The World Islands

List Of Projects In The World Islands

# Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
1 Portofino Hotel hotel apartments AED 2,600,000 Q2 2022
2 Sweden Beach Palace villas AED 125,000,000 Ready To Move
3 The Floating Venice villas AED 2,999,928 Ready To Move
4 CÔTE D’AZUR Hotel hotel apartments AED 1,750,000 Ready To Move
5 The Floating Seahorse Villas villas AED 20,325,000 Ready To Move
6 Germany Island Villas villas AED 29,000,000 Q2 2022

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The World Islands Q2 2022
The Heart of Europe
The First Five-Star Family-Only Hotel And Resort In The Region

Starting from:

AED 2,600,000

Portofino Hotel

The allure of luxury living is splendidly enhanced in Portofino Hotel, which capture a unique sense of calm and luxury at The World Islands development! It is the first five-star family-only hotel and resort with authentic Italian architecture, scenery and harbor, calm waters and breathtaking views of the sea and the Dubai skyline.

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The World Islands
Ready To Move
The Heart of Europe
Offers The Ultimate Privacy And Relaxation In Palatial Settings

Starting from:

AED 125,000,000

Sweden Beach Palace

Sweden Beach Palace combines the quintessential luxuries of the guest rooms and suites with the added privilege of exclusive access to the beach that served throughout the day in an elegant and refreshing atmosphere. This luxury project offer 10 luxury waterfront Beach Palaces with their own exclusive beaches and exotic lush gardens.

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The World Islands
Ready To Move
The Heart of Europe
First luxury underwater vessel resort, offering both five-star accommodation and dining experiences above and below the water

Starting from:

AED 2,999,928

The Floating Venice

Built amidst the waters of lagoon, The Floating Venice is an elegant residence at The World islands with exclusive amenities. Featuring elegant spacious villas with panoramic sea views of the surrounding, it is a vibrant addition to Dubai’s most prestigious community, provides residents with lifestyle, luxury, and comfort.

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The World Islands
Ready To Move
The Heart of Europe
Choice of 4 Boutique Hotels Offers a Distinctive Rrchitectural Style with Direct Beach Access

Starting from:

AED 1,750,000


Own a luxury suite from CÔTE D’AZUR Hotel by The Heart of Europe in The World Islands with a choice of 4 boutique hotels intelligently designed in Mediterranean finishes, encapsulate the resident in a warm, sophisticated atmosphere, with expansive balconies. Each boutique hotel offers a distinctive architectural style and a choice of open sea views or blue lagoon views.

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The World Islands
Ready To Move
The Heart of Europe
Floating villas with an underwater level

Starting from:

AED 20,325,000

The Floating Seahorse Villas

With generous space and breath-taking sights of the water, The Floating Seahorse Villas feature exquisite furnishings, providing art of refined living. These underwater villas in the World Islands offering a unique marine-style retreat experience and enjoy unique special features, state-of-the-art technology, and outdoor climate-controlled areas.

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The World Islands Q2 2022
The Heart of Europe
Modern & Sleek Villas with High Technology, Sustainable Features & Panoramic Views

Starting from:

AED 29,000,000

Germany Island Villas

Looking for a personal vacation hideout or a property investment? Eco-friendly luxury hotel Germany Island Villas is a great deal with sure returns. You will enjoy white sandy beaches, seawater lagoon, and private swimming pools along with exceptional lush gardens planted with 60+ types of tropical plants and bent palm trees, the Germany Island Villa embody the signature elegance of the hotel.

The World Islands

Dubai features several man-made islands that are among its most popular attractions and among these islands, The World Islands development is one of the most ambitious developments that the blue waters of the Persian Gulf has ever witnessed. Developed by Nakheel and located off the coast of Dubai, this archipelago comprises more than 300 separate islands each distinctly themed and named after different countries across the globe. As the name suggests, this cluster of sandy islands roughly resembles the world map when viewed from above. The World Islands are not famous for their shape though. Factors that make this development worthy of global attention are its unique residential projects and exquisite, one-of-a-kind mega-properties. Read on to learn more.

Properties for sale in The World Islands | List of Off Plan projects in The World Islands

All About The World Islands, Dubai

Dubai is full of wonders and home to many astounding attractions and developments. As one of the most ambitious developments in the UAE and the whole world, The World Islands Dubai bears many stories to tell. Here is a brief summary of all there is to know about this amazing development:

History of The World Islands

At first, it was the ruler of Dubai himself, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (check out our thorough guide to the UAE’s royal families to learn more), that came up with the idea of this amazing development for the first time. The construction of the islands began in 2003, with Nakheel Properties construction company, one of the most prominent real estate developers in the UAE and the same company that delivered the magnificent Palm Jumeirah and many other astonishing projects, undertaking the development.

The 300 islands were created using sand dredged from the shallow waters of the sea and poured over proper foundation. By 2008, several islands were going through their development processes and one, the Lebanon Island, fully ready for commercial use. The process of development, however, was temporarily halted for a while due to the shadow of the economic crisis being casted upon Dubai.

Nowadays, several other islands of this gorgeous archipelago are fully developed too and an ambitious project called The Heart of Europe which was launched in 2014 is adding to The World Islands’ appeal, making it even more marvelous.

World Island

The World Islands Location

The World Islands jut approximately 4 kilometers from the coast of Jumeirah into the shallow blue waters of the Persian Gulf. It lies close to Palm Jumeirah, between two other famous landmarks of Dubai; Burj Al Arab and Port Rashid.

The whole project spans 9 kilometers in length and 6 in width, though the islands of this beautiful archipelago vary in size, with each patch of sand expanding over an area of 250,000 to 900,000 square feet. Blue waters of the sea fill the 50 to 100 meter gap between the islands. Transportation between the islands is either through air or through the sea.

Opportunities at The World Islands Dubai

The World Islands in Dubai provides the perfect infrastructure for those who want to invest in real estate and buy property in Dubai. Investors will get to have an island exclusively for themselves and customize it to their satisfaction; creating a cozy, serene utopia in which they can live a dream life come true. Real estate investment opportunities in The World Islands Dubai fall into one of the following categories:

  • Private Homes: Taste the utmost privacy by having a whole island to yourself! On your private island, you’ll get to rule the sand. Every inch of the island you purchase can be fully customized and tailored to your taste; from the vegetation to the residence you plan to live in. Whether you want to grow a tropical mini-forest and erect an ultramodern villa in the middle of it, or live in a palace surrounded by a Japanese garden, The World Islands can become the embodiment of everything you have always dreamed about.
  • Estate Homes: You also have the option to leave your private island in the hands of a developer to create yourself a dreamy holiday home in Dubai with design themes tailored exclusively to your taste. Fortunately, there is no shortage of master developers in Dubai and you can rest assured knowing that your patch of sand will turn out to be a glittering jewel in the coastal blue waters of Dubai.
  • Community: If you are a people’s person, why not build a utopia instead of a single mansion? In The World Islands Dubai, you also have the option to develop a community on your private island and live in a neighborhood of your chosen design and theme alongside friends and family. You can also consider it an investment and develop a residential community; renting out or selling properties on your island.
  • Dream Resorts: If you are looking to invest in commercial properties in Dubai, The World Islands can be a great option for you. You can make the investment of your life and develop your own resort of your select design and theme on the island you purchase.


Projects in The World Islands

Since the launch of the ambitious project of The Heart of Europe in 2014, The World Islands has come a long way and has seen major development. Other astounding projects are also on the way and will add to the global appeal of this amazing development; making investment in The World Islands quite lucrative.

If you want to invest in real estate in Dubai, do consider The World Islands, because not only will you get to own a property in a one-of-a-kind environment, but also you’ll get a significant return on investment when other projects under development are delivered. If you want to buy property in The World Islands, you’ll have the option to invest in one of the following projects:

  • Portofino Hotel: A 5-star family hotel on the main Europe Island, Portofino Hotel features authentic Italian architecture and European-style cafes and restaurants. A resort fully equipped with world-class amenities, Portofino Hotel is perfect for those who prefer resort-style living.
  • The Floating Seahorse Villas: When it comes to delivering one-of-a-kind opulent villas in Dubai, land is not the limit. Those who want to buy villas in Dubai can leave the land behind and live in a completely new world thanks to the Floating Seahorse Villas. Employing state-of-the-art technology and featuring exquisite interior and exterior design, Floating Seahorse Villas of the Heart of Europe project offers you a life you won’t get to experience in any other location across the globe.
  • Sweden Beach Palace: A residence that lives up to its name, Sweden Beach Palace at The World Islands comprises 10 opulent seaside palaces featuring exclusive beaches and gorgeous gardens. The design of the palaces are inspired by Swedish viking ships with the roof representing the hull. The interior, on the other hand, achieves the hallmarks of design and caters to the residents with spectacular views.
  • The Floating Venice: Designed with the aim of becoming the first floating 5-star hotel in the world, the Floating Venice is the glittering jewel of the Heart of Europe project. Featuring the most elegant design and high-end amenities, The Floating Venice is set to become one of the most astounding landmarks of Dubai and give its residents the most rejuvenating experience of their lifetime.
  • TE DAZUR Hotel: A vibrant collection of 4 boutique hotels, CÔTE D’AZUR Hotel features a mediterranean-style design with each boutique boasting a unique style and view.
  • Germany Island Villas: Named after the country the shape of which it represents, Germany Island is home to one of the most beautiful villa communities of Dubai. Germany Island Villas include 15 gorgeous seaside villas and 17 exquisite lagoon-side ones; each featuring spectacular views and exclusive gardens with rich tropical vegetation.

Cote De Azore Hotel World Islands
For those looking to purchase property in Dubai, The World Islands, one of the most astounding developments in Dubai, is a collection of unique investment opportunities with guaranteed return on investment. The World Islands’ global appeal is constantly on the rise; attracting a plethora of opportunity seekers from all around the world. As an investor, The World Islands Dubai gives you the option to purchase an island and customize it to your satisfaction in any way you see fit, or invest in one of its astounding projects such as the Heart of Europe which is set to achieve the hallmarks of design and architecture.

Aside from The World Island and its exquisite, one-of-a-kind property portfolio, Dubai’s real estate market is full of lucrative investment opportunities. There is a wide range of apartments available for sale in Dubai, from cozy to high-end, ready to accommodate you and your loved ones. You can also find a variety of townhouses for sale in Dubai. Furthermore, if you are all business, the ultramodern metropolis of the UAE can provide you with even more investment options. Don’t forget to check out the high-end offices for sale in Dubai. You can also set up a store for your brand by purchasing one of the shops available for sale in Dubai.