Updated List of the Best International Schools in Dubai

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Dubai has always been an appealing destination for International professionals and expats from all over the world due to high-level career opportunities and low taxation. Also, some expatriates will come with their children to the city and buy a house in Dubai to enjoy a happy and harmonious life. And this group needs to make arrangements for continuing work and education once relocated. Here, the best point is that this city has 194 private schools based on different curriculums, and today, I want to introduce an updated list of the best international schools in Dubai, their features, facilities, and tuition fees.

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Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

What are the top-ranked international schools in Dubai?

If you have recently bought your dream home in Dubai and are searching among the best Dubai schools to find your favorite one, you should know that this city includes various educational centers, such as the best British schools in Dubai. But as a help, we have gathered a list of the ten top schools in Dubai with details such as fees and facilities.

●    American School of Dubai, one of the best schools in Dubai:

The American school, established in 1966, is one of the best not-for-profit American schools in Dubai. No matter where you are from, you can join the pupil community of this diverse institution, and the best teachers from the U.S. will teach you. Generally, the ASD provides classes for KG1 through grade 12, and the U.S. Middle States Association approves this school. School admission is as per the approval of ASD’s Admissions Committee, and students successfully meet the admission standards, including evaluations in various forms which depend on grade level.

●     Dubai American School’s facilities:

From an academic outlook, this US-based curriculum school in Dubai highlights key subjects while offering pupils extensive electives. Also, the American School of Dubai provides a state-of-the-art wireless center covering an area of ​​23 million square feet, completed in 2010. Among the most important facilities and amenities of this school I can mention:

  • 100 classrooms
  • A 630-seat theater for performing arts
  • Indoor and outdoor running tracks
  • Dance studio
  • High climbing wall
  • Two libraries
  • Field House
  • Regulation soccer fields
  • Natural garden
  • Added playing fields
  • Play zones
  • Two 25-meter swimming pools
  • Great fitness center
  • Six tennis courts
  • Two fine cafeterias

Also, this institution provides special KG and Elementary segments, full of facilities and amenities, like:

  • Big library
  • Sports hall
  • Huge swimming pools on one side of this school’s campus

●     Dubai American School’s fees:

As you read above, this is an independent and not-for-profit school, but according to the facilities, it is one of the priciest schools in Dubai. The school’s annual fees are different for each grade. For example, AED 56,000 for pre-KG, AED 59,255 for KG1, AED 64,683 for KG2, and AED 82,581 for Grades 1-12.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

●    Cambridge International School, a fine international school for expats in Dubai:

The Cambridge International School (CIS), established in 1983, is one of Dubai’s long-lasting schools with affordable prices. This institution has students from more than 56 different nationalities represented in the student population, most of which are Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Egyptian, and Filipino students. I can say it is among the Dubai-populated schools, and there are four to six classes at each level.

●     Dubai Cambridge International School facilities:

The facilities of Cambridge International school feature two separate segments with entrances devoted for each set on an area of 200,000 sq ft. The below list includes some of the most important ones, such as:

  • 120 interactive smartboards
  • Wi-Fi is accessible inside and outside classrooms
  • Four advanced Science Labs and IT Labs
  • Robotic
  • Coffee lounge for students over 16
  • Central Library
  • Mac Suite for Media studies
  • Drama Studio
  • Radio & TV Station
  • An auditorium with 850 seats and a medical clinic
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Mini soccer field
  • Big football field
  • Outdoor Tennis & Basketball courts
  • Multipurpose EYFS indoor and outdoor area for learning

●     Dubai Cambridge International School fees:

The school’s tuition fees are very economical for a school that is based on the UK curriculum. The prices of the school’s fees range from AED 22,000 annually for FS grades, AED 25,000 to AED 27,000 for Primary, and AED 30,000 to AED 34,000 for Years 7-13, highly depending on the year group.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

●    Clarion School Dubai, one of the most famous International schools for Dubai expats:

Clarion School is also among the best international schools in Dubai, initiated in 2016 with a top-tier American curriculum. This school is famous for its progressive learning focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to help students have a strong foundation from the first and be raised properly into proud and healthy individuals. Also, the students of this school will graduate with a High School Diploma and can also gain the IB Diploma Program in Grades 11 and 12. And it is interesting to know that the curriculum of the Clarion School Dubai is on the basis of the New York State Common Core + 15.

●     Dubai Clarion School facilities:

Many parents believe that Clarion campus is one of the most appealing designed schools, and a mix between an ultramodern family home and a sophisticated art gallery, flanked by a vast outdoor space using many natural materials for play and landscaping. Among the wonderful facilities of this school, I want to mention:

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Large multifunctional gymnasium
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Large, natural outdoor learning areas
  • Multimedia features in-store to promote and broaden independent learning

●     Dubai Clarion School fees:

The school fees are somehow high because of the teaching model and investment in highly sophisticated teachers (two for each class) plus other great staff members. The prices begin at AED 43,000 in Pre-KG, increasing to AED 55,000 in KG1 and AED 64,500 in KG2. Fees for elementary school range from AED 76,500 from Grade 1 to Grade 5, and Grade 6 fees are AED 57,375, (discounted from the verified fees of AED 76,500). Another thing worth noting is that there is a 10% discount for siblings too.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

●    Deira International School, one of the top Dubai schools:

Deira International School (DIS) was established in 2005 as a high-quality school. And over the years, the number of students attending this school has grown to 1,600 from 80 different nationalities and local Emirati students. This school’s professional team of teachers and teaching assistants teaches students to show respect and tolerance to each other and study in a happy and healthy school. The school cares about the students and wants them to reach high levels of learning and sociality with the help of parents and giving them feedback.

●     Dubai Deira International School facilities:

This school is constructed on an 80,000 sq. m. campus at the heart of Dubai Festival City and offers high-end facilities, such as:

  • Interactive media center
  • Libraries
  • Advanced science laboratories
  • An IB center
  • The part devoted to Business Studies
  • Design and Technology classrooms
  • Music rooms
  • Drama studios
  • sports halls
  • Outdoor swimming pools
  • Large sports fields

●     Dubai Deira International School fees:

As you know, school fees are in the high-end range, and Deira International school is no different. While this center provides premium facilities, you have to pay almost high fees annually, which increases grade by grade. But generally speaking, these Tuition fees start at AED 39,938 in EY1, increasing to AED 56,466 in Year 7 and finally rising to AED 80,465 in Years 12 and 13.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

●    GEMS Dubai American Academy, one of the popular international schools in Dubai:

GEMS Dubai American Academy is undoubtedly the most successful US curriculum school you can seek and is considered one of the Best American schools in Dubai. This top American curriculum school has gotten an” Outstanding” rating in 2011 and now has more than 450 sophisticated staff members and 2700 students. Also, I should add that if you are living in your dream home in Al Barsha, this school is the best case because it is located near your home among the the top schools in Al Barsha, where you can surpass expectations can get to pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Grades 11 and 12 too.

●     GEMS Dubai American Academy facilities:

The building is well-organized across its four floors, with KG to 2nd Grade classes on the ground floor, grades 3-5 on the first floor, grades 6-8 above that, and grades 9-12 on the last floor. High School students are in a separate study area at the top of the school, surprisingly designed by students. The list of this school’s facilities is very extende, but here I will mention some of the most important items, such as:

  • Science, Expansive technology, and performing arts facilities
  • 50m Olympic pool
  • Large gymnasium
  • 400m running track
  • Playing fields
  • Advanced science labs for all grades
  • Visual Arts for all grades, including Studios for 2D and 3D art, a Ceramics/kiln room, and a darkroom for Photography.

●     GEMS Dubai American School Fees:

The school fees are considered in the top-end range, including AED 61,190 in KG1 and KG2 and AED 86,260 in Grades 1 to 12. Also, you should pay a separate registration fee of AED 500 for new students submitting to the school, alongside a deposit of AED 10,000 on an offer of a place, which later counterbalances the tuition fees in the first year.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

●    Dubai British School, an affordable British schools in Dubai:

The Dubai British School provides education according to the English National Curriculum and is open to boys and girls from three to eighteen years of age. Currently, this school includes more than 1,171 students, 84 full-time qualified teachers, and many principals and senior leadership staff taking care of the student’s needs and education. Also, this school has 30 teaching assistants, including a doctor, a Guidance Counselor, and two nurses working full-time. So, if you are looking for a place to teach your children based on high standards and provide different and fun ways to implement the education procedures for students, Dubai British School is the best.

●      Dubai British School facilities:

The school is on a rather small campus with limited outdoor space, but this hasn’t stopped the school from making excellent use of the space available. The main block for teaching is across three floors, so there are available spaces for activities related to Performing Arts in the basement. Primary classrooms are on the ground floor with a library. Other facilities include:

  • Art and design studio with a pottery studio
  • Three ICT Suites
  • Design and technology workshop
  • Two music rooms
  • Six science laboratories, where you can access Science, Engineering, Technology, Arts, and Math resources.
  • Indoor & outdoor canteen area
  • Sports facilities, such as a tennis court, swimming pool, sports hall, basketball court, and football pitch.

●     Dubai British School fees:

Fees ranged from AED 49,026 for Foundation and Grades 1 – 2, reaching AED 73,540 for Grades 12-13. These can be compared with several high-quality UK curriculum schools and are significantly more affordable.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

●    Repton School Dubai, a top International School in Dubai for expats:

Constructed in 2007, Repton School Dubai currently accepts over 1,770 students. The school presents an education based on the UK Curriculum from FS1 to Year 11 and IB Diploma and IB programs related to careers in Grades 12 and 13.

The most dominant nationality here at this school is British; However, over 350 students are from the Emirates, making an increasing percentage of 19.7%. Additionally, Repton has 71 students with disabilities who require added support from the special SEN team.

Repton School Dubai has employed 165 qualified teachers and 50 teaching assistants, causing the school to become one of the institutions with better resources in the UAE according to teacher-to-student ratios at 1:10.

●     Repton School Dubai facilities:

Repton’s buildings offer a wide range of great facilities. The school is developed on a 1.3 million square feet campus, the largest campus you can find in the Middle East.

The school grounds are quite spacious, based on parents’ claims, like walking into a university campus. Philanthropic activities and Performances are normally done on the lawn because the Performing Arts Center is still “under construction”, which is almost 15 years since the school was established. Among other main facilities of this school, I can name:

  • Gymnasia area
  • Two indoor pools
  • Huge playing field with a full-size grass Rugby field
  • A temporary Music Center that students use until the Performing Arts Center finally opens its doors.

●     Repton School Dubai fees:

It might be interesting to know that Repton Dubai school was one of the two priciest schools in the United Arab Emirates at first. Repton is still making efforts to cause interest in this really British offering.

At the moment, the fees of this school range from AED 52,863 for FS1 to AED 95,000 for Year 13. But the best point is that this school offers great and reasonable discounts, ranging between 10% in the Nursery or Reception classes to 15% for Years 12 and 13.

Fees for boarders are much higher than the tuition fees we have already mentioned. So, those looking for boarding options should know that fees range from AED 136,221 in Year 6 to AED 161,000 in Year 13.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

●    Woodlem Park School Dubai, one of the best international schools for Indian expats:

Another noteworthy school has got to be Woodlem Park School Dubai. This improving school has been rated Good for the second time by the KHDA. Its goal is to provide a generation of highly educated, global citizens who feel responsible for world sustainability. This school environment provides a fun, creative, purposeful, and inclusive learning opportunity based on the best practices.

While the Woodlem Park school is available from pre-KG to Grade 10, if you want to transfer your child from UAE schools to this place, he should only attend Grades 9 and 10.

●     Dubai Woodlem Park School facilities:

If you are living among the best Al Qusais properties, you should know that Dubai Woodlem Park School is one of the best schools in Al Qusais Dubai, constructed in a huge state-of-the-art building. This three-story building provides high-end facilities, such as:

  • Science and IT labs
  • Library
  • Uniquely equipped STEAM lab
  • Art and Craft room
  • Indoor Yoga/PE room
  • Music room
  • Smart boards for each student with digitized content
  • Access to Wi-Fi
  • A cafeteria that offers a wide range of healthy snacks and beverages
  • A multi-functional hall
  • Large Swimming pool
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces for playing suitable for KG students
  • Outdoor and indoor sports amenities
  • Shaded outdoor spaces
  • Football turf
  • Athletic track
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton courts

●     Woodlem Park School Dubai’s fees:

The prices start from AED 12,497 in KG1 to AED 23,000 in Grade 10. A great thing about this school is that you can pay the fees in 10 monthly installments. But that does not mean there is no extra fee, and you should count AED 200 for the registration fee and an admission fee of AED 500, which are non-refundable.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

●    Swiss International Scientific School among the top ranked schools in Dubai:

In 2015, The Swiss International Scientific School began its journey of highly educating children to provide the Swiss curriculum for students. It is also unique in offering a bilingual English/German or English/French International Baccalaureate program. While this school includes students from approximately 70 different nations, the majority of them are European, such as French, Swiss, Russian, Canadian, German, US, British, and Italian students.

●     Dubai Swiss International Scientific School facilities:

It is worth noting that in May 2021, this school offered its students a great opportunity to enroll in the Elite Swimming Academy. The classes are offered as part of the Speedo Swim Teams National Initiative, which aims to develop swimmers with high self-esteem. Also, students of this place can access the most modern facilities, such as:

  • An indoor running track
  • Two full-size courts
  • Olympic swimming pool
  • Aerobics salon
  • Weight training rooms
  • Soccer field
  • A650-seater acoustically balanced Auditorium
  • Climbing wall

●     Swiss International Scientific School’s fees:

At first, it might seem that this school fee is at the premium end, but if you consider the amenities and programs of it, you will understand that it is fair. Pre-KG tuition fees start at AED 62,484, and rise to AED 99,000 for Grade 12, easily placing the Swiss International Scientific School on the list of the most expensive schools you can seek in Dubai.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

●    Nord Anglia International School, the best international school in Dubai:

The last option I want to add to the list of best schools in Dubai is Nord Anglia International School, founded in 2014 with amazing results and university entries from the first year. The teachers of this school are chosen based on the attitude to help students unlock their potential and become successful in their academics.

●     Dubai Nord Anglia International School facilities:

If you are wondering why I have added this school to my list, I should state this while it is an old and experienced school, there you will benefit from premium facilities and amenities, such as:

  • Swimming pools
  • Basketball courts
  • Outdoor playing fields for football, rugby, tennis, netball, cricket, or rounders
  • Spacious classrooms
  • 20 science labs
  • Dedicated Early Learning area
  • Dance studios and music practice rooms
  • Makerspace and design engineering labs
  • Bespoke Early Years Learning Centre
  • Hydroponic Farming Space
  • 524-seat auditorium

●     Dubai Nord Anglia International School fee:

Like all other Dubai International schools, the non-refundable Application Fee for each child based on his age would be different. For example, the annual fee will start from 63,447AED for the FS1 level and will rise up to 95,946 for the year 13 students.

Which Dubai international school is the best?

Previously, you read an updated list of the best international schools in Dubai. So, if you have invested in the best UAE off-plan projects and want to move to this city with your family, be sure your children will benefit from high-end education facilities in top intentional schools. No matter, you are an Indian and looking for a great Indian school in Dubai or an American or British expat who is interested in US or UK curriculums, you will find the best options in the above text. Also, I should add that Dxboffplan professionals are online 24/7 to answer all your questions through the site and for free.

frequently asked questions

One of the best points that attract foreign families to move to Dubai is that this city includes 140 international schools.

You can find different types of school curricula in Dubai, such as UAE Ministry of Education, British (IGCSE), Indian (CBSE), American, International Baccalaureate (IB), Iranian, French, Filipino, Pakistani, SABIS, IAT, German, Russian, Japanese and Canadian.

They are spread in various great neighborhoods, such as Emirates Hills Community, Al Barsha, Dubai Marina.

Coed Day School with classes from Pre KG to VI located in Al Barsha Dubai is one of the best global Indian International Schools in this city.

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