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Project NameProperty TypeDevelopment NameMin. PriceCompletion Date
The Boulevard 2 Apartments Apartments Sharjah Aljada 556,000 Q4 2022
Sarab 2 Townhouses Sharjah Aljada 1,279,000 Q4 Coming Soon 2022
Misk Apartments 4 Apartments Sharjah Aljada 570,000 Q2 2020
Sama Majlis Villas Villas Sharjah Nasma Residences, Sharjah 2,195,000 Ready To Move
Nasma Townhouses Townhouses Sharjah Nasma Residences, Sharjah 999,999 Ready To Move
Signature Villas Villas Sharjah Nasma Residences, Sharjah 3,220,000 Ready To Move
Semi Detached Villas Villas Sharjah Nasma Residences, Sharjah Sold Out Q1 2020
The Boulevard Apartments Apartments Sharjah Aljada 450,000 Q2 2022
Nest (Student Accommodation) - Aljada Sold Out Q4 2021
Sarab Townhouses (Phase 1) Townhouses Sharjah Aljada 1,202,000 Q2 2021
Bareem Townhouses Townhouses Sharjah Nasma Residences, Sharjah 999,000 Q3 2020
The Riff 3 Apartments Sharjah Aljada Sold Out Q4 2020
The Solo in East Village Apartments Sharjah Aljada 331,000 Q4 2021
First Avenue Residences Townhouses Sharjah Villas Sharjah Aljada Sold Out Q1 2020
Areej Apartments Apartments Sharjah Aljada 618,000 Q4 2020
Misk Apartments Apartments Sharjah Aljada 525,000 Q2 2020
Nasma Residences Townhouses Sharjah Villas Sharjah Nasma Residences, Sharjah 1,050,000 Ready To Move


ARADA is a property developer in Sharjah established in 2017 by construction ventures Klamper Middle East LLC and Arcadia Middle East LLC. The premier real estate group is focused on developing communities in the underserved urban areas of Sharjah by developing ergonomically-designed homes. By focusing on the mid-market sector, ARADA is committed to fulfill its goals for sustainable urban development.

Popular Master Developments by ARADA

ARADA has developed several Master Developments in Sharjah. Here are the most iconic Master Developments by ARADA .

  • Aljada

Aljada is a property development in Sharjah which is home to various residences, recreation, shopping, work and entertainment destinations. Stretching over 2.2 million square meters, the master plan is inspired by some of the oldest heritage districts in Sharjah combined with contemporary finishes. The premier community features contemporary and elegant villas, townhouses, lofts and apartments. Residents can avail a wide variety of upscale amenities and is the perfect location for your next dream home without spending too much.

Popular Projects by ARADA

ARADA has a number of projects in Sharjah. Here are just some the projects.

  • Areej Apartments

Areej Apartments is a collection of premium homes in Aljada. Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows which allow you to enjoy the stunning views of the community. The premier apartments are available in studio, 1 and 2-bedroom units. The residences are surrounded by a wealth of dining places, shops and entertainment areas.

  • Nasma Residences

Nasma Residences is a selection of townhouses and villas in Al Tay, Sharjah surrounded by schools, green parks and shops all within reach. The location is hub of tourist destinations including stunning Islamic-influenced structures. The homes feature large glass windows that create the feeling of spacious living.

  • First Avenue Residences

First Avenue Residences is a range of townhouses and semi-detached villas in Aljada neighborhood. The homes are marked with impeccable designs surrounded with lush parks and kids’ play areas. The homes are available in 2 & 3-bedroom townhouses and 3 & 4 bedroom semi-detached villas.

  • Misk Lofts

Misk Lofts are unique living spaces in Aljada that offer easy access to lush green spaces, a large entertainment area perfect for the whole family. Available in 2 and 3-bedroom units, the homes offer a large entertainment area with two parking spaces each.

  • Misk Apartments

Misk Apartments is a selection of low-rise buildings in Aljada offering various layouts perfect for couples or families. The residences are offered in 1, 2 and 3-bedroom residences and magnificent penthouses. Surrounded with a wealth of restaurants and entertainment areas, the homes ensure the ultimate convenience.

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