Project NameDeveloper NameCompletionMin. PricePrice/sq.ft
Sweden Palaces Luxury Villas The Heart of Europe Q2 2019 100,000,000 4724
Portofino Family Hotel The Heart of Europe Q4 2019 2,400,000 2857
CÔTE D’AZUR Hotel The Heart of Europe Q4 2019 1,550,000 3392
The Floating Seahorse The Heart of Europe Q4 2018 15,750,000 3934
Germany Island Villas The Heart of Europe Q2 2019 11,572,261 2579

The World Islands

The World Islands, an artificial archipelago of various small islands is constructed in the rough shape of a world. It is a collection of 300 private islands divided into four categories (private homes, estate homes and dream resorts) in the shape of continents located off the coast of Dubai, The World Island reinvents the earth and offers the ultimate privacy and exclusivity for its investors, and community islands. While the islands are created for privacy, the thoughtful infrastructure is designed for the safety and convenience of investors, residents and visitors, it is an infrastructure that allows you to relax and leave the mainland behind.

The development adds more than 232 kilometres at the beachfront of Dubai’s coastline, offering investors leisure, residential, tourist developments and other off plan property projects.

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