful environment of the only residential area in Dubai.

Properties for sale in Mirdif Hills | List of Off Plan projects in Mirdif Hills

Palm Jumeirah, an Iconic Landmark in Dubai with Myriad Gorgeous Villas for Sale

Palm Jumeirah is one of Dubai’s most desirable residential areas. This place is a beautiful island, where villas developed around its structure. Moreover, most of the waterside villas have private beach access to the residents. Also, you can find many villas offering awe-inspiring views of the astonishing Dubai skyline. If you are looking for a gorgeous holiday home, Palm Jumeirah Villas for sale are among the best options for you.

Palm View Apartments At Palm Jumeirah

Meydan, a Sought-after Neighborhood in Dubai with Luxury Villas for sale

Another popular area is Meydan, one of the fastest newborn areas in Dubai. Today, many investors choose Meydan because of the high-class properties in its vicinity. Also, Meydan is an area right in the center of Dubai’s with easily accessible.

Properties for sale in Meydan | List of Off Plan projects in Meydan

Dubai Marina, Exquisite Villas for Sale in a Prime Waterfront Location

Dubai Marina is one of the most sought-after locations in the emirate with luxury skyscrapers, top hotels, a water canal, and of course, the Marina beach. You can find multiple recreations and entertainment options and many people for retail and culinary experiences in Marina. While many people know this area because of its skyline of high-rise apartments, you can find a wide range of luxury villas for sale in Dubai Marina too.

Properties for sale in Dubai Marina | List of Off Plan projects in Dubai Marina

Umm Suqeim, Offering a Diverse Portfolio of Dubai Villas

This place is the home of the very popular Kite Beach. I can divide this old Dubai area into five sub-communities: Umm Suqeim 1, Umm Suqeim 2, Umm Suqeim 3, Umm Suqeim Road, and Madinat Jumeirah Living.

Al Barsha, a Good Neighborhood for Buying Affordable Villas in Dubai

All people who want to have a relaxed and balanced life in Dubai choose Al Barsha as a well-known residential development. There are different options that you can choose based on your budget criteria. It might be interesting to know that the famous “Mall of the Emirates” is in this area. Also, you can find complex residential and commercial facilities in this vicinity.

Al Barari, Offering Luxury Villas for Sale in an Eco-friendly Environment

You might like to choose Al Barari as a benchmark for sustainable living. This area is one of the most outstanding eco-friendly communities in Dubai. You can find high-profile luxurious villas for sale in Al Barari offering exclusive amenities. Al Barari has about 18 million sq. ft. residential area that over 60% of it includes landscaped gardens, water streams, and green spaces.

The Neighbourhood Residences At Al Barari

Jumeirah Village Circle, Where You’ll Find Some of the Finest Villas for Sale in Dubai

Projects available for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle comprise exquisite villas too. JVC is one of the best places to buy a villa in Dubai. It is a family-friendly community, which provides a unique urban lifestyle concept in a village-like setup. This place is full of green landscaped gardens and appreciates calmness and serenity.

Properties for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle | List of Off Plan projects in JVC

Dubai Investment Park, Where You Can Buy Villas in a Commercial Zone

The last option are Dubai Investment Park villas for sale. Dubai investment park is an expansive development with 5000 acres of area, a mixed-use residential and commercial development. This place is near the international airport in Jebel Ali Free Zone, where you can find a wide range of villas with excellent infrastructures.

Properties for sale in Dubai Investments Park | List of Off Plan projects in DIP

What are the Sale Price Trends for Properties in Dubai?

Now that you know more about the Dubai villas types and neighborhoods, it is time to go through different sale prices. As you read above, there is a wide range of villas you can buy in Dubai, and based on the villa you choose, you have to pay a different cost. In Total, the buying range of Dubai villas is from AED 1,475,000 to AED 17,500,000. As a buyer, you can choose from a range of 2-bedroom to 6-bedroom villas in Dubai.

  • 2-bedroom Villa Sale Prices in Dubai

If you want to buy a 2-bedroom villa in Dubai in an affordable area like Dubailand, you have to pay about AED 700k. But if you look for a newer community built at the waterfront like The Heart of Europe with a 2-bedroom, you have to pay about AED 22M.

  • Sale Prices of Dubai’s 3-bedroom Villas

If your chosen property is a 3-bedroom Dubai villa available for sale, it might cost you around 2.3M.

  • Cost of 4-bedroom Villas in Dubai

As a large family, you might need something bigger, and 4-bedroom villas up for sale in Dubai could be a good choice. Their price starts from AED 7,500,000 and ends at AED 8,000,000.

  • Sale Price of Dubai’s Luxury Villas

Also, you can find a luxurious option like a Dubai 6-bedroom villa available for sale with an expected price of about AED 4M to AED 8M. Pay attention, this price will increase based on the location you choose. For example, Emirates Hills villas cost around AED 68M to AED 98M.

Dxboffplan Brings You the Best of Dubai Villas

The rapidly growing ultramodern metropolis of Dubai is full of lucrative opportunities for prospective investors. Thanks to the myriad master developers working on a plethora of astounding property developments, Dubai’s real estate market is quite diverse and can satisfy even the most selective buyers. You’ll be able to find a vast array of state-of-the-art villas for sale in Dubai on our website among which you can find your dream home effortlessly.

Our team of experts at Dxboffplan will help you find the best deals available and accompany you through every step of your purchase. Contact us and enjoy our wide range of client services including:

  • Direct purchase from the developer
  • 100% free consultation
  • Zero commission fees
  • In-person and online consultation (through WhatsApp)
  • Immediate securing of the property
  • Citizenship services

Furthermore, Dubai’s real estate sector is packed with other types of properties too. There are a plethora of apartment developments in Dubai. Check out our list of high-end flats for sale in Dubai and browse through an exquisite collection of residential units with appealing criteria. You can also find a wide range of townhouses for sale in Dubai on our website.

frequently asked questions

Anyone of any nationality can buy villas in Dubai regardless of their residency status. Buying a villa in Dubai can also make you eligible for obtaining long-term residency visas or even acquiring UAE citizenship.

If you want to invest in real estate in Dubai and have found a suitable villa, the process of finalizing your purchase and transferring the title deeds takes approximately 30 days from the date on which you sign the agreement for sale.

Callback Request : Mirage Villas

The Oasis Q2 2028
Emaar Properties Projects for Sale
A haven where luxury and nature exist in perfect haromony

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Mirage Villas

Mirage Villas at The Oasis are the new project of Emaar Properties, set to provide residents with unparalleled luxury and tranquility!

Callback Request : Autograph Villas

Damac Hills Q2 2027
Damac Properties for sale
Welcome home to a sanctuary where luxury knows no bounds at Autograph Collection

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Autograph Villas

Autograph Villas are the new project of Damac Properties, offering a limited number of ultra-prestigious houses within the popular Damac Hills.

Callback Request : Park Greens Villas 2

Damac Hills 2 Q1 2027
Damac Properties for sale
Experience Park Greens, where nature's lush greenery meets luxury of Twin Villa.

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Park Greens Villas 2

Park Greens Villas 2 are the second collection of nature-inspired villas by Damac Properties in Damac Hills 2 in Dubai.

Callback Request : Fairway Villas 3

Emaar South Q1 2028
Emaar Properties Projects for Sale
An exquisite collection of spacious villas overlooking an 18-hole championship golf course

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Fairway Villas 3

Fairway Villas 3 by Emaar are new off-plan homes in Dubai offering just 72 luxurious villas within Emaar South.

Callback Request : District One West Phase 2 Villas

Mohammed Bin Rashid City Q1 2028
Nakheel Properties for Sale
Choose your Ideal Home From Three Collections at District One West Phase 2 Villas

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District One West Phase 2 Villas

District One West Phase 2 Villas by Nakheel is an incredible development situated in Dubai's amazing Mohammed Bin Rashid City neighborhood.

Callback Request : Bay Villas

Dubai Islands Q2 2027
Nakheel Properties for Sale
Luxury living with resort-like experience + opulent interiors and breathtaking sea views

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Bay Villas

Bay Villas by Nakheel are ultra-prestigious villas in Dubai’s new destination of choice for the best of island living, Dubai Islands!

Callback Request : Farm Gardens Villas 2

The Valley Q1 2028
Emaar Properties Projects for Sale
Contemporary design, blending elegant aesthetics with natural beauty

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Farm Gardens Villas 2

Farm Gardens Villas 2 at The Valley are a new popular project by Emaar Properties in a unique community filled with amenities!

Callback Request : The Acres Villas

The Acres by Meraas Q4 2027
Meraas Properties For Sale
a brand-new community of standalone villas

Starting from:


The Acres Villas

Looking for unique living in a serene setting? The Acres Villas at Dubailand by Meraas Developer are for you!

Callback Request : Amara Villas

Tilal Al Ghaf Q4 2026
Majid Al Futtaim Properties for Sale
the new villa cluster in Tilal Al Ghaf with Begrman Design House

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Amara Villas

"Luxury living with a natural twist" perfectly defines the lifestyle of Amara Villas in Tilal Al Ghaf in Dubai. Click here if you wish to know more!

Callback Request : The Woodland Residences

Mohammed Bin Rashid City Q2 2026
AMIS Properties
Discover a new standard of living at The Woodland Residences

Starting from:


The Woodland Residences

An exclusive lifestyle by stunning crystal lagoons is what the villas in Woodland Residences by Amis offer in Meydan community in Dubai.

Callback Request : Terra Golf Villas

Jumeirah Golf Estates Q4 2026
Taraf Holding Properties for Sale
An unparalleled lifestyle amidst a golf course

Starting from:


Terra Golf Villas

Terra Golf Villas by Taraf Holding are exclusive villas in Dubai’s Jumeirah Golf Estates area, offering breathtaking views of stunning golf courses!

Callback Request : Utopia Villas

Damac Hills Q4 2026
Damac Properties for sale
Experience the epitome of luxury with resort-inspired villa design at Utopia

Starting from:


Utopia Villas

Welcome to Utopia Villas—your modern, sun-drenched, private oasis. Click to get to know about the Utopia Villas.

Callback Request : Park Gate Villas

Dubai Hills Estate Q4 2027
Emaar Properties Projects for Sale
A harmonious blend of modern luxury and serene nature

Starting from:


Park Gate Villas

Park Gate Villas by Emaar are the last collection of 4BR and 5BR houses in Dubai Hills Estate, offering a unique living experience and incredible ROIs…

sold out

Callback Request : Jouri Hills Villas and Townhouses

Jumeirah Golf Estates Q2 2025
Arada Developer Properties for Sale
A stylish enclave of 294 luxury homes at Jumeirah Golf Estate

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Jouri Hills Villas and Townhouses

Located in the great community of Jumeirah Golf Estates, Arada's Jouri Hills Villas offer an unmatched mix of luxurious living and breathtaking scenery. Check out for more info.

Callback Request : Park Greens

Damac Hills 2 Q1 2027
Damac Properties for sale
Embrace Adventure And Luxury For Extraordinary Familiy Living at Park Greens

Starting from:


Park Greens

Being a brand-new project by Damac Properties, Park Greens Villas are ultimate family homes in Dubai’s Damac Hills 2. Click here to get 100% FREE expert guidance...

Callback Request : Haven by Aldar

Haven Q3 2027
Aldar Properties for Sale
Your Luxurious Oasis In Dubai

Starting from:


Haven by Aldar

Haven by Aldar Properties in Dubailand is a brand-new collection of chic 3BR townhouses to 6BR villas in Dubai, designed with a focus on wellness!

Callback Request : Nad Al Sheba Gardens 3

Nad Al Sheba Q4 2025
Meraas Properties For Sale
beautifully curated homes offering endless opportunities for precious family moments

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Nad Al Sheba Gardens 3

Nad Al Sheba Gardens 3 by Meraas Holding is a brand-new residential project offering luxurious villas and townhouses for an extraordinary lifestyle...

Callback Request : Yasmina Villas

Dubai Expo City Q4 2025
Expo City Dubai group Properties for Sale
Discover a new way of living at Yasmina Villas offer natural privacy for modern, luxury homes

Starting from:


Yasmina Villas

Presenting an amazing collection of 4BR and 5BR villas in a peaceful environment, Yasmina Villas by Expo City are perfect property options in Dubai Expo Valley...

Callback Request : Alana Villas

The Valley Q2 2027
Emaar Properties Projects for Sale
Luxury Villas Designed to provide unparalleled living experience

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Alana Villas

If you wish to experience a serene suburban lifestyle in Dubai, Alana Villas by Emaar Properties at The Valley are for you...

Callback Request : The Beach Collection Villas

Palm Jebel Ali Q4 2027
Nakheel Properties for Sale
A blissful collection of 5 and 6 bedroom beachfront homes

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The Beach Collection Villas

The Beach Collection Villas on Palm Jebel Ali are new properties of choice by Nakheel Properties for those who need a lifestyle beyond luxury...

Callback Request : The Coral Collection Villas

Palm Jebel Ali Q4 2027
Nakheel Properties for Sale
Luxury Seafront Villas - The Future of Refined Luxury Island Living

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The Coral Collection Villas

The Coral Collection Villas by Nakheel Properties are exclusive homes on Palm Jebel Ali in Dubai, being a new prestigious destination in Dubai...

Callback Request : Serenity Mansions

Tilal Al Ghaf Q4 2027
Majid Al Futtaim Properties for Sale
A unique masterpiece where tranquillity resides & comfort meets satisfaction

Starting from:


Serenity Mansions

Serenity Mansions by Majid Al Futtaim are ultra-luxurious houses in Dubai in the amazing area of Tilal Al Ghaf. Click to get detailed information...

Callback Request : The Lakeshore Villas

Mohammed Bin Rashid City Q4 2026
Ellington Properties For Sale
The Lakeshore - A New Standard Of Exclusive Gated Living

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The Lakeshore Villas

Situated in the heart of Dubai in MBR City, The Lakeshore Villas by Ellington Properties are luxurious houses for exceptional living. Click to get more info...

Callback Request : Rivana Villas

The Valley Q1 2027
Emaar Properties Projects for Sale
A private, gated neighbourhood within a natural setting

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Rivana Villas

Rivana Villas by Emaar at The Valley are stylish homes in Dubai for those who care about address, tranquility and amenity. Click to get detailed info...