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Villas for Sale in Bodrum

If you are looking for a profitable investment in Turkey, or wish to have a dream villa with great sea views, my first suggestion is villas for sale in Bodrum. Anybody who has visited Bodrum even once would love its secret coves, volcanic hills, ancient ruins and gently lapping water. Bodrum villas are tucked into hillsides and turned towards the sunshine to reflect the unique landscape. If you are eager to buy a villa in Bodrum, continue reading and learn more about its details.

City of Bodrum

Why do investors choose villas for sale in Bodrum?

If you are a foreign investor, you should know that you can find many great opportunities to buy properties for sale in Bodrum. Among other places on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, Bodrum is famous for all nationalities who want to buy a dream villa as a holiday home. If you like to know the secret of Bodrum that attracts potential buyers to choose it over other locations, continue reading. Here, I will mention the most important reasons foreign investors choose to buy villas for sale in Bodrum.

●    Special architecture styles of villas in Bodrum:

Bodrum is an important city in Turkey, involved in the revolution of architectural styles. Today, you can find many great architects who design homes, businesses, and leisure facilities in Bodrum. They try to design practical and cozy homes and fit in with the landscapes to maximize sea views. A perfect example of this special architectural style is the villas in the Yalikavak district.

●    The excellent transport network of Bodrum:

As a potential buyer, easy access to transport networks would be an important factor that you have to consider. If your choice is to buy a villa in Bodrum, be sure that the transport system of this city would be a great advantage for your investment. For example, you can use the Bodrum airport service to go everywhere in the whole region in a short time. Also, there is a bus station within the town center that offers cheap and frequent schedules to other places in Turkey.

●    Experience pleasure-seeking vibes in Bodrum:

All over the country, Bodrum is famous as the birthplace of a hedonistic lifestyle that encourages individuality with joy and pleasure at the forefront of a life worth living. Be sure that there are enough activities to keep anyone occupied for days in Bodrum. So, if you are an expat who likes to spend a happy time, buying a villa in this city would be an ideal opportunity for you. Also, if you are a potential real estate investor, who looks for a buy-to-let income, this would be a great chance to buy villas for sale in Bodrum.

●    The established community of foreign property owners in Bodrum:

As you might have known, Bodrum is a top holiday destination in the country. Also, this city is full of foreign property owners who established an expat community. So it would not be hard to live in the Bodrum peninsula as a foreigner. Another important point is that locals of Bodrum could speak a wide range of languages, especially English.

●    Wide range of coastal resorts in Bodrum:

Just like the main town center, the Bodrum peninsula contains many smaller coastal resorts with some special characteristics appealing to diverse levels of society. The best point is that all resorts connect to each other via a local transport network system. So buy your villa wherever you like in Bodrum with easy access to the vast peninsula.

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Where to buy villas in Bodrum?

Now that you have decided to buy a villa for sale in Bodrum, Turkey, it is necessary to find the best neighborhoods. Here is a list of the most important areas that you can search to find a great villa for sale in Bodrum.

●    Villas for sale in Bitez, Bodrum:

If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to buy your dream villa, my suggestion is private villas for sale in Bitez. There, you can find villas in two parts of the beach area and the center, and be sure that both of them are perfect prospects for purchasing.

●    Villas for sale in Bodrum Town, Bodrum:

If you want to live in Bodrum for all the year with your children, you can choose to buy a villa in the central heart of Bodrum town. There, you will have access to superb facilities like international schools and shopping malls.

●    Villas for sale in Gumusluk, Bodrum:

If you wish to buy a panoramic villa, search among villas for sale in Gumusluk, Bodrum. There, you can find seafront villas near the Bohemian Rabbit Island with all facilities you need.

Property For Sale In Bodrum Turkey

How much should I pay to buy a villa for sale in Bodrum?

Like all other places, the cost of a villa for sale in Bodrum might differ based on various options like the area or facilities. For example, the exclusive yachting resort of Yalikavak is full of expensive villas as Turkey’s current real estate investment hotspots. To be more precious, I have to say the prices of a three-bedroom Bodrum villa with a private pool in one of Bodrum’s main towns like Bodrum Town, Yalikavak, Turkbuku, or Gumusluk would be around Euro 180,000. And if you are looking for complete exclusivity, you have to pay several million for a more exclusive property with large plots nestled in your privacy.

If you have a lower budget and want to buy a villa in Bodrum, you can search among other areas with more affordable prices, such as Turgutreis in the unspoiled town of Gumusluk. There, you can buy two-bedroom villas under £80,000 with beautiful sea views and easy access to other Bodrum resorts.


If you have some extra money and like to invest it in the Turkish real estate market, one great chance is villas for sale in Bodrum. Read the above text and learn more about the details of this kind of investment in Bodrum. Do not forget that we are here at dxboffplan to help you find the best opportunity based on your budget and preferences. You can contact our online team through the site 24/7 for free.


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