Bodrum Property for Sale

Today, Turkey has the hottest real estate market, and many buyers from all over the world look for great properties in this country for investment or accommodation. This country is famous for its beautiful waterfront cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, and more. Today, I want to talk about Bodrum, one of these paradise-like holiday destinations, and it’s great properties for sale. Keep on reading and learn more about the unique style of living of this city and other important features of Bodrum properties for sale.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

Why do people choose to buy property in Bodrum?

First of all, I want to mention that Bodrum is known as St. Tropez of Turkey because of the luxurious nightlife, first-class restaurants, and amazing resorts, which make unforgettable memories for you. All of them mean Bodrum real estate market is one of the best options if you want to buy a property for sale in Turkey. Whether you choose your favorite home among Bodrum villas for sale or apartments in development projects in Bodrum, be sure that it will bring you a unique living experience and a great chance of profitable investment. If you are still wondering why people from around the world like to buy these homes, keep reading and find the most important advantages of houses for sale in Bodrum.

Famous Bodrum real estate and its stunning nature:

In my opinion, the first and foremost reason that attracts international buyers to buy property in Bodrum is its stunning nature. This city is full of pretty beaches, secret coves, and lovely villages. Moreover, the city is full of modern and traditional combinations, which makes it among the most unique cities in the world.

You can get Turkish citizenship by investing in Bodrum real estate:

While choosing a property in Bodrum real estate market brings many benefits, I think another important one is the valuable chance of obtaining Turkish citizenship. It means if you buy a property in Bodrum, you will own a home in one of the best cities in Turkey, become a Turkish citizen, and be able to travel to more than 90 countries without a visa with a Turkish passport.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum real estate and high-profit investment:

If you do not like to change your current place and are just looking for a great investment opportunity, again Bodrum is the best. Every year a large number of visitors and tourists come to this city because of its delightful weather, diverse community, magnificent nature, and fun activities. It means buying a property in Bodrum is a high-return investment opportunity because there will be many tenants to rent your home for long-term and short-term rent.

Bodrum real estate means you have it all on your doorstep:

If you are thinking about a complete lifestyle with everything at your doorstep, be sure that Bodrum can be a great destination. As a resident of this city, you can access all social services and high-end facilities just around. For example, there is a wide range of shopping centers, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and all other needed facilities.

Bodrum real estate, the best option for foreigners:

We think that Bodrum is among the best cities for foreign real estate buyers because of its established community of foreign property owners. It means this city is full of different expats, and this mix of nationalities evokes a multicultural feel. Local people can speak English well, and foreigners are everywhere, from hospitals to tax offices, legal departments, and even corner shop markets.

Bodrum real estate and excellent transportation network:

If you are among those buyers looking for a city with a great transportation system, I have to say that Bodrum is the best place for you. This city provides easy access to transport networks. You can use the Bodrum airport services and its frequent flights during summer. Also, as a resident of this city, you can use Izmir airport through the winter. About the inner transportation system, I have to mention that you can access cheap and frequent services to almost all places in Turkey.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

What are the different kinds of Bodrum properties for sale?

One of the most important advantages of Bodrum properties for sale is the wide range of properties you can find in this city. Based on your budget and your preferences, you can choose these homes for sale in Bodrum, Turkey:

Apartments for sale in Bodrum, Turkey:

If you are looking for an apartment in Turkey with great sea views, Bodrum real estate is one of the best options. You can find many apartments in Bodrum in hillside locations around bays in lively resorts, exclusive resorts, or quiet little villages.

Villas for sale in Bodrum, Turkey:

Also, you can buy Bodrum villas for sale and enjoy its unique style following the bohemian tradition with white walls, flat ceilings, and lots of additional outdoor living space, such as large roof terraces. For example, you can buy villas in hillside locations and enjoy watching the wonderful sea views.

Holiday homes for sale in Bodrum:

Another great option in the Turkey real estate market is the Bodrum holiday homes. These units are so popular, especially among foreigners because this city is among the most desirable holiday destinations, and many visitors would rent your home for a short term with a high return.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

How much should I pay to buy a property in Bodrum?

Another important factor you have to consider when you want to buy a property, whether in Turkey or any other country is cost. Just the point is that we can not say an exact price because it might differ based on various options, such as location, developer, the age of the construction, the amenities, number of rooms, and the size of the property. But in general, if you want to buy an apartment in Bodrum, you have to pay at least £40,000 for a 1-bedroom apartment and £50,000 for 2-bedroom units. On the other hand, if you like an independent home, you can choose among Bodrum villas, and you have to pay about £80,000 for a 2-bedroom villa.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

What are the best neighborhoods you can buy a property for sale in Bodrum, Turkey?

Now that you have almost all the details of the Bodrum real estate market, it is time to introduce some of the best neighborhoods of this city where you can find the best properties. Read the below list and learn more about the five best residential locations in this beautiful city.

Properties for sale in Yalikavak, Bodrum:

All buyers who look in Bodrum real estate market should know that Yalikavak is one of the property investment hotspots in this city. This location is mainly famous because of world-class shopping malls, great dining restaurants, stylish boutiques, its newly renovated Palmarina, and Turkey’s second branch of the world-famous Billionaire Beach Club. You can find a wide range of properties in this location that fits your budget, from cheap apartments to unique luxury mansions with magnificent panoramic sea views.

Properties for sale in Bodrum Town, Bodrum:

Another great option I want to introduce here is Bodrum Town. This area is the pulse of the Bodrum real estate market, which stands as a firm favorite, and many end-use buyers and investors look for its properties for sale. The buzzing nightlife and diverse culture I talked about earlier are very evident here. Like Yalikavak, this place offers homes in different price ranges and different amenities. For example, you can find affordable apartments that fit lower budgets or luxury villas with sea views that you have to pay millions to buy.

Properties for sale in Gumusluk, Bodrum:

Gumusluk is another great place in Bodrum where you can find your favorite home if you like to live in a fishing village with a lot of charm. This village is on the western coast of the peninsula as the oldest neighborhood, which is a favorite of bargain hunters. This area is also one of the best options for those who want to pay a low cost, and live close to the exclusivity of Yalikavak.

Properties for sale in Turkbuku, Bodrum:

This location is a place full of expensive holiday homes, which is known as a popular seasonal resort in Bodrum. Many famous Turkish residents own a home in this area and rest in them during the hot months of the year. While this is one of the best locations to buy a house in Bodrum, if you are looking for a year-round rental option, that would not be a great choice.

Properties for sale in Gundogan, Bodrum:

Gundogan is another great location in Bodrum where you can find your favorite home among low-price ones or luxury holiday homes. This stunning authentic Turkish village would be a great choice for those who like to live with celebrities or yacht with the world’s elite.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

Homes for sale in Bodrum, Turkey, the best opportunity for smart investors!

Have you ever heard about the Bodrum property for sale? Above here is a complete guide about these properties, the advantages of investing in the Bodrum real estate market, different kinds of houses for sale in Bodrum, and so more. When you read the above text, you probably like to buy one of these properties, so it is time to go to the site and in addition to and off-plan projects in Dubai easily explore the villas and apartments for sale in Bodrum. Do not forget that our professional team is online 24/7, and you can contact them online for free to ask all your questions. Also, we are proud to find the best properties for sale for you at the best price on the market.