6 Best Schools in Al Qusais
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6 Top-Rated Schools in Al Qusais

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Al Qusais is one of the biggest communities located in Deira, east of Dubai. At first glance, this city seems very different from Dubai’s luxurious and exotic side. Major cost of living in Dubai can include rent, transportation, utilities, and food. However, Al Qusais is a great place to live if you are looking for an affordable option, as the rent is relatively cheaper compared to other parts of Dubai.

There are many top-quality educational institutions in this area as well as many benefits and a great environment that make it a great place to live. There are also several excellent schools in Al Qusais, including both public and private institutions. These schools provide a variety of educational programs and activities for their students, and many of them also have excellent facilities.

These all make Al Qusais one of the best areas to purchase property in Dubai at a reasonable price. Stay tuned as we present the six best schools in Al Qusais.

6 Best Schools in Al Qusais

6 Top Schools in Al Qusais You Should Know About.

The schools in Al Qusais offer high-quality education and provide a well-rounded curriculum that includes both academic and extracurricular activities. The schools in Al Qusais also focus on developing the students’ social skills, which will help them become successful in the future. They provide a safe and nurturing environment for the students that encourages them to explore their interests. The top-rated schools in Al Qusais are listed below:

Amity School, a Promising School in Al Qusais, Dubai

The Amity School is located in Al Qusais. This magnificent school is regarded as one of the Best Schools in Dubai according to parents’ reviews. This institute is a huge learning institute providing an augmented CBSE curriculum. The students are taught from pre-KG to 6th standard, which is open to education for both boys and girls. The students are educated perfectly to improve and pursue their hobbies, interests, and skills.

The Amity School encourages students to work conveniently and enhances society to make it a better place to live in. The Amity school displays an ambiance for the flexible growth of the students and supports Co-curricular activities to improve dynamic learning. The school has a lot of facilities such as advanced music studios, a library, high-tech scientific labs, art studios, and a range of sport-related activities.

6 Best Schools in Al Qusais

The Westminster School, a British school in Al Qusais, Dubai

According to reviews by parents and students, Westminster School is highly one of the best British schools in Al Qusais, Dubai. The school has a high rating on the basis of the children’s safety and health as well as providing promising high-quality education. The education concept of the school is greatly experienced, having dependable staff with diverse cultures and preparing a laid-back environment for each and every community. The school features activities outside of the curriculum, including well-kept laboratories, sports, fun playgrounds, multimedia resources, and special activity rooms for students. This school also has a cafeteria and a library. Westminister’s Education is on the basis of the UK curriculum, including A levels and AS. Students from the foundation stage to the 13th standard can get to be accepted at this school.

6 Best Schools in Al Qusais

The Millennium School, one of Dubai’s Top Schools

Next on our list of the 6 finest schools in Al Qusais is the Millennium School. This school has shown promising results over the past years and has been given a good rating by Dubai’s educational regulator. The Millennium school has a total of 162 highly qualified and well-educated teachers, offering perfect education to the students. The teachers offer a fun learning environment for difficult subjects such as Science, Mathematics, and English to make it appealing to the students to have an interest in being creative. The school has limited capacity that requires it to be booked long before getting there. Based on parents’ and students’ reviews of Dubai’s best schools, it is one of the high-ranked schools in Al Qusais as well, like the Best schools in Al Barsha. Millennium School welcomes students of both genders and provides a safe, comfortable environment where students can grow and improve. Students can attend this school from KG 1 to the 12th grade.

6 Best Schools in Al Qusais

Bilva Indian School, another one of Al Qusais’ best schools

Bilva Indian School presents top-quality education for its students from pre-KG to 10th grade. In 2021, the name of Bilva Indian School was changed to Woodlem Park School Dubai. The school’s education is according to the Indian National Curriculum. There are 600 – 700 students learning at this school. The students can choose a second language between Hindi, French, Tamil, Malayalam, or Kannada. The Bilva Indian school is regarded as one of the top 12 Indian schools in Dubai. The personnel are tasked with utilizing professional, educational, and skilled characteristics. The school utilizes different strategies for the perfect development of growth and health of each student in their studies. Students of this school can partake in Indoor and outdoor sports.

6 Best Schools in Al Qusais

Dubai Scholars Private School, one of Dubai’s Greatest and Oldest Schools

Constructed in 1976, Dubai Scholars Private School is highly regarded as one of the oldest and most popular schools in Dubai. The school has more than 1800 students being educated and 115 staff members, each having a remarkable amount of understanding and vision. Dubai Scholars Private School encourages students to seek and make use of their talents and helps them grow greatly and professionally. The school’s students are taught from FS1 to Year 13. Highly qualified teachers for literature, mathematics, and applied subjects are chosen professionally for a better education. Other lessons that are taught and encouraged are Dance, Music, Arts, and physical education. This private school provides students with vast playgrounds, large laboratories, a swimming pool, a library, basketball courts, and more.

6 Best Schools in Al Qusais

Apple International School, a very Top School in Al Qusais, Dubai

Established in 1994, the Apple International School provides great education for girls and boys equally. Most of the school’s population is from the country of the Philippines, while most teachers are from India. This amazing school has around 2,750 students and 269 qualified faculty members. At this school, students can be accepted to submit from grades 1 to 11th. The children are taught and shaped to be their best selves and learn a proper understanding of emotional, personal, physical, and social growth. The school encourages students to actively partake in regular co-curricular activities such as sports and organizations.

A wide array of subjects are taught here at this school, including Literature, Geography, Urdu, History, ICT, arts, Personal, Music, Dancing, and Social and Health Education as well.

6 Best Schools in Al Qusais

Choosing the Best Schools in Al Qusai is up to you!

You can find all the information you need about Al Qusais’ best schools right here if you are considering sending your child to a great school in Dubai. It is important to keep in mind that there are different schools with different curricula. Whether you choose an American, British, or Indian school depends solely on your preferences. All of these great schools have their own unique advantages based on different preferences. In addition, if you choose to study here, you may be able to obtain a residency visa by buying property in DubaiThis is an excellent way to provide your children with a quality education and to secure a stable life in Dubai for your family. Dxboffplan offers a variety of properties in Dubai that can help you get that residency visa you need.

6 Best Schools in Al Qusais

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