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How to Get Residency Visa by Buying Property in Dubai

Great news for those who plan to buy property in Dubai!

Investing in Dubai properties entitles you to be a obtain a residency Visa in the emirate. However, there are certain rules and criteria that you must remember if you wish to obtain residency buy buying properties in Dubai.

There are two options that you can choose from:

Multi-entry residency visa regulations for 6 months:

  • Property should be worth or over AED 1 million for a single property
  • Title should be under one name, the only person who can apply for residency
  • Property should be ready-to-move in
  • Visa must be renewed every 6 months

The cost of the renewal fee every 6 months is AED 1,100.

Residency visa for 2 years:

  • Property should be worth or over AED 1 million for a single property
  • Property should be ready-to-move in
  • Property should be paid cash without mortgage
  • Visa must be renewed every 6 months.

The cost of the property visa fee is AED 1,100. The administration fee costs AED 400 while the investor trade license costs AED 2,000.

Required Salary and Scope of Work

The interested investor must present a proof of income that must be equal to or over AED 10,000 per month. The dependent family members, meanwhile, are not allowed to work using the residence visa. If they would opt to work in Dubai. they should have their visa status changed the sponsoring employer.

Now that the options are laid down, secure which type of residency you wish to apply for and make the property purchase.

Here are the steps on how to obtain a residency visa through the purchase of property in Dubai.

Step 1: Inquire from the Dubai Land Department (DLD) office.

Visit the Dubai Land Department (DLD) office in Deira and you will be informed to provide the following documents:

  • Title Deed of the property
  • Your passport (and spouse/family if applicable)
  • Your passport size photos (and spouse/family if applicable)
  • Copy of current visa

You will be required to show your Title Deed and passport to the DLD office, and in turn you will receive a letter written in Arabic will be provided for you.

Step 2: Handover the DLD letter (in Arabic) to Dubai Police Headquarters.

Give the letter provided by the DLD in the Dubai Police Headquarters along with copies of your passports. If you previously own an Emirates ID, you can also present it. You will in turn be given a letter that states that you are cleared from any bad records.

This letter costs AED 220 each. You can claim the letter after two (2) working days. Be sure to keep your receipts to claim it with ease.

Step 3: Return the good conduct letter to DLD office.

Once you claim the letter from the Dubai Police, you must hand over this letter to the DLD so they can process your residency visa. You need to have the following documents in hand for submission:

  • Attested marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • The Title Deed
  • Letter from the mortgaging bank to the DLD
  • A copy of a DEWA bill
  • Passport copies
  • Passport photos
  • Dubai Police good conduct letter(s)

Note: You may be asked to get a confirmation of your mortgage redemption and Title Deed with a code that can be scanned. To get this, take your Title Deed, bank letter, passport copes and entry visa page to the nearest estate registration trustee department. A fee of AED 1,590 will be charged for the procedure.

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