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Townhouses for Sale in Dubai

Townhouses for Sale in Dubai: Finding the Perfect Home

Tucked away from the city’s hustle-and-bustle and hidden from the modern cityscape, Dubai has a number of master communities especially developed for the utmost convenience and comfort of its residents. These neighborhoods feature different townhouses for sale in Dubai, homes which bring out the best of both high-rise and single-home living.

Ideal Locations of Best Townhouses for Sale in Dubai

A plethora of locations  have been developed in Dubai, where townhouses are nestled in serene settings complete with all the amenities and places you need within the community. Some of the most preferred areas in to own a townhouse in Dubai are Meydan, Serena, Villanova, Akoya Oxygen (Damac hills 2) and DAMAC Hills, just to name a few. These areas provide the most conducive environment for community living while ensuring the utmost privacy.

Some of the best townhouses or sale in Dubai in the abovementioned areas are Amaranta Townhouses, Arabella 3, Jumeirah Luxury, MAG Eye, Cassia Townhouses and Casa Viva Townhouses. Not only do these townhouses offer the best living spaces, but are also created by esteemed Dubai developers whose legacy is delivering quality projects on time.

Townhouse living has been an ideal choice for most families, as most of the mentioned projects are available in multiple-bedroom units and are located in gated communities that provide maximum security to its residents. Schools, community centers, restaurants, hotels are also strategically situated around the area making your townhouse neighborhood a self-contained environment.

Why should you a buy Townhouse in Dubai

If you are thinking of buying a house in Dubai and that suits your lifestyle and budget, consider the different benefits of living in townhouses.

One of the main benefits of living in townhouses is the divided cost of maintenance fees. When you buy a townhouse in Dubai, the cost of basic maintenance will be limited to your home’s interiors. Your homeowner’s association will be responsible for the maintenance of your home’s exteriors (roof walls, front yard, etc.) since the units are connected. The homeowner’s group would also maintain the area’s parking lots, common driveways and other shared facilities.

Secondly, townhomes ensure the same privacy provided by villas without compromising your budget. Enjoy having your own space, lot and front yard at a much cheaper rate than buying standalone villas. Despite being side-by-side with neighbors, noise is much minimized in townhouses unlike in apartments where neighbors are above and beneath you. Townhomes are among the best houses for sale in Dubai most especially for residents who seek the solace of private community living on a budget.

Lastly, townhouse owners are given exclusive access to shared facilities within the community. This includes recreational areas, gyms, pools and a whole lot more. Some homeowner’s association even allow owners to do fund pooling so they can add new facilities in their neighborhood like sports areas. All homeowners have a shared percentage of ownership in the community’s amenities which gives them the legal rights to use the facilities.

How to find the best Townhouses for sale in Dubai

Many developers in Dubai has developed a lot of exclusive townhouse communities in several prime locations. Given the right tools to help your search, you can get a quality yet cheap townhouse in Dubai. Our portal is especially designed to provide you a complete list of all the houses for sale in Dubai which you can filter based on specific categories. Find your dream home by browsing our site now!

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