Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for expats

Dubai has always been an appealing destination for International professionals and expats from all over the world. There are high-level career opportunities waiting to be explored and enjoying the benefits of low taxation that make Dubai one of the finest places for expats to enjoy a happy and harmonious life. Many expatriates will come with their children to the city and buy a house in Dubai, making arrangements for continuing work and education once relocated.
There are a total of 194 private schools located in Dubai that have more than 280,000 students from 187 diverse nationalities. These schools can be found based on the different curriculums, of which there are 17 in operation so far, for example, the best British schools in Dubai are on the basis of the UK curriculum.
Here we have put together a list of some of the best international schools in Dubai for expats for you to get to know more about the school’s features, facilities, and tuition fees.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

American School of Dubai, One international school in Dubai worth considering

The American School was established in 1966 and is highly considered one of the best not-for-profit American schools in Dubai. The school accepts pupils from over 70 nationalities, making this school a really diverse institution. This school has the largest group of teachers based on nationality which is from the U.S. The school has a total number of 188 teachers and 53 teaching assistants, presenting a truly approving staff: student ratio of 1:10. Currently, the ASD provides classes for KG1 through grade 12, and the US Middle States Association approves this school. School admission is as per the approval of ASD’s Admissions Committee and students successfully meet the admission standards, including evaluations in various forms which depend on grade level. Normally, the school encourages students to work at a level one year ahead of a qualified US-based school, putting a lot of emphasis on academic achievement.

  • Facilities of American School of Dubai

The American School of Dubai provides a 23-acre, million square foot, wireless, and state-of-the-art facility. The facility’s construction was completed in 2010. This school includes 100 classrooms, a 630-seat theater for performing arts, indoor and outdoor running tracks, a dance studio, a high climbing wall, two libraries, a field house, regulation soccer fields, a natural garden, added playing fields, and play zones, two 25-meter swimming pools, a great fitness center, six tennis courts, and two fine cafeterias. The KG and Elementary segments feature their very own unique facilities including a big library, sports hall, and huge swimming pools, located on one side of this school’s campus, whilst on the other side, the main administration block, Middle and High School segments, and great Sports facilities are located. Its fascinating facilities really let students explore and follow their passion. From an academic outlook, this US-based curriculum school in Dubai highlights key subjects while also offering pupils extensive electives. Students studying in grades 10, 11, and 12 have made students be encouraged to submit for Advanced Placement or AP, Courses.

  • American School of Dubai’s Fees

The school was constructed as an independent and not-for-profit community school but according to the facilities, running costs mean high fees. The American School of Dubai is regarded as one of the priciest schools in Dubai. The school’s annual fees range from AED 56,000 for pre-KG, AED 59,255 for KG1, AED 64,683 for KG2, and AED 82,581 for Grades 1-12. The yearly AED 12,984 fee for facilities is used just for the annual operation of facilities, on the other hand, utilities, and regular maintenance are separate.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

Cambridge International School, one of the finest International Schools for Expats in Dubai

The Cambridge International School (CIS) was established in 1983. The school is one of Dubai’s long-lasting schools which is moderately priced. The Cambridge International school accepts students from over 56 diverse nationalities represented among the student population. The school has predominantly Indian students at 52%, and also Pakistani students at 17%, Sri Lankan students at 7%, Egyptian students at 5%, and Philippines students at 3%.

You have to definitely keep note that these percentages are really high for an inner-city school that only has over 1,250 students in the Primary section and 1,466 students in the Secondary section. Most year groups have around four to six classes, even though surprisingly, there are more classes in the Secondary school, clearly showing that student numbers are much higher at this particular level.

  • Facilities of Cambridge International School Dubai

The facilities of Cambridge International school feature two separate segments with entrances devoted for each set on an area of 200,000 sq ft.

There are 120 interactive smartboards, Wi-Fi is accessible inside and outside classrooms, alongside four advanced Science Labs and IT Labs, Robotics, a coffee lounge for students over 16, a Central Library, Mac Suite for Media studies, Drama Studio, Radio & TV Station. There is an auditorium with 850 seats and a medical clinic at  this amazing school. Sports and facilities outside include an indoor swimming pool, a mini soccer field, a big football field, outdoor Tennis & Basketball courts, and a multipurpose EYFS indoor and outdoor area for learning.

  • Fees of Cambridge International School Dubai

The school’s tuition fees are very economical for a school that is based on the UK curriculum. The prices of the school’s fees range from AED 22,000 annually for FS grades, AED 25,000 to AED 27,000 for Primary, and AED 30,000 to AED 34,000 for Years 7-13, highly depending on the year group.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

Clarion School Dubai, A Respected International School in Dubai for Expats

Another school from our list of some of the best international schools in Dubai is the Clarion School which was initiated in 2016. Clarion is a top-tier American curriculum school.

Their special program makes use of progressive learning which focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) in order to let students have a strong foundation from the very beginning. As a result, this helps them be properly raised into proud and healthy individuals. Another significant feature of the Clarion School Dubai is that students graduate with a High School Diploma and can also gain the IB Diploma Program in Grades 11 and 12.

Students are educated by 34 qualified teachers, almost all of them are from the US, and are supported by 15 teaching assistants. The curriculum of the Clarion School Dubai is on the basis of the New York State Common Core + 15.

  • Facilities of Clarion School Dubai

The Clarion campus has been regarded by parents as one of the most appealing designed schools in Dubai. This school is a mix between a large ultramodern family home and a sophisticated art gallery, flanked by a vast outdoor space using many natural materials for play and landscaping. Facilities are considered wonderful, having an indoor swimming pool and a large multifunctional gymnasium too. The classrooms are quite spacious and are held outside in the much cooler months, presenting a rather large, natural area for learning. Outdoor learning spaces extend to wide hallways, supporting students to look for chances for varied learning centers and face-to-face learning. The Clarion library is a true place of pride for the school and has a range of multimedia features in-store to promote and broaden independent learning.

  • Clarion School Dubai’s Fees

The school has fees considered premium plus range on the basis of the teaching model and investment in highly sophisticated teachers and other great staff members that have two teachers in every classroom. The prices begin at AED 43,000 in Pre-KG, increasing up to AED 55,000 in KG1 and AED 64,500 in KG2. Fees for elementary school range AED 76,500 from Grade 1 to Grade 5, and Grade 6 fees are AED 57,375, which are discounted from the verified fees of AED 76,500. Another thing worth noting is that there is a 10% discount for siblings too.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

One of the Top International schools in Dubai for expats: Deira International School Dubai

Deira International School (DIS) was established in 2005 and was considered a high-quality school. At the moment, the number of students attending this school has grown to about 1,600, from more than 80 nationalities. The local Emiratis make up about 14% of its school body.

Students can get to be educated by a teaching team of 182, alongside a further 47 teaching assistants. The Deira International School Dubai has shown that its students show respect and tolerance to each other which would lead to a happy and healthy school. The school cares about the students and wants them to reach high peaks of learning and improve socially. The school also consults with the parents and gains feedback.

  • Facilities of Deira International School Dubai

Deira International School is established on an 80,000 sq. m. campus at the heart of Dubai Festival City. School facilities feature an interactive media center, libraries, advanced science laboratories, an IB center, a part devoted to Business Studies, Design and Technology classrooms, Music rooms, Drama studios, sports halls, outdoor swimming pools and large sports fields.

  • Fees of Deira International School Dubai?

Nowadays, school fees are in the high-end range. The school has been constantly increasing price fees annually and even surpasses them in some years. Tuition fees start at AED 39,938 in EY1, increasing up to AED 56,466 in Year 7 and finally rise to AED 80,465 in Years 12 and 13.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

GEMS Dubai American Academy, One of Dubai’s Finest International Schools for Expats

GEMS Dubai American Academy is undoubtedly the most successful US curriculum school you can seek and is highly considered one of the Top American schools in Dubai. GEMS Dubai American Academy is the only school that has gotten an” Outstanding” rating since 2011, and one of Dubai’s top American curriculum schools, featuring more than 450 sophisticated staff members and 2700 students.

  • Facilities of GEMS Dubai American Academy

The building is well-organized across its four floors, with KG to 2nd Grade classes being positioned on the ground floor, grades 3-5 on the first floor, grades 6-8 one floor above that, and grades 9-12 on the very top floor. High School students get to have their own separate study area and lounge at the top of the school, which is surprisingly designed by students. Science, Expansive technology, performing arts, and sports facilities are also available for students to grow and enjoy in a magnificent environment.

The ultra-modern facilities of the school’s huge campus are truly fascinating and include a 50m Olympic pool, a large gymnasium, a 400m running track, and playing fields. There are also advanced science labs for all grades, Visual Arts for all grades, including Studios for 2D and 3D art, a Ceramics/kiln room, and a darkroom for Photography.

The school has recently moved to Al Barsha and is regarded as one of the top schools in Al Barsha that ensures students experience the best facilities at their disposal.

Students who desire to surpass expectations can get to pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Grade 11 and 12 too.

  • GEMS Dubai American School Fees

The school fees are considered in the top-end range, including AED 61,190 in KG1 and KG2, and AED 86,260 in Grade 1 to Grade 12. There is a separate registration fee of AED 500 paid for new students submitting to the school, alongside a deposit of AED 10,000 on an offer of a place, which later counterbalances the tuition fees in the first year.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

Dubai British School, another great International School for Expats

The Dubai British School provides education according to the English National Curriculum and is open to students, both boys and girls, who are aged from three to eighteen years of age. The Dubai British school is currently home to about 1,171 students.

There are 84 full-time qualified teachers, including the principal and a senior leadership staff taking care of the student’s needs and education. The school has 30 teaching assistants as well, including a doctor, a Guidance Counselor, and two nurses working full time. The school focuses on teaching children based on high standards and providing different and fun ways to implement the education procedures for students the proper way.

  • Facilities of Dubai British School

The school is located on a rather small campus with limited outdoor space, but this hasn’t stopped the school from making excellent use of the space available. The main block for teaching is set across three floors and space is available in the basement for activities related to Performing Arts. Primary classrooms are based on the ground floor with a primary library. Other facilities include an art and design studio with a pottery studio, three ICT Suites, a design and technology workshop, two music rooms, and six science laboratories which offers access to Science, Engineering, Technology, Arts, and Math resources. An auditorium and a Beautiful indoor & outdoor canteen area are also included. Sports facilities include a tennis court, swimming pool, sports hall, basketball court, and football pitch.

  • Dubai British School Fees

Fees are ranged from AED 49,026 for Foundation and Grade 1 – 2, reaching AED 73,540 for Grade 12-13. These can be compared with a number of high-quality UK curriculum schools, and are significantly more affordable.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

Repton School Dubai, a top International School in Dubai for ex-pats

Constructed in 2007, Repton School Dubai currently accepts over 1,770 students. The school presents an education based on the UK Curriculum from FS1 to Year 11, and also IB Diploma and IB programs related to careers in Grade 12 and 13.

The most dominant nationality here at this school is British; However, over 350 students are from the Emirates itself, making an increasing percentage of 19.7%. Additionally, Repton has 71 students with disabilities who require added support from the special SEN team.

Repton School Dubai has employed 165 qualified teachers, and 50 teaching assistants, causing the school to become one of the institutions with better resources in the UAE in terms of teacher-to-student ratios at 1:10.

  • Facilities of Repton School Dubai

Repton’s buildings offer a wide range of great facilities. The school is on a very huge 1.3 million square feet campus, which it claims is the largest campus you can find in the Middle East.

The school grounds are quite spacious, based on parents’ claims, like walking into a university campus. Philanthropic activities and Performances are normally done on the lawn because the Performing Arts Center is still “under construction”, which is almost 15 years since the school was established. The Sports area is located behind this facility which includes gymnasia, two indoor pools, and a huge playing field where students can access a full-size grass Rugby field. Two Boarding houses are located at the left of these facilities. One of the buildings has now turned into a temporary Music Center until the Performing Arts Center finally opens its doors.

  • Fees of Repton School Dubai

At the moment, the fees of this school range from AED 52,863 for FS1 rising up to AED 95,000 for Year 13. This is followed by some reasonable discounts, ranging between 10% in the Nursery or Reception classes increasing up to 15% for Years 12 and 13.

In the very beginning, Repton Dubai school was one of the two priciest schools in the United Arab Emirates. Repton is still making efforts to cause interest in this really British offering.

Fees for boarders are obviously much higher than the tuition fees we have already mentioned. If you are looking for boarding options, you must keep in mind that fees range from AED 136,221 in Year 6, to AED 161,000 in Year 13. It’s not important what age range the student falls under. Boarding commences have typically been from locally-based boys on a weekly basis.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

Woodlem Park School Dubai, one of the best International schools for Indian Expats

Another noteworthy school has got to be Woodlem Park School Dubai. This is an improving school that has been rated Good for the second time by the KHDA. Its goal is to provide a generation of highly educated, global citizens who have a true desire to take responsibility for the sustainability of the world. The environment is crafted in a way to make learning fun, creative, purposeful, and definitely inclusive. This community has surprisingly developed an environment on the basis of the best practices, making the school meet the goals of the national agenda of the UAE.

At the moment, the Woodlem Park school is available from pre-KG to Grade 10, however, it appears that only transfers from UAE schools are only permitted to attend  Grades 9 and 10.

58 teachers and 25 teaching assistants are active in this school, which provides a staff: student ratio of 1:11.

  • Facilities of Woodlem Park School Dubai

The school is constructed in a huge state-of-the-art building in the Al Qusais Education Zone area. Based on many reviews by parents and students alike, this school is deemed as one of the best schools in Al Qusais Dubai. The three-story building provides facilities that are shared including Science and IT labs, a library, a uniquely equipped STEAM lab, an Art and Craft room, an indoor Yoga/PE room, and a Music room. Smart boards are provided for each student with digitized content too, which assists active participation and deep interaction for both students and teachers. The entire campus has access to Wi-Fi; all of the teachers have laptops and classrooms include projectors for technologically enabled learning. The school’s cafeteria offers a wide range of healthy snacks and beverages which are quite affordable.

Has a multi-functional hall, a large Swimming pool, indoor and outdoor space for playing suitable for KG students, outdoor and indoor sports amenities, shaded outdoor spaces, and a football turf, Athletic track, Volleyball, and Badminton courts, the Sports and play facilities in Dubai’s Woodlem Park School are truly fascinating and diverse.

  • Woodlem Park School Dubai’s Fees

The prices start from AED 12,497 in KG1 to AED 23,000 in Grade 10. A great thing about this school is fees can be paid in 10 monthly installments.

There are also additional fees that include AED 200 for the registration fee and an admission fee of AED 500, which both are non-refundable. An initial installment fee of AED 850 is considered as well regarding the offer of a place that deducts tuition fees.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

Swiss International Scientific School

In 2015, The Swiss International Scientific School began its journey of highly educating children. This school is a school that solely provides the Swiss curriculum for students. It is quite unique as well regarding the providing of a bi-lingual English/German or English/French International Baccalaureate program. At the moment, the students come from approximately 70 different nations, and the majority of them are actually European. The largest nationality group attending this school is French, along with Swiss, Russian, Canadian, German, US, British, and Italian students. There are about 1,500 students attending this school at the moment, with most 900 students still in the Early Years and Primary Years Programme and 600 students also studying in the Secondary section. 120 students have been identified as those with disabilities and 40 students are considered gifted and talented too.

  • Facilities of Swiss International Scientific School

The school facilities and buildings have been greatly expanded since the school’s launch. A Sports Facility with a hall for various sports that can be split into an indoor running track, two full-size courts, an Olympic swimming pool, aerobics, weight training rooms, soccer fields, and running tracks, showing that all the important facilities are currently in one space.

The school offered its students a great opportunity to be submitted to a new elite Swim Academy in May 2021. Classes are provided as part of the national Speedo Swim Squads scheme, which aims to raise swimmers with high self-esteem to the elite athlete level. Other recent facilities that have been constructed include a 650-seater acoustically balanced Auditorium and a climbing wall.

  • Swiss International Scientific School’s Fees

Fees are at the premium end based on the range of language skills that are required from staff. Currently, the school fees are considerably lower than the fees as well. Pre-KG tuition fees start at AED 62,484 rising up to AED 99,000 for Grade 12, easily placing the Swiss International Scientific School on the list of the most expensive schools you can seek in Dubai.

Some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats

Which top international school should I choose?

Well, it really depends on what you are searching for and what your preferences are. Obviously, if you are an Indian ex-pat and are looking for education based in your homeland, the best bet is to search for the Best Indian schools in Dubai. The same goes for an American and British ex-pat looking for US or UK curriculums. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be enrolled in other schools with other curriculums. But what is certain is that you will be guaranteed that your children will be highly educated with state-of-the-art facilities and teachings in some of the best international schools in Dubai for ex-pats which are based on international standards. You will raise children to be well-rounded and highly skilled individuals who will contribute to society for a better and brighter future.

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