Dubai Hills Estate
#Project NameProperty TypeMin. PriceCompletion
1Golf Place Villas Villas Dubai AED 10,559,888. Q2 2022
2Golf Place II Villas Villas Dubai AED 7,250,000 Q4 2023
3Park Point Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 967,888 Ready To Move
4Maple III Townhouses Townhouses Dubai AED 2,903,888 Ready To Move
5Park Heights II Apartments Dubai AED 2,036,888 Ready To Move
6Park Heights I Apartments Dubai AED 2,038,888 Ready To Move
7Parkway Vistas Villas Villas Dubai AED 11,796,888 Ready To Move
8Maple Townhouses Dubai AED 2,879,888 Ready To Move
9Acacia – Park Heights Apartments Dubai AED 1,661,888 Ready To Move
10Fairway Vista Villas Plot Land Dubai AED 5,172,888 -
11Emerald Hills Plot II Land Dubai AED 9,297,888 -
12Dubai Hills View Plots Land Dubai AED 15,947,888 -
13Golf Grove Villas Villas Dubai AED 3,500,888 Q1 2022
14Sidra 3 Villas Villas Dubai AED 5,326,888 Ready To Move
15Green Square Apartments Apartments Dubai - Q2 2022
16Dubai Hills Park Apartments Dubai - Q4 2020
17Emerald Hills Plot Land Dubai AED 3,366,888 -
18Executive Residences II Apartments Dubai AED 1,096,888 Q2 2022
19Golf Ville Apartments Dubai AED 750,888 Q1 2022
20Executive Residences Apartments Dubai AED 1,047,888 Q2 2021
21Mulberry Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 1,856,888 Ready To Move
22Golf Suites Apartments Dubai AED 1,066,888 Q2 2021
23Collective 2.0 Apartments Dubai AED 749,888 Q1 2022
24The Hills Apartments Dubai AED 3,251,888 Ready To Move
25Collective Apartments Dubai AED 1,058,888 Q2 2021
26Dubai Hills Grove and Views Villas Dubai AED 15,856,888 Ready To Move
27Club Villas Villas Dubai AED 4,136,888 Ready To Move
28The Parkway Plot Land Dubai AED 7,923,888 -
29Park Ridge Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 1,471,888 Ready To Move
30Acacia Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 1,661,888 Q4 2020

Properties for sale in Dubai Hills Estate | List of Off Plan projects in Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate is a mega-venture comprising of finely infrastructured and meticulously designed Apartments and Villas for Sale in Dubai on Mohammed Bin Rashid Road. As the name of the development implies, this Estate has been established to feature the most desirable and spacious residential developments for residents in the Emirate. Dubai Hills Estate is a perfect balance between natural habitat and a modernity driven neighborhood. Due to its larger-than-life infrastructure, it mostly features big commodious Villas for Sale in Dubai.

Dubai Hills Estate Master Plan

Why choose Dubai Hills Estate?

The most important and pivotal factors that come into play when choosing a location to live in are the accessibility factor and convenience of the location of that place. Dubai Hills Estate counts as one of the most convenient and accessible residential neighborhood in the city having reachability to city’s best Educational Institutions, Healthcare Centers, Retail outlets, Malls, and Recreational Spots. In addition to all these, daily life necessities of families residing in a place, like pharmacies, supermarkets, banks etc can be found at every next step within the development too.

Properties for sale in Dubai Hills Estate | List of Off Plan projects in Dubai Hills Estate

Nearest Mall and Community Center in Dubai Hills Estate:

The area itself has its own shopping mall and community center. Here is a list of mall/s nearby:

  • Dubai Hills Estate Mall
  • Mall of the Emirates

Nearest Hospital and Clinic in Dubai Hills Estate:

The area itself has its own hospitals and clinics. Here is a list of hospitals and clinics nearby:

  • Emirates Star Medical Center

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