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Established in December 2016, Arada Developer is one of the potential entrants among Middle Eastern real estate companies. The Sharjah-based firm is focused on developing residential communities that include lofts, apartments, villas, and townhouses as well as leisure and hospitality properties. Its current primary emphasis is Sharjah, while it has plans to grow into the markets of Dubai and Saudi Arabia as well as other nations globally. Two sales offices have already been established by the firm outside of Sharjah, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You can check other properties for sale in Sharjah if you are interested in this beautiful city. Now that we have a list of projects by Arada Developer for sale, let’s learn more about these distinctive real estate endeavors.

Arada Developer, a High-Class Real Estate Developer in the UAE

Although Arada Developer has only been in business for 5 years, it has already gained recognition as one of the most forward-thinking and creative master developers in the UAE because of its ability to construct smart homes at competitive costs with top-notch facilities and exceptional architecture. The goal of Arada Developer is to develop neighborhoods that engage, inspire, and improve the lives of its citizens. Their homes are superbly constructed, complete with top-notch facilities, and offered at a reasonable price. Their main areas of interest are the intersections of community, sustainability, and technology, — all important and quickly developing challenges in today’s society — and how these three themes might enhance the quality of life for those who live, work and visit Arada Developer’s developments.

Vida Residences 3 At Aljada

Some of the Projects by Arada Developer for Sale

We will now talk about some of the best properties for sale by Arada developer:

Bareem Townhouses, an Outstanding Project by Arada Developer

Bareem townhouses provide 4BR and 5BR Signature townhouses, as well as the intriguing 4BR Sama Majlis Villas, giving homeowners a true sense of their Arab heritage. It is reasonable to assume that Bareem Villas is another success for Arada Developer in the area. The ideal residences you have all been looking for are the Bareem townhouses, a phase 4 project developed by the well-known and reputable Nasma Residences, located in the center of Sharjah’s developing neighborhood. Beautiful townhouses give an amazing balance between peace, enjoyment, and the privacy of the family staying there. They were intricately constructed and imagined by interior design masters. utilizing a pragmatic strategy to meet the requirements of various types of inhabitants.

Amenities of Bareem Townhouses

The neighborhood is surrounded by sizable family parks with barbecue areas, running and biking lanes, and jogging tracks to promote both health and recreation for the local families. The fact that top educational institutions like GEMS International School, one of the best schools in Dubai, are located in the neighborhood allows parents to relax about their children’s future. A tourist hotspot, the region is home to stunning buildings with Islamic influences that are tucked away in lavish settings. The presence of a dedicated community hub like Nasma Square, which houses everything from nurseries, gyms, and clinics to swimming pools and retail stores, brings the greatest relief to the locals.

Bareem Townhouses

Nasma Residences, Premier Residences by Arada Developer

Premier homes with 2 and 3-bedroom townhouses, as well as 4 and 5-bedroom villas, are available at Nasma Residences in the Al Tayy neighborhood of Sharjah. Nasma Residences successfully convey a sense of spacious living because of its big ceiling lighting and sliding glass windows. Nasma Residences properties for sale, located in the progressive city of Sharjah, offer a perfect neighborhood with close proximity to stores, parks, and schools. The affluent freehold houses are big and pleasant thanks to clever design and cutting-edge building techniques. Nasma Residences successfully convey a sense of spacious living because of its big ceiling lighting and sliding glass windows. The second phase of the housing project is now under way. Due to its proximity to Sharjah’s main mall, Tilal Mall, residents may enjoy a convenient shopping. In order to meet the educational requirements of Nasma’s residents, Arada Developer, the development company for the community, recently teamed with GEMS International School. For every family size, Nasma Residences offers two- and three-bedroom townhouses, three- and four-bedroom semi-detached villas, and three-, four-, and five-bedroom signature villas. Each house has two parking spaces, a maid’s room, and a spacious backyard.

Amenities of Nasma Residences

The most sought-after amenities, such as gyms, swimming pools, cafes, fine-dining restaurants, etc., are provided to people by Nasma Residences. The Sharjah villas for sale by Arada Developer are particularly renowned for their superior quality.

Properties for Sale in Nasma Residences | List of Off plan Properties

Misk Apartments, Reside in Elegant Residencies by Arada Developer

Misk Apartments by Arada Developer is a collection of opulent homes with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms as well as grand penthouses in Aljada, Sharjah. A group of homes known as Misk Apartments by Arada Developer is situated in Sharjah’s Aljada neighborhood. The nine-story structure offers the nicest flats in a great area. The homes include living areas and interiors with contemporary finishes. The houses are ideal for families with children or even couples because they come in a variety of sizes and configurations. For your utmost convenience, the neighborhood is also surrounded by a plethora of dining establishments, entertainment venues, and retail establishments. Misk Apartments provide exquisite penthouses along with one, two, and three-bedroom homes. Check out other apartments for sale in Sharjah for more options.

Amenities of Misk Apartments

In the Northern Emirates, it also houses the largest youth enterprise and revelation complex. Along with featured skate parks, movie theaters, and an extreme sports facility, there is a ton of indoor and outdoor entertainment available. With lined paths running the entire length of the development for jogging, walking, and enjoying the neighborhood, residents of the Misk apartments will undoubtedly lead an active, healthy lifestyle. In addition, four hotels that range from luxury to midrange serviced apartments, and educational and healthcare facilities are nearby.

Sarab Townhouses (Phase 1), a Lavish Project by Arada Developer

In the opulent Al Jada development, there is a neighborhood of beautifully designed garden homes called Sarab. Amidst lush gardens and foliage on all sides, this townhouse community is made up of beautifully constructed 2 and 3-bedroom homes. The well-known Arada Developer Developers in Sharjah have just started this project. Designed for easy modern living, Sarab Community is a residential neighborhood of townhouses and garden homes. Sarab was created to combine the ideal elements of a comfortable lifestyle with a natural setting. It is located in Sharjah’s unique residential neighborhood of Aljada. This residential neighborhood is made up of beautifully constructed and spacious 2BR & 3BR townhouses, which are surrounded by gardens and vegetation on all sides. Given the technical features they contain, all of the residences in Aljada are referred to as “smart homes.” All of the Sarab townhouses have an unusual open pathway that leads to a garden area and green space. Additionally, each home has a designated courtyard where residents can enjoy the peace and freshness of the mornings and evenings. Every townhouse has pre-built closets, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Amenities of Sarab Townhouses (Phase 1)

The benefit of Sarab’s location in Aljada is that it is surrounded by a wealth of amenities, giving its inhabitants a wide variety of alternatives to enjoy. With gaming centers, play spaces, and a sports corner all integrated into it, the Central Hub in the Aljada community serves as the inhabitants’ one-stop platform for anything leisure and recreation-related. Additionally, Sarab has a separate swimming pool for men and women as well as a gym on the main floor. The ultimate source of stress relief and relaxation for the locals is this subterranean paradise. In addition, Sarab has access to the best of everything within its walls thanks to the quality cafes, restaurants, diners, theaters, and retail establishments nearby.

Sarab in Al Jada Sharjah | Arada Developers

Tiraz Apartments, a Great Project by Arada Developer

In Aljada, Sharjah, Tiraz Apartments by Arada is a residential building that offers studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments of various shapes and sizes. The new construction is being built in a futuristic style, taking into account all of the most recent technical developments, with the goal of giving inhabitants a new, chic way of life. The neighborhood’s creative hub offers residents a very warm and friendly environment that makes it easy for them to get to know one another and build positive connections. Additionally, this area allows inhabitants to experience a world-class, luxury lifestyle. Because it is one of the specific and distinctive characteristics of the neighborhood, the smart home features have helped to increase the community’s appeal and have contributed to making them the norm. Residents can choose to live in a distinctive and beautiful style. The area makes a terrific place to call home for families and couples alike. Residents may live their entire lives in complete solitude and serenity here.

Amenities of Tiraz Apartments

In order to reduce everyday stress and unwind after a long day, residents are provided with amenities that are both interesting and engaging. The facilities include, among other things, family BBQ places, a pool, a health and fitness center, a play area, and leisure green spaces.

Tiraz 7 at Naseej District

The Riff 3, a Fascinating Project by Arada Developer

The Riff 3 Residential complex, located in the center of Sharjah’s burgeoning Aljada neighborhood, offers an ideal example of modern urban living equipped with all the necessities of life. The Riff 3 was developed and created by recognized, top-tier interior designers such as Woods Bagot. It consists of studio and one-bedroom apartments spread throughout a one to six-story building. The interiors of the homes are beautifully decorated to suit the community-like atmosphere of the area where the complex is located. The Riff 3 is at a prime location for accessibility to the central city since it has easy access to Al Dhaid Road and the University City Road. The Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road, which connects the residential complex to other Emirates, is also conveniently located nearby.

Amenities of The Riff 3

The builders have created a ground-breaking idea for a central community hub called “AlJada’s Central Hub”; it is undoubtedly a one-stop shop for everything related to leisure, entertainment, and recreation. It offers the largest children’s adventure and discovery center in the Northern Emirates, as well as sports and entertainment options like skate parks, indoor and outdoor cinemas, and retail establishments. In addition to all of this, Aljada’s new partnership with Emaar will make a variety of upscale eateries and dining options available to the locals. Check out Emaar developments if you are interested in their projects. Please feel free to look at our details about Sheikh Zayed apartments as well.

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We have mentioned the list of projects by Arada Developer for sale to you. One of the best real estate development and investment companies in Dubai, Arada Developer has finished a number of notable residential and commercial master complexes in addition to a broad variety of residential properties. On Dxboffplan, one of the most comprehensive real estate portals for sourcing off-plan projects in the UAE, you can find the most current projects by Arada Developer. By securing the best deals directly from the developer, you may discover profitable investment opportunities. If you also want to buy property in Dubai, the projects of Arada Developer are among our top suggestions for you.  You may gain a lot of benefits to make your purchase ideal, such as:

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  • Citizenship services

arada Projects List

Project Name Property Type Development Name Min. Price Completion
Saro Villas villas Aljada 5,353,000 Completion
Sequoia Villas villas Masaar 5,417,000 Completion
Central Business District offices Aljada 2,831,000 Completion
Rove Home apartments Aljada 2,608,000 Completion
Nesba 2 Apartments apartments Aljada 935,000 Completion
Nesba 1 Apartments apartments Aljada 1,616,000 Completion
IL Teatro Residences 1 apartments Aljada 1,137,150 Completion
Sokoon Apartments 5 apartments Aljada 836,000 Completion
Anantara Sharjah Residences apartments 2,522,000 Completion
Armani Beach Residences apartments Palm Jumeirah 37,500,000 Completion

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