Property for Sale in Dubai Marina

Property for Sale in Dubai Marina

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Dubai Marina is inevitably and indisputably one of the most globally renowned and sought-after properties in Dubai. The neighborhood features Dubai’s coastal and marine glory through every ounce of its being. Exuding panache, class, and the luxury-driven lifestyle of Dubai through every fine, minute, and meticulous detail of its creation. Property for sale in the Dubai marina is the ideal investment for anybody who seeks to enjoy Dubai to the fullest extent.

For years and years now, Dubai Marina bags the rank as the most popular residential destination in every region survey. The neighborhood is holding on strongly to its position by introducing some landmark and iconic developments in the vicinity year after year. Featuring sandy deserts on one side and shimmering waters on the other, Dubai Marina is the right choice for investors looking to buy properties in the United Arab Emirates.

Properties for sale in Dubai Marina | List of Off Plan projects in Dubai Marina

What Makes Property for Sale in Dubai Marina So Popular?

Marina in Arabic means marine and aquatic. Dubai Marina is home to some of the region’s best residential towers with state-of-the-art facilities, a constantly awe-inspiring water-front view, access to the Emirate’s biggest beach 24/7, some of the best educational institutions in the vicinity, and an easy reachability to all the necessities of daily living.

The epitome of all things sophisticated and classy, Dubai Marina homes some of the region’s best diners, cafes, bars, and unmatched entertainment venues. The neighborhood is home to over 200 luxury residential towers, villas, and several hotels and serviced apartments. One of Dubai’s most vibrant and popular districts, Dubai Marina blends a city vibe with a waterfront lifestyle. In fact, it is an exceptional location to invest, live, work and play!

Properties for sale in Dubai Marina | List of Off Plan projects in Dubai Marina

Buying a Property in Dubai Marina

Over the years, a number of changes have taken place in Dubai’s properties for sale. Regulatory changes and new initiatives have led to many advances in Dubai property. As one of the city’s most important real estate assets, Dubai Marina stands out. Buying a property in Dubai Marina offers many options. The luxury apartments for sale in the Dubai Marina complex offer 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK units. Those who want a bigger space can also choose from some stylish villas. Most apartment for sale in Dubai Marina has a swimming pool, a fitness center, parking spaces, a lobby, maintenance staff, and central air conditioning.

Designed and developed by some of the world’s most popular and respected architects and designers, Dubai Marina offers brilliant architecture with a traditional touch, well-planned floor plans, neighbourhood amenities, and recreational facilities, making it an excellent investment. Dubai marina properties for sale are perfect whether you are a nightlife fan or like to play golf in a tranquil setting.

The Opal Tower in Dubai Marina, Dubai

Buying an Apartment in Dubai Marina

With a variety of amenities and private beach access right outside your door, Dubai Marina apartment life feels like living at a resort.

Dubai Marina apartments are usually provided with washers and dryers, high-speed internet, satellite cable TV, and 24-hour concierge service. Prices may differ depending on the size of the apartment. A 1-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Marina is offered between AED 580,000 and AED 800,000, while a 2 BHK apartment is priced between AED 800,000 and AED 4,550,000.

You name your needs, and you will find precisely what you are hoping for when Buying an Apartment in Dubai Marina. Living in this glamorous yet functional space is a true pleasure for all Dubai Marina residents.

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Buying a Villa in Dubai Marina

There is something for everyone in the community, regardless of whether you’re looking for a studio for sale in Dubai Marina or luxurious vacation property.

This waterfront development offers a variety of captivating diversions, including world-class restaurants, boutiques, markets, and cruises that set sail from Dubai Marina Yacht Club. You can also stroll along the seven-kilometer-long Dubai Marina Walk and enjoy some breathtaking views of the Palm during an afternoon hike.

As a world-class area to live in, villas come in various shapes and sizes as well as locations that provide a sense of grandeur. 2-bedroom to 5-bedrooms Dubai Marina villas for sale are the most popular in the region. There are some villas with multiple floors, basements with two parking spots, additional storage rooms, and rooftop lounges. Due to the number of rooms and covered space of the villas, the prices of villas in Dubai Marina also vary. A 2-bedroom Dubai Marina villa costs between AED 1,600,000 and AED 6,050,000. While 4-bedroom property prices in Dubai marina are between AED 6,200,000 and AED 17,000,000.

What Makes Furnished Apartments in Dubai Marina so Special?

A luxuriously furnished property in Dubai Marina offers the highest level of convenience. Renting a furnished flat makes sense when you’re in between properties or working. Furnished apartments in Dubai marina make you feel at home the moment you walk in.

A furnished flat for sale in Dubai Marina has the following advantages:

  • The move-in process is quick and easy.
  • In the beginning, there are fewer costs.
  • It takes little time to settle in.
  • There is a stress reduction.
  • There is a high level of safety in the communities.
  • An elegant setting.
  • A high level of service.
  • 24hrs security.

Dubai Marina is a Lifestyle Destination

There is always a lively atmosphere at Dubai marina’s new buildings. This glittering destination is home to some of the world’s most aesthetically pleasing residential towers, such as the world’s tallest twisted high-rise Cayan Tower.

Dubai Marina is a well-designed community with a smooth network of roads and a picturesque marina packed with luxury yachts. Its 3.5 km long canal provides access to the sea on both ends, making it a pivotal feature of this multi-purpose neighbourhood. There is a wide selection of luxurious apartments and new projects in Dubai marina in high-rise buildings for investors looking to buy property in the United Arab Emirates, situated against a gorgeous marina backdrop.

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Popular Areas in Dubai Marina for Investing

Each Dubai marina tower offers a spectacular view of the city and the harbor, and there are more than 200 residential towers in total. As part of Dubai’s iconic skyline, the community known as the ‘tallest block in the world has many of the tallest buildings on the planet.

The stunning JBR beach and Emirates Golf Club successfully frame the Dubai marina real estate sale. Fashion brands from around the world can also be found at Dubai Marina Mall. Among the many residential areas of Dubai Marina, Marina Arcade, Princess Tower, and Marina Height Tower are the most well-known. The residential block is flanked by luxurious yachts cruising through the sizeable man-made marina, where activities include everything from jet-skiing to skydiving.

dubai marina

Reasons for Investing in Dubai Marina

As Dubai becomes an international trading center, tourism, and commerce play increasingly important roles in the Dubai marina real estate sale. Dubai Marina is also in close proximity to Apartments for Sale in Downtown Dubai, so those wishing to buy or live there need to look no further. Among the world’s safest cities, Dubai ranks very high, with a return on investment yielding 5% to 8.4%. Nevertheless, some areas, such as Dubai Marina, have consistently offered even higher returns.

Luckily, it is now possible for investors to obtain a visa for ten years in Dubai. The process of purchasing a property in Dubai has also become easier for expats. In the Emirate of Dubai, investments are likely to be substantial by the end of this year. Investing in Dubai has endless options, but Dubai Marina has them all as it is one of the top tourist and investment destinations in the world.

Below, we will look at the countless reasons for investing in Dubai Marina.

  • Dubai Marina Ideal Location:

Dubai marina towers are one of the most excellent parts of Dubai for living. In addition to everything you need around you, the location is convenient to public transportation, the beach, the malls, and much more. Dubai Marina station is situated at Interchange 5 of Sheikh Zayed, near the thriving Projects In Sheikh Zayed Road.

Business hubs such as Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City are located nearby Dubai Marina on Shaikh Zayed Road. Consequently, luxury and cheap apartments in the Dubai marina are highly sought-after prospects for investors.

There is no place like Dubai Marina if you want a luxury lifestyle with easy access to all the amenities you can imagine, from fine dining to golf courses, parks, kids’ play areas, lakes, and more. Everything you could possibly imagine is available in Dubai marina real estate.

Dubai Marina

  • Dubai Marina Easy Access to Excellent Schools and Nurseries:

Dubai Marina homes have their own school and daycare for residents and their children to attend. Here is a list of schools and nurseries nearby Dubai Marina properties:

  • Regent International School
  • Emirates International School Meadows
  • American School of Dubai
  • Dubai National School
  • Dubai British School
  • Marina Village Nursery
  • Kidville Nursery JBR
  • Dubai Marina Close proximity to Wordclass Shopping Malls:

Dubai Marina towers are known for their luxurious shopping avenues, which are one of its biggest attractions. Dubai Marina Malls offer an extensive selection of retail and restaurants. A pedestrian-friendly walkway, Marina Walk, is also lined with restaurants, cafes, and retail stores. Here is a list of Shopping Malls nearby Dubai Marina properties:

  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • Marinascape Mall
  • Trident Grand Mall

Dubai marina jogging and running track for residents and people

  • Luxurious Hotels in Dubai Marina:

You’re sure to find something you love and adore at the top hotels or hotel apartments for rent in Dubai marina Dubai, whether you’re relaxing at a modern beach club or an overwater villa. The following are some of the Luxurious Hotels available at Dubai Marina:

  • Marina Hotel Apartments
  • The Address Dubai Marina
  • Intercontinental Dubai Marina
  • Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach
  • Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach
  • Dubai Marina Easy Access to International Hospitals and Clinics:

Dubai Marina real estate offers easy access to some of the best healthcare available in the country. There is a good network of clinics and hospitals in the UAE since health insurance has recently become mandatory. The following hospitals and clinics are located near Dubai Marina:

  • Medicare Medical Centre
  • Medgate Center
  • Nicolas & Asp Dental, Medical& Aesthetic Clinic

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Why Choose Dxboffplan to Buy Properties in Dubai Marina?

In real estate investing, location is one of the most important factors. Dxboffplan real estate provides full consultancy services tailored to the location and construction quality of the property you choose in Dubai Marina, Dubai. Our team of estate agents in Dubai marina will ensure that the layout, amenities, and design of your new Dubai Marina home meet your expectations.

If you are a first-time investor in Dubai Marina, you may not know what to expect, which is why it is important to choose a trusted and experienced agency. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding all Dubai Marina properties for sale on our websites.

Dubai Marina Projects price table

Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion

Condor Marina Star Apartments

apartments 1,641,372 Ready To Move

Six Senses Residences

apartments 5,767,000 2028Q3

Franck Muller Aeternitas Tower

Apartments 2,710,000 2027Q2

LIV Waterside

Apartments 3,789,548 2025Q4

Habtoor Grand Residences

Apartments 10,522,798 2027Q4

Damac Bay 2

Apartments 2,992,000 2027Q3

Dubai Marina Projects

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