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Today, many visitors choose Dubai as their holiday destination, where you can find the world’s biggest spenders. Also, this city is known as the financial center of the Middle East with no tax percentage and zero crime rate. All these points and many other factors have made Dubai one of the most important real estate markets in the world, where you can find many tall buildings such as Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah and many prominent property developers such as Ammar and Diyar. Now, If you are interested in buying a property in this wonderful city, you should first get to know about the best developments in Dubai for buying real estate. Keep reading and learn all the important details about this topic.

Oversupply in the real estate market of Dubai makes it more buyer-friendly

Why do people choose Dubai developments for investment?

I mentioned earlier that many investors choose a property for sale in Dubai as a profitable choice due to low tax rates, high rental returns, and freedom to do business. Now, I would like to go into the details and explain why Dubai is among the 10 best places to live in the world.

  • All Dubai developments are tax-free:

This is a special privilege for investors who want to buy an apartment for sale in Dubai. Based on this point, you should not pay any Value Added Tax (VAT) for the residential property that you buy as an investor or end-user buyer. Also, I have to mention this city is famous for its zero Income Tax rate.

  • Dubai’s free and open system:

You might have heard about the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) factor, which has had an upward growth in recent years in Dubai. And based on the real estate professionals this growth is because of some main factors, such as private sector regulation, minimal government control, and open economic policies.

  • Dubai developments’ easy payment plans:

Today, many great residential projects are developed by famous developers, such as Emaar new projects, Dubai properties projects, and so on. And the best point about all these real estate projects is that they offer attractive interest-free payment plans. It means as a buyer, you can choose the home of your choice among Dubai developments and not have to worry about the huge amount you have to pay initially as you can pay it off in affordable payment plans.

  • Dubai’s strategic location:

I want to mention Dubai’s strategic location as the second advantage of Dubai developments. Each year, many investors from over the world invest in this city’s developments because it is located at an intersection between Europe, Asia, and Africa, which means you can easily access the most important international emerging markets.

  • Dubai’s first-class infrastructure:

This point is an advantage that comes as a result of the smart policy of the Dubai government. For years, they worked hard on developing different first-class infrastructures, and investments in telecommunications, transport, and industrial infrastructure. And now, these points help Dubai be one of the most attractive real estate investment destinations in the world.

Oversupply in the real estate market of Dubai makes it more buyer-friendly

What are the best developments in Dubai for making a good real estate investment?

Now you know why more and more people move to Dubai every year. But before deciding to buy an apartment, a townhouse, or a villa for sale in Dubai, let me introduce some of the best Dubai developments.

  • Property for sale in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai:

Of course, my first suggestion is palm Jumeirah houses for sale, which are at the top of the best places to invest in Dubai property among real estate investors. This option has all the advantages of the best development, such as a unique location and a wide range of projects reliable for investment. I can mention Palm Beach Residences and Raffles as the most important projects in Palm Jumeirah.

  • Property for sale in Dubai Marina, Dubai:

Don’t worry if you don’t like Palm and its projects for your dream investment. There are other great locations where you can find the best Dubai developments, such as Dubai Marina. If you are among investors who look for a waterfront location in Dubai, be sure that Dubai Marina high-rise apartments for sale in Dubai Marina could be the best option for you. Also, you can choose your favorite home among pavilion villas of this region and enjoy the abundance of dining and retail outlets. Here, I have to mention that Emaar’s prestigious Bluewaters Island project causes a long-term allure to Dubai’s real estate market.

The best time to invest in Dubai’s Real Estate Market

  • Properties for sale in Downtown Dubai, Dubai:

All real estate investors know Downtown Dubai because of its famous Burj Khalifa. Property for sale in Downtown Dubai is among the most popular options for businessmen and investors who look for a place with high corporate potential.

As you may know, this place is known as the “Center of Now” and offers the safest real estate investment options in Dubai, such as Dubai Mall and Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.

  • Property for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai:

Today, all real estate investors who look for a great opportunity in Dubai, know Jumeirah Village Circle apartments for sale. There, you can find many multi-purpose developments in a strategic location, where you can easily access other famous areas, like Dubai Marina, Jebel Ali, and JLT. Also, I have to mention that this location includes many stunning projects, like Bloom Heights and Belgravia II, where you can find your dream home, for sure.

Faster Growth of Dubai’s Economy in 2019 and 2020

Promising opportunities for the best developments in Dubai!

If you are among investors who look for the best Dubai property investment, you are so lucky because above here is a complete guide about the best developments in Dubai for buying real estate. After you read the above text, you can search the Dxb portal for the best off-plan projects in Dubai. Also, there you can find more hot, luxurious, affordable, and beautiful properties in Dubai with all details of terms and prices. Do not forget that you can contact our professional team 24/7 for free and through the site. We are proud to help you find your dream home at the best price on the market.

Faster Growth of Dubai’s Economy in 2019 and 2020

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