Complete Guide To Top American Schools in Dubai

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While parents are willing to follow a U.S Curriculum education for their kids, finding the best schools in Dubai that have the right accreditation to guarantee great quality of education with affordable fees has been a true challenge in the past. There are American families that move to and reside in the best properties in Dubai and need to get used to some cultural norms. But when there’s talk about education, they can offer their children the same level of education as American schools. This city has several American schools that provide the U.S curriculum with really high standards. So, if you want to know more about these schools, we have a complete guide to the top American schools in Dubai. U.S expats have an excellent array of communities to choose from. Now, without further ado, we will dive into this very subject.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

GEMS Dubai American Academy, One of The Best American Schools

GEMS Dubai American Academy, or DAA for short, is widely considered one of the best and most successful US curriculum schools located in Dubai. This is the only school that has been rated by KHDA  as an” Outstanding” school since 2011 and is also one of Dubai’s top US-based curriculum schools, having more than 450 sophisticated staff members and 2700 students.

  • Facilities of GEMS Dubai American Academy

The building is neatly managed across all four floors, with KG to Grade 2 classes being on the ground floor, grades 3 to 5 on the first floor, grades 6 to 8 one floor above it, and grades 9 to 12 on the building’s very top floor. High School students get to have their own separate study area and lounge at the top of the school, which is surprisingly designed by students. Science, Expansive technology, performing arts, and sports facilities are also available for students to grow and enjoy in a magnificent environment.

The ultra-modern facilities of the school’s huge campus are truly fascinating and include a 50m Olympic pool, a large gymnasium, 400m running track, and playing fields. There are also advanced science labs for all grades, Visual Arts for all grades, including Studios for 2D and 3D art, a Ceramics/kiln room, and a darkroom for Photography.

Nowadays, The school has relocated to Al Barsha. It has become one of the state-of-the-art schools in Al Barsha that ensures its top students make use of the best facilities in store.

Students who are ready to go beyond may look into the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Grade 11 and 12 too.

  • GEMS Dubai American School Fees

The school’s fees fall under the top-end range, with tuition fees of AED 61,190 in KG1 and KG2 and AED 86,260 in Grade 1 up to Grade 12. A registration fee of AED 500 for new students submitting to the school is considered, alongside a deposit of AED 10,000 for settling in a place, which the latter is to offset the tuition fees in the first year.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

Universal American School, Finest American Schools for Expats in Dubai

Our next candidate for the best American schools in Dubai has to definitely be the Universal American School. This school is the only American school in Dubai to be rated ”Very Good” by the KHDA. This school has nowadays become a not-for-profit school under the Al Futtaim Education Foundation.

  • Universal American School’s Curriculum

This school bases its education on IB and American standards. Students are educated on the basis of the IB Primary Years Programme and then are put through conscientious Advanced Placement and AERO pathways from Grade 6 to 10. Students are offered a potent academic programme that will raise them into highly educated and globally aware citizens in the future.

Most of the teachers are from the United States. The teacher-to-student ratio at this school is 1:8. Most Arab students are attending this school, and 70 students (only under 7%) have been recognised as Students of Determination, having additional learning requirements.

Teachers are mainly from the United States. This school has a teacher: student ratio of 1:8. Students learn a great deal of knowledge in different areas, and classrooms are highly advanced and innovative.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

  • Facilities of Universal American School

The Facilities at UAS are marvellous. The school is situated in the center of Dubai Festival City on a 70,000 square meter-large block of land. The structure was created by American architects and features a swimming pool, soccer field, natural grass football pitch, swimming pool, Olympic-sized track, and other indoor and outdoor covered play areas.

A multipurpose hall, two huge, fully equipped art studios, vocal and instrumental music rooms, computer and scientific laboratories, separate elementary and secondary libraries, and spacious classrooms with abundant IT resources are just a few of the amenities available.

  • Universal American School’s Fees

The school’s fees are top end, starting at AED 29,864 for pre-KG and increasing up to AED 76,670 for Grade 12. This school is not the most expensive school in the UAE, but it is certainly considered top tier. An AED 3,000 registration fee is required post-acceptance.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

American School of Dubai, Learn Education the American Way

The American School was established in 1966. One of the top non-profit American schools in Dubai, according to many. This university is diversified because it enrolls students from more than 70 different countries. The majority of the teachers at this institution are from the United States. With 188 teachers and 53 teaching staff, the school has a very good staff-to-student ratio of 1:10.

  • Facilities of American School of Dubai

The American School of Dubai has a 23-acre, million square foot, wireless, and highly advanced facility. In addition to 100 classrooms, a 630-seat performing arts theater, two libraries, a climbing wall, a field house, indoor and outdoor running tracks, a dance studio, regulation soccer fields, an organic garden, additional playing fields and play areas, two 25-meter swimming pools, a fitness center, six tennis courts, and two cafeterias, the facility was finished in 2010. The main administration building, the Middle and High School sections, and the sports facilities are currently located on one side of the campus, while the KG and Elementary Sections have their own facilities, such as a library, a sports hall, and swimming pools. Its excellent facilities really allow students to explore and follow their passion. This American curriculum school in Dubai prioritises core topics while providing pupils with a wide range of electives. Students were inspired to apply for Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Grades 10, 11, and 12.

  • American School of Dubai’s Fees

Despite being a community school that is independent and not for profit, the school’s high tuition is due to its expensive facilities. ASD is regarded as one of the most expensive schools in Dubai. Pre-KG tuition is AED 56,000, KG1 tuition costs AED 59,255, KG2 tuition costs AED 64,683 and Grades 1 through 12 tuition costs AED 82,581 annually. The annual AED 12,984 Facility Fee is utilised for the routine upkeep, utilities, and operation of the facilities.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

Collegiate American School, One of Dubai’s Top American Schools

One of the top American schools in Dubai, this institution’s principal goal is to motivate students through comprehensive and global education. According to US New York State Standards, the school provides its students with a STEM education that is heavily tech-driven. Students learn vital abilities in their classes, including critical thinking and problem-solving. CIS Takes is honored to educate students from 60 different nationalities, making it a truly international institution. The majority of the pupils are from the United States.

  • Facilities of Collegiate American School

The structures are built in a Singaporean style with three floors divided into two sizable covered quadrangles connected by spacious hallways and traditional balustrades towering above the center. The Collegiate American school includes high-quality facilities for students as well. On a plot of ground that is 30,000 square meters, there is this school located. A STEM lab, art rooms, computer labs, a library, music rooms, a dance studio, two swimming pools, a sports hall, a gymnasium, basketball courts, a football/soccer pitch, badminton courts, a Multipurpose outdoor playground for MS/HS students, a cafeteria, and prayer rooms are among the amenities available in its classrooms. CIS also offers one of the vastest ranges of extra-curricular activities, including various sports like gymnastics, tennis, karate, and yoga.

  • Collegiate American School’s Fees

In terms of cost, CIS tuition fees have been competitive with those at elite universities. Compared to the KHDA-approved rates, the school has significantly reduced the cost of elementary education. Each student must pay a fee of AED 500 for an entrance test.

The prices range from 40,000 to 70,000 AED. As part of the relaunch, fees have been decreased from their original levels to AED 33,000 in KG1 to AED 60,000 in Grade 12.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

Mirdif American School, A Top-Quality American School

The Mirdif American school offers Kindergarten, Elementary and Intermediate sections. The school’s educational programme is fit for Arabic and International students. Although the school accepts international students, 75% of students attending the school are Emirati. According to Dubai standards, it is a relatively tiny school with only 890 students. The small student body suggests that the school has a warm atmosphere and that each child’s unique skills and potential are fully recognised. The school’s major objective is to encourage students to pursue lofty objectives and excel academically. While the majority of the 59 teachers that follow the curriculum are from the United States of America, the bulk of the pupils speaks Arabic. There are also 26 teaching assistants to support the teachers and students.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

  • Facilities of Mirdif American School

The American school in Mirdif doesn’t provide a lot of details regarding its amenities. It is situated on a cutting-edge, purpose-built campus that the KHDA inspectors deem to be of the highest quality, encouraging advanced learning through the adequate availability of resources and providing the opportunity to apply a variety of teaching methods in innovative classes.

Students learn about ideas that span several artistic mediums, including textiles, graphic design, printmaking, collage, and painting.

The five main areas of study for all grades consist of a wide range of skills and applications within the discipline. Students have the chance to develop not only their composing, performance, and listening skills but also their creativity and higher-order thinking. There are numerous sports and extracurricular activities offered by the school, but little information is given.

  • Mirdif American School’s Fees

Fees at Mirdif Private School range from just over AED 23,000 in KG1 to approximately AED 34,000 in Grade 8. The school surprisingly does not provide any information regarding the destination of students for High School.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

American Academy for Girls, Dubai’s Only Private Female American School

The American Academy for Girls (AAG) was established in 2005 and is the only international curriculum private school in Dubai, providing education for Girls only, which is appealing to families, whether local or ex-pat, to submit their daughters to a single-gender school. The remaining 5% of children, who are boys, are only permitted to enroll with their siblings in pre-KG and KG, making up the 95 percent female student body. AAG is a kindergarten through grade 12 all-girls school with 500 students and a staff of 85, including 49 teachers. This institution is rated “Good” by KHDA and has received full accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Based on Kansas Common Core requirements, the school provides an American Curriculum. Despite having students from 29 different countries at AAG, 82 percent of them are Emirati. The school is seeking to connect with Muslim families from Pakistan and India who are looking for an all-girls school that follows the US curriculum.

If you’re on the lookout for Indian schools in Dubai, there are many options available for schools in Dubai that use the Indian curriculum.

What topics are covered? English, mathematics, science, humanities, Arabic (for non-native speakers), French, media, visual and performing arts, game design and information technology, computer science, and physical education/health electives are just a few of the disciplines and opportunities the school offers its pupils. Spanish, coding, pottery, and courses are some of the more unique course options.

The school also provides a wide range of AP courses, which are recognised by the College Board and accepted for college credit.

The school incorporates the UAE Ministry of Education subjects of Islamic/ Special Islamic Studies, Moral Education, Arabic and Social Studies in English and Arabic as well.

  • Facilities of American Academy For Girls

The school’s resources include a swimming pool, interactive whiteboards, a well-stocked library, computer labs, music studios, art studios, science labs, a mini auditorium, a sports field, a fitness room, a gymnasium, a dance studio, a KG playroom, a separate KG library, an outdoor playground, and a cafeteria. The school is rather small, but it also has a mini-auditorium.

Several extra-curricular activities here also help the students improve academically and socially. Students are also urged to take part in extracurricular activities that fascinate them or at the very least fit them well. After-school and extracurricular activities.

Students are encouraged to take part in regional and international trips to Asia and Europe. Students start getting the chance to travel in the fourth grade, both inside and outside the UAE.

  • American Academy for Girls’ Fees

After KHDA approval for discounts, the school’s tuition ranges from AED 34,750 for pre-kindergarten to AED 62,176 for Grade 12, placing it in the upper to mid-range bracket. An application cost of AED 525, a registration fee payable upon acceptance of a place that is deducted from the AED 4,000 first-term tuition, and an AED 2,000 re-registration charge for current students are all required to secure a spot for the upcoming academic year.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

Ignite School, A Top American School in Dubai

The Ignite School Dubai is one of the best options for families searching for an authentic experience of American Educational. The teaching style at Ignite School Dubai is student-centred. The school’s vision is for all students to experience learning that has lasting value beyond their life at school in the real world. They do this by educating the whole child, not just academically but emotionally, socially, physically and civically. The school provides instruction from Kindergarten through Grade 12 using both the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards and the New York State Learning Standards.

Ignite School is built over 23,000 square meters. It opened with a target of 500 students in Pre-K to Grade 5. The school follows the American curriculum and is a co-educational school providing years from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

  • Facilities of Ignite School

The school has state-of-the-art facilities. An indoor play area, a theater, a music studio, an IT lab, an art studio, and a science lab are all available at the elementary school. A theater, a learning support center, a music studio, an IT lab, scientific labs, multipurpose rooms, a library, a swimming pool, a fitness facility, a dance studio, a football field, and an indoor dining area are among the campus amenities that Middle and High School students can use together. On campus, there are prayer spaces designated for both boys and females. The classrooms at Ignite School are lovely and roomy. The school has a wide, yet balanced array of intellectual, social, cultural, emotional, and physical extra-curricular activities offered, allowing students to expand their learning skills and interests. To ensure a well-balanced program, activities are handled based on phase level and by developmental component. After reading the extracurricular activity student/parent brochure that is issued prior to activity selection, students at Ignite School submit for clubs and activities that catch their attention. The majority of activities happen once every week. The range of extracurricular activities offered varies from year to year depending on student interest, teacher availability, and level of skill.

  • Ignite School’s Fees

School fees range from AED 29,000 to AED 44,000 annually, depending on the student’s grade (KG to Grade 12). Although it may seem that the prices are very high, keep in mind that this school has a greater value compared to other great-rated US curriculum schools in Dubai.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

A Top-Tier American School in Dubai: Greenwood International School

Greenwood International school teaches its students to be cultured, confident, and emotional. The school emphasises academic performance, moral values, and cultural awareness in a kind and accepting environment. Greenwood International School’s curriculum is based on the Michigan Common Core State Standards and received a Good rating from KHDA.

Core disciplines beginning in grade 9 include English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, and Arabic. Students are prepared to take the US SAT tests. Students who graduate are given the equivalent of a US High School Diploma. All of the students are needed to take the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills as well. The school has around 100 teachers and 15 teaching assistants.

  • Facilities of Greenwood International School

The KHDA inspection team rates the resources and facilities at this school as being in very good condition. Computers with internet access, projectors, Promethean/Smartboards, and whiteboards are available in classrooms. In addition to science labs and computer labs, speciality amenities include a multipurpose hall, music rooms, libraries, playgrounds, outdoor areas, a canteen, a KG indoor playroom, and KG outdoor play areas. Although this school has sports facilities, it seems that based on a school following a US curriculum, it does not have spacious areas. The KHDA inspection team rates the resources and facilities at this school as being in very good condition. Computers with internet access, projectors, Promethean/Smartboards, and whiteboards are available in classrooms. In addition to science labs and computer labs, speciality amenities include a multipurpose hall, music rooms, libraries, playgrounds, outdoor areas, a canteen, a KG indoor playroom, and KG outdoor play areas.

  • Greenwood International School’s Fees

The KHDA inspection team rates the resources and facilities at this school as being in very good condition. Computers with internet access, projectors, Promethean/Smartboards, and whiteboards are available in classrooms. In addition to science labs and computer labs, speciality amenities include a multipurpose hall, music rooms, libraries, playgrounds, outdoor areas, a canteen, a KG indoor playroom, and KG outdoor play areas.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

Clarion School Dubai, A Respected American School in Dubai

Clarion School, which opened its doors in 2016, is another well-known American school in Dubai. A top-notch American curriculum school in Clarion. Dr Paul Lieblich, the co-author of the IB PYP framework, led the program’s development along with one of the top US Graduate Schools of Education.

Their unique curriculum focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and uses progressive learning to provide pupils with a solid foundation from the start and help them develop into well-rounded individuals. Another advantage of this school is that graduates receive a High School Diploma and have the option to enroll in the IB Diploma Program in Grades 11 and 12.

Students are educated by 34 qualified teachers, almost all of them are from the US, and are supported by 15 teaching assistants. The Clarion School’s curriculum follows the Common Core + 15 for New York State.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

  • Facilities of Clarion School Dubai

The Clarion campus is, without a doubt, one of the most attractively designed schools in Dubai. In many aspects, it resembles a cross between a sizable contemporary family house and an art gallery. It is surrounded by a sizable outdoor area, and bamboo and other organic materials are used for play and planting. The facilities, which include a huge multipurpose gym and an indoor pool, are excellent. In the milder months, big classrooms are open to the outdoors, creating a spacious and natural learning environment. The extra-wide hallways were constructed and planned as extensions of the classrooms in order to engage the students and, more importantly, to demonstrate to them that an entire campus is a place of learning. Students can find possibilities for a variety of learning centers and one-on-one learning thanks to extended outdoor learning spaces and spacious passageways. The school takes great pride in the Clarion library, which combines a variety of multimedia capabilities to encourage and extend individual learning.

  • Clarion School Dubai’s Fees

Fees fall into the premium plus category due to the teaching model and investment in highly qualified instructors and other staff members, with two teachers in each classroom. Pre-KG students pay AED 43,000; KG1 students pay AED 55,000; and KG2 students pay AED 64,500. From Grade 1 to Grade 5, elementary school costs are AED 76,500, but Grade 6 fees are AED 57,375, which is less than the permitted fees of AED 76,500. Additionally, there is a 10% discount for siblings.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

Al Mawakeb Schools, Top Schools Based On U.S.A Curriculum in Dubai

Finally, to finish the list of American curriculum schools in Dubai, we introduce you to the Al Mawakeb Schools. Founded in 1979, Al Mawakeb is a private, international school. There are currently approximately 7500 pupils and more than 60 different nationalities represented in its schools. Al Mawakeb Schools is a school with locations in Al Garhoud, Al Barsha, and a brand-new one in Al Khawaneej. These US curriculum schools in Dubai accept students from KG to Grade 12 and are based on the California State Standards. Al Mawakeb Schools provide a priority on the development of well-rounded citizens and guarantee the well-being and happiness of their students.

The school’s key strengths, recognised by the KHDA, are as follows:

  • Students in high school develop a wide array of learning skills, contributing to their very good progress in science and English;
  • The students demonstrate maturity in their relationships, their interests and their involvement in the world surrounding them;
  • Teachers and staff members truly dedicate themselves to the well-being of students and the positive relationships that help make the school community harmonious;
  • Enrichment activities, which are normally led or conducted by students, and are varied and interesting, promote the culture and values of the UAE.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

  • Facilities of Al Mawakeb Schools

School facilities at Al Mawakeb include art workshops, a library, science and computer labs, and a school clinic. The school is located on a vast site, and its buildings are well maintained and offer a great, suitable environment for students to learn and grow. In addition, the school is a recognised SAT exam centre as well for students who desire to enter college.

The school provides regular physical education classes, which include out-of-school hours training for volleyball, basketball, track and field, football, and table tennis. The school also manages an annual ski trip abroad and has a wide range of clubs, from Robotics to Drama and from Computer club to Piano.

  • Al Mawakeb Schools’ Fees

School fees are regarded as mid-range, which begin at AED 14,245 annually at KG, rising to AED 23,092 for Grade 12.  Although, the tuition fee for Grades 11 and 12 includes a notebook computer fully featured with the material required for their program, a comprehensive personal accident cover, one set of P.E. uniforms, and two sets of school uniforms. The notebook computer is bought only once either in Grade 11 or Grade 12. If it’s already acquired in Grade 11, the student will be submitted to a price deduction in Grade 12. There are additional fees related to custom Arabic courses for the students.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

Why choose an American school in Dubai?

The most important fact about the success of American schools is the teachers’ quality and qualifications. Recruitment is very difficult and makes sure that teachers are true professionals and have higher degrees with them. Another great thing about these schools is that they have their teachers constantly update their professional skills. Choosing the best school depends on a lot of factors which we have explained, and it’s really up to you. But what’s common among top American schools in Dubai is educating your children based on high-quality standards that are accepted globally to ensure your child’s future for great future life improvements, whether they want to stay in UAE or in another country. You can check our article about the best British schools in Dubai if you are looking for a UK curriculum.

Complete Guide to Top American Schools in Dubai

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