Project NameDeveloper NameCompletionMin. PricePrice/sq.ft
Sweden Palaces Luxury Villas The Heart of Europe Q2 2019 100,000,000 4724
Portofino Family Hotel The Heart of Europe Q4 2019 2,300,000 2738
CÔTE D’AZUR Hotel The Heart of Europe Q4 2019 1,500,000 3282
The Floating Seahorse The Heart of Europe Q4 2018 15,750,000 3934
Germany Island Villas The Heart of Europe Q4 2018 20,000,000 -

The World Islands

The World Islands, as the name implies, is an artificial enclave of a number of small islands clustered together roughly in the shape of the world map.  The development is a man-made enigma ensuring solitude and tranquility in its very formation. Located at a distance of almost 4kms off the shore on Dubai coast along the thriving waters of the Persian gulf, it comprises of a collection of almost 300 small islands divided into the following categories:

  • Estate Homes
  • Private Homes
  • Dream Resorts

Complying rightfully with its name, the World Islands have several development structures within it named after different countries in the world e.g. the Lebanon Island, Germany Island etc. The unique ideology behind the project has already been able to attract a lot of investors and buyers and the numbers have only been ascending for this one-of-a-kind development named the World Islands.

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