List of developments in Sharjah

developments min price number of projects
Barashi 1199000 1
Masaar 1197000 11
Aljada 299000 43
Uptown Al Zahia 299000 5
Nasma Residences, Sharjah 0 6
Tilal City 0 10
Maryam Island 0 14
Sharjah Sustainable City 0 4
Sharjah Garden City 0 2
Al Nahda Sharjah 0 0
Sharjah Waterfront City 0 7
Al Mamsha 0 6
Al Zahia 0 7
Abu Shagara 0 0

History of the Emirate of Sharjah

Sharjah is the cultural capital and the third largest state in the UAE. Falling on the two coastlines i.e. Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean, the emirate is known as the ‘Industrial Hub’ of the country, the reason being; Sharjah homes around 21 industrial zones spanning 15sq km forming the very base of the whole of UAE’s manufacturing sector. Sharjah has been making progress by leaps and bounds for some years now and has emerged out as one progressive city to live in. Scoring a considerable number of accolades to its name, it has been able to manifest itself as the cultural, economic, industrial as well as leisure hub of the UAE. With hundreds of commercial offices opening up creating employment opportunities in the region, more and more people are resorting to finding homes and residential options in the Emirate. In addition to this, the fact that Sharjah is a far more commodious and naturally diverse region in terms of landscape and proximity to natural environment, a substantial percentage of citizens residing in the UAE resort to living in Sharjah to avoid the artificial and unnatural aftermath of metropolitans.

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Why should you live in Sharjah?

Sharjah, undoubtedly, serves as a balance between a progressive urban life and a naturally enriching healthy landscape to reside in. Thus, in lieu of all these factors, more and more commercial, retail and residential projects are being developed in the Emirate to accommodate increasing flow of residents. After getting awarded with the title of ‘Arab Tourism Capital’ in 2015, Sharjah authorities have now become even more focused on ensuring the provision of all the recreational necessities of life to residents. This initiative serves as making Sharjah an ideal neighborhood for families and children to grow in. In addition to this, Sharjah has the most number of quality schools as compared to any other Emirate in the region and this ease of access makes it all the more a favorable city to have a home in.

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Moreover, lifestyle options and expenses in Sharjah are much more pocket-friendly than the other states. It would be safe to say that owning a home double in area would cost you half of what it would in any other Emirate with basically far more superior life-style facilities. In such a win-win scenario, what else could one possibly bargain for? Oh well, to rule out one last glitch that might arise, Sharjah has a well-developed and coordinated transportation network of its own namely ‘Mowasalat’ which makes inter-city commotion to schools, offices, and malls all the more easier and cost-friendly.

Sharjah Waterfront City

Major Recreational Attractions of the Emirate:

Sharjah- the third largest Emirate of the country owns a plethora of several recreational and leisure spots serving as the landmarks of the Emirate as a source of entertainment, leisure and relaxation for both kids and adults alike. The city is famous for its aquatic heritage lying parallel to the beautiful coastline of the Persian Gulf. Al Mamzar Corniche, Majaz Waterfront, Al Qasbah etc are some of the examples of the water-life destinations Sharjah entails. Apart from all the aquatic landmarks, the city is also famous for its museums, eateries and retail centers.

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