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History of the Emirate

Ras Al Khaimah- a habitat for the local population of the UAE and one of the most ancient cities dating back to 13th century is one of the seven states that make up United Arab Emirates. Bordering Oman’s enclave of Musandam, the Emirate lies in the northern part of the UAE and has a close proximity to Oman. The soil of this land is one of the richest in the country due to its fertility ensures by a steadier climate and rains it experiences due to its location on the northern side at such a short distance from Oman. As mentioned earlier, the Emirate is home to more than 40% of the local population in the region and the reason undoubtedly is its pleasant climate unlike the rest of the Emirates and the overall tranquility of the Emirate.

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Why Ras Al Khaimah?

Well, for some of us who are very close to nature and can’t stand one temperature tangent throughout the year with the same climatic wavelength, Ras Al Khaimah is a delight to live in! The Emirate sometimes doesn’t seem like a part of the same country and it’s fellow Emirates. Located on the north with its close proximity to the Omani Mountains, the region holds a very pleasant climate which can’t be classified into being either hot or cold but rather mild. In addition to that, large roads and abundant trees within the region provide a sense of open air to the residents as compared to UAE’s other states that are quintessentially metropolis in every sense of the word. The reason behind so many locals residing within the region Is that the town holds spacious townhouses and residential developments that offer ample living space to families thus making it an ideal habitat for large families. In addition to this, the city is at an hour distance from the major Emirates of the country like Dubai and Sharjah that makes it manageable for people having their own conveyances to travel to the the bigger Emirates even on a daily basis. However, having said that, Ras Al Khaimah is also home to the Arab manufacturing industry that is one of the biggest heavy material manufacturing industries in the world. Not only that, many of the commercial banks and offices are also headquartered in the region meaning there are plenty of employment opportunities within the region too for people who do not feel comfortable commuting on daily basis. The presence of various schools and its own International Airport serves as the icing on the cake. Hence, investing in such a place is in no way a bad decision. Is it?

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Major Recreational Attractions of the Emirate:

As we discussed previously, Ras Al Khaimah seems like a get-away land with all things peace and tranquility associated with it. Thinking of RAK, one’s mind never wanders off to fun in terms of recreation and leisure. Thus, we are here to prove that wrong. RAK homes a number of places serving as ultimate attractions spots for the residents as well as the tourists. e.g. The ancient fort now known as The National Museum that housed the ruling families of the olden times is easily one of the most sought-after tourist spots in the Emirate. In addition, Jebel Jais- the mountains at the highest altitude in the region do not even seem like a part of the same country as they cause some major rain showers and temperature drops throughout the year i.e. both climatic switches quite contrary to the usual average climate of the region.

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