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Being the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi is a cultural, political and economic centre of this beautiful country and the whole region where there are many things to do for tourists as well as locals. The stunning city was founded in 5th century and became the capital of Georgia in 6th century. Now, Tbilisi has turned into a perfect destination for investors, tourists and residents, and here is why…

Where past meets present

Tbilisi is a city with rich history, and one of the most diverse populations in the world. This beautiful city also houses a number of architectural styles that have changed the appearance of Tbilisi for the better. Tbilisi is the unique blend of tradition and modernity. In other words, you can see modern streets in the center of the city, while there are also old narrow streets in some parts of Tbilisi. These features make Tbilisi interesting for tourists. This is why Tbilisi is one of the most desirable cities to visit!


There are many things to do

It is interesting to note that you can find mosques, churches as well as synagogues next to each other in this amazing city. This reflects high levels of tolerance in the city. Besides, Tbilisi offers a huge variety of luxury hotels, restaurants and bars in addition to some food venues where you can find traditional cuisine. So, no matter you live there, or you are visiting Tbilisi, there will be always a lot of things to do!

A dynamic lifestyle

In addition to these, it should be said that life in Tbilisi is very active. With an array of clubs and cafes, you can relax or have a drink at night. Also, nightlife is very prominent in this beautiful city that makes it a perfect choice for young people.

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Tbilisi offers many places to visit

That’s not all… the city also offers interesting sight-seeing that you can enjoy. For example, Sioni Cathedral, Narikala Fortress, Vorontsov Palace, Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre as well as Sameba Cathedral and museums are among the most visited places by tourists.

In addition, there are private baths in Tbilisi that you can visit. Also, you can simply attend some events in this city. These are some ways to know the city very well. One of the most interesting facts about Tbilisi is that you can find free WiFi throughout the city. This is a favourite fact that most of tourists find desirable!

Strategic location

Tbilisi is known as a bridge between Asia and Europe. Owing to its strategic location, Tbilisi is rapidly turning into a main transit route for global enterprises as well as trade projects.

Benefits for real estate investors

The real estate industry in this city is among the largest ones in the world that hasn’t reached its peak yet. Above all, this amazing city offers enormous benefits to those who buy property in Tbilisi. Some of these benefits include:

Prices are highly reasonable

In spite of the fact that Tbilisi is a capital city, the prices are very reasonable. To be more precise, the price will be 80 – 120 $ per sq.ft making the city among the most desirable places to own a property.

The economic growth is prominent!

The economic growth is one of the most important factors that makes Tbilisi a highly livable city. The average economic growth (GDP) is 5% in Tbilisi which is one of the highest in the world.

Tourism in Georgia is booming…

In the first half of 2017, the number of tourists who visited the city increased by more than 30% and the number of international tourists who arrived at Tbilisi Airport increased by over 42%. More importantly, these numbers are growing each year. For this reason, the construction of new buildings and 5-star hotels is in full swing.

Safety in Georgia is incredible!

Tbilisi is one of the most livable cities around the world where safety is highly prominent. To be more precise, it was ranked 4th in 2018!

Tbilisi is an education hub

Also, Tbilisi is becoming an education hub, as students from different places around the world come here to study. Tbilisi offers more than 100 higher education institutions as well as 200 schools. For example, Georgian Medical University that is located in Tbilisi is a famous one in the world.

According to the above, Tbilisi is not only a perfect destination to travel to, but also is an ideal city to live, work and enjoy!

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