10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

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Al Barsha, also known as Barsha, is one of Dubai’s most well-known residential areas. The district includes some sub-communities, such as Al Barsha 1, 2, and 3, along with the newer area of Al Barsha South. Locals and ex-pats alike consider this residential district to be one of their favorite neighborhoods. Al Barsha is home to some of the best houses for sale in Dubai, with a wide range of luxury villas and apartments available.

Living in Al Barsha Dubai is perfect for families due to the abundance of affordable schools lying in Al Barsha, especially in Al Barsha South and Al Barsha 1. You can also search for other schools in Dubai by visiting the best schools in Al Qusais Dubai. Next, we’ll discuss the 10 best schools in Al Barsha Dubai.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

Top Schools in Al Barsha, Dubai

Al Barsha is one of the best neighborhoods in Dubai to buy a property. It is home to some of the top schools in the city and offers a safe and secure area to live in, with a low crime rate.

Generally, parents spend a lot of their time looking for the best schools in Dubai. Well, the good news for those residing in Al Barsha or close areas is that schools located in this area not only have a high reputation but provide diverse options in terms of curriculum as well. For instance, in Al Barsha, you can find schools offering the American, British, Canadian, and Indian curriculum. Moreover, the schools in this area are renowned for their holistic education approach, focusing on the development of the whole child. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 schools in Al Barsha Dubai!

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

GEMS Dubai American Academy, one of the Finest Schools in Al Barsha

The GEMS Dubai American Academy offers Kindergarten to Grade 12 students an education based on the American curriculum. Boasting a huge state-of-the-art campus, this school is one of the top American schools located in Dubai. The DAA also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Grades 11 and 12 in addition to magnificent campus facilities.

The school’s prominent campus, with sophisticated advantages and infrastructure, provides the highest international standards a student can experience. It also keeps its fascinating heritage, traditions, and values as well. This school is strategically located in Dubai’s center in Al Barsha. Another noteworthy feature of this amazing school is being near Dubai Metro station. So it’s no surprise why we have added this school to the list of 10 best schools in Al Barsha Dubai!

The students here can benefit from:

  • A diligent curriculum is provided by internationally recruited teachers.
  • Having a unique and direct iPad Program in Elementary School, now widely recognized as an Apple Distinguished School.
  • A Center of greatness in Artificial Intelligence with advanced technologies available.
  • Having great partnerships with Carnegie Mellon University, Microsoft, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, American University in Dubai and much more.
  • A powerful Athletics and Activities Program which provides leadership opportunities and worldwide experiences.
  • Having a robust Guidance and Counseling Program featuring a team of International College Counselors who are highly experienced.

Tuition fees range from AED 61,190 to AED 86,260.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

Kings School Al Barsha, get Educated the British Way

The King’s School Al Barsha is another one of the 10 best schools in Al Barsha Dubai on our list. Parents can choose it for their beloved children. Additionally, it is among the best British schools in Dubai. Kings’ School Al Barsha is a great place for education centered on positive outcomes for its students. The hopes and values of this school embrace the challenges of academic brilliance, emotional awareness, liability and leadership, and participation in various forms of activities within and beyond the classroom.

This top primary school in Al Barsha Dubai puts forward fascinating education on the basis of the British curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage, from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6.

The principal curriculum presents subjects like Arabic, Spanish, French, PE, ICT, music, swimming and Islamic Education classes from Year 5. Students have the great chance to apply the magnificent facilities of the campus for the performing arts and sports as well. The address is located at Al Barsha 3, Dubai. Tuition fees at King’s School Al Barsha start from AED 53,622 for FS1 and increase up to AED 100,300 for Year 12.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

Nord Anglia International School, a Top UK Curriculum School in Al Barsha, Dubai

If you are busy finding a UK curriculum school situated in Barsha South, offering classes from primary to higher education for students, you should definitely keep Nord Anglia International School in mind due to its consideration as one of the 10 perfect schools in Al Barsha. This school confidently flaunts a ‘Very Good’ KHDA rating and provides excellent opportunities to learn from the best teachers for students.

Their unique international curriculum mixes prestigious education frameworks with a personalized method for learning. Nord Anglia International School’s Primary and Early Years curriculums are according to the National Curriculum of the United Kingdom. The secondary school students get taught from a version of the National Curriculum of England as well, which leads to IGCSE qualifications in Year 11.

The school offers a pathway choice in the Sixth Form. This is based on the child’s strengths, goals, and passions. All of their Sixth Form pathways are internationally recognized by the world’s best universities, which allows students to make the future they desire.

Their staff are highly trained and focus on individual development, both mentally and academically, to help students grow into well-balanced individuals. The school includes a well-equipped campus as well, offering an easy chance to partake in activities outside of the curriculum, such as sports, a theater, and much more!

The school of Nord Anglia is located in the Al Barsha 3 area. Prices for the tuition fees for this school range from AED 63,447 to AED 95,946.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

Safa Community School, easily one of the Greatest Schools in Al Barsha

Safa Community School is, without a doubt, one of the 10 greatest schools located in Al Barsha Dubai, presenting both UK and IB curriculums from FS1 to Year 13. It is truly well-known for its highly qualified staff and ultramodern campus facilities. The Safa Community School has magnificent facilities to accommodate the needs of students at all levels. The school’s classrooms include interactive whiteboards where pupils can highly immerse themselves in the learning material. Safa Community School has grown quickly since its inception and currently has over 2,060 students, significantly more than in previous years. This has been driven thanks to considerable growth in secondary schools.

The Safa Community School is located in Al Barsha South. Tuition fees range from AED 49,700 to AED 81,656.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

Gems World Academy, one of the Prime Communities in Al Barsha Dubai

This is a very popular community making its place on our list of the 10 top-tier schools in Al Barsha Dubai, providing its students with an IB curriculum studying there from Pre-KG to Grade 12. Gems World Academy is highly regarded as one of the most famous IB curriculum schools in Al Barsha, having a great campus with various facilities to offer students international learning opportunities. GEMS World Academy is a very diverse international school that has approximately 1,400 students. The students attending here are from over 85 nationalities, providing them with a great opportunity to meet and interact with diverse cultures. According to the given information, Gems World Academy is one of the most demographically diverse and, frankly, international schools in the UAE.

The community’s address is located at Al Barsha South. Tuition fees at this school range from AED 65,747 to AED 114,128.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

American School of Dubai, a Truly Professional School in Dubai’s Al Barsha

We are pleased to present to you the American School of Dubai, located in Al Barsha. Confidently making it on our list of the 10 greatest schools in Al Barsha. It is an independent and not-for-profit American community school in Dubai, providing its students with an environment that lets them seek their maximum potential.

This school has all the needed facilities for general student growth and development as well, including rooms with multi-purpose, outdoor pitches and play areas, a performing arts theater, indoor and outdoor running tracks, two 25-meter swimming pools and much more. Three-quarters of students that attend this school are Canadian and American, along with 76 nationalities. The largest nationality group of teachers teaching at this school comes from the United States.

The school’s address is Al Barsha 1. Tuition fees for this school range from AED 56,000 – AED 82,581.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

Dubai National School in Al Barsha, Dubai

This school offers a US-based curriculum to its students from kindergarten to Grade 12. The school is truly great, taking the next spot on our list of the 10 best schools in Al Barsha Dubai. The school has been awarded a delegation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is notable for helping students with both academic greatness and personal development.

The Dubai National School’s campus has ultramodern facilities for both genders, including ICT rooms, three multipurpose gymnasiums, science laboratories, and outdoor sports such as basketball playgrounds and a rather large soccer field. There are three great swimming pools for boys, girls, and toddlers as well, containing separate changing rooms.

The school’s address is located at Al Barsha 1. Fees range from AED 22,849 to AED 37,172.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

Al Mawakeb School, a Top-notch School in Al Barsha

This Al Mawakeb School is also considered one of the 10 greatest schools in AL Barsha. This one is a private international school offering the American curriculum standard to its students from KG1 to Grade 12. Apart from a true commitment to the development of the personal and academic features of each student, Al Mawakeb school has a high tolerance policy considering all forms and styles of bullying, ensuring a safe and suitable environment for students to learn and improve their talents and skills. Students attending this school are taught based on a modified US curriculum, verified by the California State Common Core standards. This curriculum is mixed with the Ministry of Education’s Islamic Education and Arabic curricula, and due to this reason, boys and girls are taught separately after grade 5.

The address of this school is located on Al Mafraq Road, Al Barsha. Fees range from AED 21,550 to AED 39,815.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

Dubai Heights Academy is Among the Best Schools in Al Barsha

Dubai Heights Academy can be easily regarded as one of the top schools in Al Barsha Dubai. The school was established in 2017 and is considered to be a genuine model for inclusion in Dubai. The Dubai Heights Academy welcomes inclusion, taking in students from a wide range of abilities and talents across the spectrum of the academy. From students with great talents to those with additional learning requirements, Dubai Heights Academy provides a UK curriculum for the whole students that are able to access it and the special ASDAN curriculum for students with disabilities who are not able to access the full UK curriculum. Nowadays, the total capacity of this school is 940; however, with the growth of the secondary school, the total amount has been predicted to be 1,800, with advanced facilities designed just for this number.

The tuition fees range from AED 37,570 to AED 63,555.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

Repton School Al Barsha, a Top-notch School

The last school featured on our list of the best schools in Al Barsha Dubai is the Repton School Al Barsha, presenting students with the UK curriculum from FS1 to Year 8. This school is well-known for its mixture of UK-based teaching and UAE culture. Students at this school are taught in a stunning and nurturing learning environment that is combined with top-grade campus facilities for various extracurricular activities. Repton is a school made for a high population of students, just like Repton Prep School, which is the sister school in the United Kingdom. Repton Prep School exclusively has 600 students aged from 3 to 14, fifty less compared to its sister school in Dubai. Students currently attending this school are from 50 different nationalities, two-thirds of whom are from the United Kingdom. What’s noteworthy is that the Gender here at this school is split equally between male and female students.

The address is located at Al Barsha South. Tuition fees range from AED 49,500 – AED 83,000.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

Final Words on Choosing the Best Schools in Al Barsha

Searching for the best schools for your children may be a hassle, but doing a bit of research can help you find the top 12 Indian schools in Dubai for your children. There are many top schools in Dubai, but if you are looking for the best Indian schools, check out the top 12 Indian schools in Dubai. You can look up tuition fees, curriculum, teachers’ information, and other features of every school to match your needs. If you are looking for a house near these top schools in Al Barsha, then look no further than Dxboffplan. We have a wide range of properties near the best schools in Al Barsha, so you can have easy access to your desired school. Visit our website now for more information ON investment opportunities in apartments or villas for sale in Dubai.

10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai

frequently asked questions

Al Basha schools provide students with top-grade campus facilities for various extracurricular activities. The school's facilities include a basketball court, a volleyball court, a library, a computer lab, and a music room. Students are encouraged to participate in various activities such as sports, drama, music, and art. They also have access to a range of clubs and societies.

The schools in Al Barsha offer a variety of curricula, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), the American Diploma Program (ADP), and the British National Curriculum.

The tuition fees for schools in Al Barsha range from AED 37,570 to AED 83,000.

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