The Best British Schools in Al Qusais

If you’re a parent, you may know that searching for a school that’s close to your home is a fortunate thing to consider and a true blessing. Since they don’t have to walk or ride a considerable distance to school, your children don’t need to be forced to get up early. Besides living a comfortable and great life in excellent properties in ِDubai, you can let your children enter schools that promise high-quality education and a bright future. But getting information about them might be very time-consuming. That’s why we have gathered a list of the best British schools in this area for your beloved children. Let’s now examine the best schools in Al Qusais without further ado.

The Best British Schools in Al Qusais

Al Salam Private School, a top British school in Al Qusais

Al Salam pledges to provide a balanced and student-centered curriculum that accommodates every student and learning style, and they successfully carry out this commitment. The school implements the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which is an interesting program that emphasizes six important areas of social, intellectual, and physical development for children aged three to four. By perfectly stimulating these key areas in students, the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum enables children to be raised as deserving members of society.

They think that each child is special and has a right to quality education as well as opportunities to develop their creativity.

Students will benefit from the outstanding features of this school with an outward-looking view of the world around us to guarantee each and every child has a perfect blend of holistic and academic education. To ensure a broad and balanced curriculum, the school’s subjects that are taught in Primary include Computing, Humanities, Design and Technology, Music, Art, and P.E and extra-curricular subjects.

The Best British Schools in Al Qusais

The Alpha School, a true alpha among British schools in Al Qusais

The Alpha School, which opened its doors in 2017, is another institution that has no trouble ranking among the top British schools in Al Qusais. This school emphasizes IT integration while adhering to the British curriculum. There are lessons available for pupils in the Foundation Stage through Year 6 at this elementary school. Alpha School currently has around 300 students and a total capacity of 550. Students attending are from 29 different nationalities, with India, Egypt, and Pakistan passport holders regarded as the highest attendees. But students from far places, like Africa and Japan, attend the Alpha school as well.

The 27 members of the teaching staff here come from the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, and Finland, with Arabic personnel supporting the UAE National Curriculum for Arabic and Islamic Studies.  These staff members are supported by 12 teaching assistants.

The Best British Schools in Al Qusais

Undoubtedly among the top British schools in Al Qusais is Dubai Carmel School

Another school in our ranking of the best British schools in Al Qusais is the Dubai Carmel School. Established in 1990, this private, coeducational school offers a British-based curriculum from the Foundation Stage to the Sixth Form. The Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level, Advanced (A) Level, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), and Advanced (A) Level are among the curricula offered here. The kids’ ages span from four to eighteen.

More than 656 kids attend this school, and many of them are Arab, according to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority’s (KHDA) most recent inspection report. Dubai Carmel School was given an Acceptable rating for 2019–2020 by the KHDA.

There are 76 instructors and 33 teaching assistants, and the student-to-teacher ratio is 1:9. Likewise, the Dubai Carmel School has 76 kids enrolled.

The Best British Schools in Al Qusais

The top British school in Al Qusais is Apple International School

Built-in 1994, The Apple International School (AIS) has become a recognizable landmark in the Dubai educational landscape. This school follows the Cambridge Primary Programme in Years 1 through 6, the English National Curriculum in Years 7 through 11, and the British National Curriculum in Years 7 through 11. The curriculum of the school is created in a way that takes into account the diversity of the student body and the unique learning requirements of each person.

Lessons are difficult and have a pace and direction to promote the abilities necessary for each child’s ideal development and growth. AIS currently has 2,750 registered children. There are 269 teachers, mostly from India, and 46 teaching assistants working at this school as well. There are a limited number of Emirati students as well as students from the Philippines, who make up the majority of the student body.

The Best British Schools in Al Qusais

Al Sadiq Islamic English School, mixing Islamic and British schools in Al Qusais

The Al Sadiq Islamic English School is an all-through private school for both boys and girls in Al Qusais, Dubai. It is part of Athena Education, which is one of the fastest-growing educational organizations in the UAE. The school offers programs from Kindergarten through the 12th grade using a curriculum developed in the UK. What’s noteworthy is that this school Follows the British education system deeply rooted in Islamic values, and the students learn the Holy Quran as well. It has over 1,900 students, 27 Teaching Assistants, and 156 professional and passionate teachers. Students here are diverse and are from 44 different countries, with the highest being from Pakistan.

The school’s utmost purpose is to ensure a seamless transition to the University level for the students. Based on the Islamic traditions, girls and boys must study separately from Year 3 and afterward. There are more girls attending this school than boys.

The Best British Schools in Al Qusais

The Best British Schools in Al Qusais

So, which top British school should you choose?

Well, it really depends on you. Every British school in Al Qusais that has been mentioned in this article has its own benefits and way of teaching and developing your child’s education and skills. If a British curriculum school is not your type, you can prefer a top American school in Dubai that offers its own method of teaching based on the U.S. There are other international schools that you can admit your children into, like top Indian schools in Al Qusais. They also have their own approach and teach based on India’s curriculum. Despite what school you choose, Al Qusais schools have shown that they care about the children attending and offer high-quality education.

The Best British Schools in Al Qusais

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