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Project NameProperty TypeDevelopment NameMin. PriceCompletion Date
Park Views Apartments Apartments Dubai Arjan 485,234 Q2 2024
Samana Hills Apartments Dubai Arjan 669,085 Q1 2022
Samana Golf Avenue Apartments Dubai Dubai Studio City 416,087 Q1 2023
Samana Greens Apartments Dubai Arjan 1,249,000 Ready To Move


Samana Developers is an established real estate developer under the Samana Group which has an established strategy of making real estate investments in different parts of the world. Anchoring on its entrepreneurial approach, which is a holistic platform that promoted a good relationship to its clients. The luxury developer prides itself in promoting comfort and elegance, with the aim to make the experience of its owners and tenants enriched, though in-depth planning for every project. Samana Developers works with visionary architects with no conflict of interest, with the desire to raise the standard of luxury developments.

Samana Hills in Arjan | Samana Developers

The approach of the real estate developer is comprised of three different areas:

  • Project Planning

Samana Developers begins with a thorough planning service that helps deliver successful projects in a timely manner.

  • Structure Management

The developer allows its customers to focus on operations of their own business, with the assurance that a professional team will be take charge of all the remaining project details.

  • Development

With its visionary approach, the different investment opportunities are all formed with high value and excellence.

Popular Projects by Samana Developers:

  • Samana Greens

Samana Greens is a range of high-end apartments located in Arjan in Dubailand featuring studio, one and two-bedroom apartments. The homes are designed with luxurious architecture and interior design  and are set to be completed in April 2020. Samana Greens feature guaranteed rental returns of 9.25% with a 50% post handover payment plan. The amenities in Samana Greens include a its state-of-the-art gymnasium, sauna place, kids play area, basement parking and lots of green spaces.

Samana Greens by Samana Developers | High-end Apartments in Arjan

  • Samana Hills

Samana Hills is a prestigious name designing the most genius apartments in Dubai offering suites, 1 & 2 bedroom units that also considered exclusive exterior and interior architecture as well as special facilities to give convenience and comfort to the residents.

  • Samana Golf Avenue

Samana Golf is an exquisite set of 250 luxury studio apartments, one and two bedroom apartments located in Dubai Studio City. Samana Golf Avenue provides spectacular landscaped entertainment deck with water cascading elements, a refreshment room, a children’s park, an indoor and outdoor gym, as well as a mini golf course with lovely seating areas to help the resort’s inhabitants live at their fullest.

Samana Golf Avenue at Dubai Studio City | Samana Developers

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