Property for Sale in Bodrum

Project Name Type Start Price From Development Name Completion Date
Madnasa Villas apartments - Bodrum Ready To Move off plan projects
Seba Golkoy Villas villas - Bodrum Q2 2023
Seba Mare Gundogan Villas villas - Bodrum Ready To Move off plan projects
Six Senses Residences villas - Bodrum Q1 2023
Adabuku Apartments apartments - Bodrum Ready To Move off plan projects
Gulluk Villas villas - Bodrum Ready To Move off plan projects
Gundogan Villas villas - Bodrum Ready To Move off plan projects
Kadikalesi Villas villas - Bodrum Ready To Move off plan projects
Turkbuku Villas villas - Bodrum Ready To Move off plan projects
Bodrum Central Villas villas - Bodrum Ready To Move off plan projects
Demirbuku Mansions villas - Bodrum Ready To Move off plan projects
Yalikavak 10 Villas villas - Bodrum Ready To Move off plan projects

Property for sale in Bodrum

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Today, Turkey has the hottest real estate market, and many buyers from all over the world look for great properties in this country for investment or accommodation. This country is famous for its beautiful waterfront cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, and more.

Bodrum, which is located on Turkey’s southwest Aegean coast, is much more than just a lovely coastal region. Bodrum is a distinguished fusion of history, culture, and modern living that is guaranteed to win your heart the instant you set foot there.

Keep on reading to learn more about the unique style of living of this city and other important features of Bodrum properties for sale.

Bodrum Real Estate Appeal

Bodrum is known as the St. Tropez of Turkey because of the luxurious nightlife, first-class restaurants, and amazing resorts, which make unforgettable memories for you. All of these factors mean Bodrum real estate market is one of the best options if you are hoping to buy a property for sale in Turkey.

If you are thinking about a complete lifestyle with everything at your doorstep, be sure that Bodrum can be a great investment. As a resident of this city, you can access all social services and high-end facilities just around the corner. For example, there is a wide range of shopping centers, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and all other needed facilities for Bodrum residents to enjoy.

Bodrum is among the best cities for foreign real estate buyers because of its established community of foreign property owners. This city is full of ex-pats with different backgrounds, and this mix of nationalities evokes a multicultural lifestyle for you and your family. Locals can speak English well, and foreigners are everywhere, from hospitals to tax offices, legal departments, and even corner shop markets.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum Properties for Sale

Bodrum never fails to astound visitors with everything it has to offer, from serene beaches and lively bars to opulent marinas and ethereal scenery where time stands still. Discover quaint neighborhoods, take in exquisite sunsets and expansive views of the Greek Islands, and dine in cutting-edge restaurants all in one exciting location that will ensure there is never a dull moment in your day.

One of the most important advantages of Bodrum properties for sale is the wide range of properties you can find in this city. Based on your budget and your preferences, you can choose any of these properties for sale in Bodrum, Turkey.

Homes in Bodrum Town range from modestly priced starter homes to luxurious estates with breathtaking views of the sea and the historic St. Peters castle that easily cost millions of dollars. The community has a wide variety of home designs, including traditional, contemporary, and modern dwellings. You can consider both apartments with prices starting at £50,000 or go for more privacy and choose Bodrum villas and pay around £70,000 to £90,000 for a 2-bedroom configuration.

Apartments for Sale in Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum is one of the town’s most sought-after neighborhoods to purchase a family home because of its fantastic location in turkey. There are plenty of modern Bodrum apartments accessible for those looking for a modern lifestyle.

If you are looking for an apartment in Turkey with great sea views, Bodrum real estate is one of the best options. You can find many apartments in Bodrum in hillside locations around bays in lively resorts, exclusive resorts, or quiet little villages. In general, if you want to buy an apartment in Bodrum, you have to pay at least £40,000 for a 1-bedroom apartment and £50,000 for 2-bedroom units.

Villas for Sale in Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most opulent and exclusive villa locations. Tenants of this stunning community enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and have complete access to top-notch services and activities in Turkey.

You must consider Bodrum villas for sale and enjoy its unique style following the bohemian tradition with white walls, flat ceilings, and lots of additional outdoor living space, such as large roof terraces. For instance, by purchasing villas in hillside locations, you’ll enjoy watching the wonderful sea views and take advantage of every thrilling and fun opportunity provided around the beach. If you prefer an independent and private home for you and your family, you can choose among Bodrum villas and pay about £80,000 for a 2-bedroom configuration.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

Best Projects for Investment in Bodrum, Turkey

Property in Bodrum is available in a variety of locations, and the resorts around the coastline of the peninsula all have gorgeous sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters.

But keep in mind that purchasing a home in Bodrum might open up a world of opportunities since Turkey grants citizenship to those who invest in real estate worth more than USD 250.000. This is a prudent choice for you and your family, not just from a financial one.

Our team sorts through the various options and displays only those that are worthwhile for your time.

Our team filters the available alternatives and shows you only the ones worth your time. Without further ado, let’s check out the best Bodrum project for your investment:

  • Madnasa Villas at Bodrum

Madnasa villas would be very appealing to investors that prefer villas because of their private and secure environment.

This project, like many other popular Bodrum houses for sale, offers distinctive villas with amazing benefits, such as a fantastic location and high-end amenities. Among the many amenities provided are a private pool, cinema room, study room, Laundry room, terrace bar, and jacuzzi area.

These magnificent Bodrum villas for sale are among the best Mugla homes, where you can take in stunning natural views and quickly access the social services you require.

  • Seba Golkoy Villas at Bodrum

If you’re bored of city life and excessive everyday stress, you might be interested in Seba Golkoy Villas in Bodrum, Turkey. This project is a Seba Insaat masterpiece and an appealing option for individuals seeking quiet, tranquility, and comfort in a modern neighborhood close to lovely natural views. This project perfectly combines luxury and serenity for investors choosing villas over apartments. Living in Seba Golkoy Villas will grant your access to every amenity you need for a comfortable living and peace of mind.

  • Six Senses Residences at Bodrum

Six Senses Residences in Kaplankaya, Bodrum, is based on a profound respect and dignity for the environment and wellbeing. As a resident of these villas, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding land, the Aegean Sea, and Greek islands. Furthermore, this project by Turkey properties is well-known for its ideal location near the Pristine main beach, but you can also easily access your required social services from there. You can experience the buzzing nightlife of Bodrum and its diverse culture right at Six Senses Residences doorstep.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

Best Neighborhoods You Can Buy Properties for Sale in Bodrum, Turkey

Now that you have almost all the details of the Bodrum real estate market, it is time to introduce some of the best neighborhoods of this city where you can find the best properties. Read the below list and learn more about the five best residential locations in this beautiful city.

Properties for Sale in Yalikavak, Bodrum

All buyers who consider Bodrum real estate market are aware that Yalikavak is one of the property investment hotspots in this city. This location is mainly famous because of world-class shopping malls, great dining restaurants, stylish boutiques, its newly renovated Palmarina, and Turkey’s second branch of the world-famous Billionaire Beach Club. You can find a wide range of properties in this location that fits your budget, from cheap apartments to unique luxury mansions with magnificent panoramic sea views.

Properties for Sale in Bodrum Town, Bodrum

Another great neighborhood would be Bodrum Town. This area is the pulse of the Bodrum real estate market, which stands as a firm favorite, and many end-use buyers and investors look for its properties for sale here. Like Yalikavak, this place offers homes in different price ranges and different amenities. For example, you can find affordable apartments that fit lower budgets or luxury villas with sea views that you have to pay millions to buy.

Properties for Sale in Gumusluk, Bodrum

Gumusluk is another great place in Bodrum where you can find your dream destination if you adore the fishing village vibe with a lot of charm. This village is on the western coast of the peninsula as the oldest neighborhood, which is a favorite of bargain hunters. This area is also one of the best options for those who want to pay a low cost and live close to the exclusivity of Yalikavak.

Properties for Sale in Turkbuku, Bodrum

This location is a place full of expensive holiday homes, which is known as a popular seasonal resort in Bodrum. Many famous Turkish residents own a home in this area and rest in them during the hot months of the year.

Properties for Sale in Gundogan, Bodrum

Gundogan is another great location in Bodrum where you can find your favorite home among low-price ones or luxury holiday homes. This stunning authentic Turkish village would be a great choice for those who dream of living with celebrities or spending time at yacht parties with the world’s elite.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

Reasons to Invest in Bodrum

Bodrum has everything you might want when it comes to a permanent base on the Aegean coast or a seaside vacation resort. Additionally, we have compiled a brief list of other elements demonstrating why investing in Bodrum is a wise choice. In addition, we have prepared a brief list of additional factors that will show you investing in Bodrum is a great idea.

Bodrum’s Excellent Transportation System 

If you are among those buyers looking for a city with a great transportation system, Bodrum is the best place for you. This city provides easy access to transportation networks. You can use the Bodrum airport services and its frequent flights during summer. Also, as a resident of this city, you can use Izmir airport throughout the winter. And when it comes to the inner transportation system, you can access cheap and frequent services to almost all places in Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship by Investing in Bodrum

While choosing a property in Bodrum real estate market brings many benefits, another important one is the valuable chance of obtaining Turkish citizenship. It means if you buy a property in Bodrum, you will own a home in one of the best cities in Turkey, become a Turkish citizen, and be able to travel to more than 90 countries without a visa with a Turkish passport.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum High-Profit Investment Opportunities 

If you want to keep your current place and are just looking for a great investment opportunity, again, Bodrum is the best. Every year a large number of visitors and tourists come to this city because of its delightful weather, diverse community, magnificent nature, and fun activities. It means buying a property in Bodrum is a high-return investment opportunity since there will be many tenants to rent your home for long-term and short-term periods.

Properties for Sale in Bodrum, Turkey, the Best Opportunity for Smart Investors

Real estate has long been in high demand in Bodrum Town, the area’s hub, and it continues to be a solid favorite today. The dynamic town’s active nightlife and diversified culture mean that there isn’t much land with building permission; therefore, capital appreciation is strong as prices rise in tandem with demand.

You may have heard of Dxboffplan’s experience in finding the best UAE Off-plan homes, but we are delighted to help you buy your dream house in other countries like Turkey. We would be happy to provide you with our latest listings in Bodrum, Turkey. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help you find the perfect property.

We look for properties based on your specifications and show you residences that meet your needs.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

frequently asked questions

You can consider both apartments with prices starting at £50,000 or go for more privacy and choose Bodrum villas and pay around £70,000 to £90,000 for a 2-bedroom configuration.

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Bodrum and have been doing so for many years with very few restrictions.

All property in Bodrum is subject to property tax, paid annually at the end of May, and calculated at 0.2% of the property's official value.

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