Starting from:

AED 29,000,000
Modern & Sleek Villas with High Technology, Sustainable Features & Panoramic Views

Germany Island Villas

Germany Island Villas at The World Islands

Experience the unparalleled luxury and privacy on the Germany Island, a gorgeous patch of sand on The World Islands, Dubai, fully dedicated only to 32 state-of-the-art villas. The eco-friendly Germany Island Villas by the Heart of Europe have expanded the standards of interior and exterior design to novel frontiers and are enriched with world-class amenities while catering to their residents with the allure of their exclusive lush gardens and private fine beaches. Whether you are looking to purchase your dream holiday home or searching for a lucrative opportunity to invest in real estate in Dubai, Germany Island Villas meets all the necessary criteria you can think of. Read on to learn why.

Germany Island Villas Overview

Starting Price AED 29,000,000
Price Per Sqft from AED 3,412
Area from 8500 Sqft
Type Villas
Bedrooms 5 + Maids
Location The World Islands
Developer The Heart of Europe
Developer Projects 7
Est. Completion Q2 2022
Views 11.1k
Views for
Direct Sales & 0% Commission
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    Germany Island Villas by The Heart of Europe

    One of the most astounding projects on The World Island development, Germany Island neighbors Sweden and Monaco Island and is connected to them via bridges. This gives rise to a unique atmosphere where the residents can enjoy the rejuvenating serenity while at the same time, have access to hotels, shops, and other facilities on nearby islands. Whether you want to enjoy a staycation at the Portofino Hotel or go on a day trip to Cote d’Azur Hotel or the Floating Venice, all the iconic landmarks of the Heart of Europe are within your close reach.

    Germany Island Villas by the Heart of Europe

    The shape of the Germany Island roughly represents a horseshoe with the central gap filled by a beautiful sea water lagoon. This gorgeous patch of sand is home to 32 exquisite villas developed by the Heart of Europe construction company. Each villa comes with a lush garden and grants its residents full ownership rights to a private beach. Germany Island Villas fall under two main categories: 15 top-notch beach villas and 17 high-end residences encompassing the central sea water lagoon. Thanks to the horseshoe-like shape of the island, all of the villas feature breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding spectacular scenery.

    Germany Island Villas by the Heart of Europe

    Germany Island Villas live up to the name by implementing astounding German architecture. The master developer, Kleindienst Group, one of the most prominent real estate developers in the UAE, has employed the latest technology and methods to make sure every villa on the island achieves the hallmarks of architecture and design. With each villa being the perfect embodiment of efficiency, not a single inch of space is wasted and every square foot of area is utilized in the best and most practical way possible while also maintaining the highest standards of interior and exterior design.

    Enriched with a vast variety of world-class amenities and outfitted with sustainable, eco-friendly technologies, Germany Island Villas aim to offer an unparalleled living experience the likes of which can not be found anywhere on the planet.

    Germany Island Villas by the Heart of Europe

    Amenities and Features of Germany Island Villas

    As mentioned above, the 32 exquisite villas of the Germany Island fall under two main categories: 15 beach villas and 17 lagoon residences. Furthermore, beach villas comprise two subcategories with varying designs. The differences between these two subcategories are depicted in the property floor plan with one type offering more indoor living area and the other focusing mostly on providing a refreshing outdoor experience. This is achieved by altering the architecture of the second floor. Several of the beach villas feature a second floor that spans over a part of the swimming pool deck and covers it, whereas in others the second floor overlooks the swimming pool and the sun shines over the deck.

    Germany Island Villas by the Heart of Europe

    Each of the Germany Island Villas is a true embodiment of the superlative German architecture, making perfect use of every inch of space. The facade of the villas is designed in Bauhaus style, combining artistic elements with modern architecture. All villas also incorporate a vast array of cutting-edge technologies and top-notch materials, and are equipped with sustainable, environment-friendly amenities.

    With every villa comes a gorgeous sun deck with a swimming pool to which you’ll have a refreshing panoramic view through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls surrounding the villa’s spacious living room. Master bedrooms also come with terraces overlooking either the beach or the lagoon, depending on the category of the property you purchase.

    The natural landscape surrounding the villas is decorated with more than 60 species of tropical plants and is completely sustainable thanks to its cutting-edge automatic irrigation system.

    Germany Island Villas by the Heart of Europe

    These, however, are not the only features that Germany Island Villas have to offer. Below are several of the astounding features and amenities of Germany Island and its exquisite villas:

    • Exclusive external barbecue area
    • Playing grounds for children
    • Beach club
    • Restaurants and Cafes
    • Shopping centers and grocery stores
    • Medical center
    • Fitness center
    • Public parks
    • Sauna, jacuzzi, and swimming pool
    • 24/7 security with guards and CCTV
    • On-call maintenance staff
    • Laundry facility and cleaning services
    • Lavish lobby
    • Service elevator
    • Sun deck with swimming pool and seating furnitures

    Germany Island Villas by the Heart of Europe

    Features and Amenities of Germany Island Beach Villas

    Germany Island beach villas offer spectacular waterfront views and come with gorgeous private beaches. Here are several of the astonishing features of Germany Island beach villas:

    • Fully furnished
    • 5 master bedrooms
    • Built-up area ranging from 6,553 to 8,231 square feet
    • Plot area ranging from 9,641 to 12,127 square feet
    • Elegant infinity pool
    • Exclusive beach with full ownership rights

    Germany Island Villas by the Heart of Europe

    Features and Amenities of Germany Island Lagoon Villas

    Germany Island lagoon villas encircle the island’s central lagoon and provide breathtaking views of the gorgeous patch of blue in the center of the island. Here are several of the unique features of Germany Island lagoon villas:

    • Fully furnished
    • 4 master bedrooms
    • Built-up area of 4,487 square feet
    • Plot area ranging from 3,519 to 3,626 square feet
    • Elegant infinity pool
    • Jaw-dropping views of the central lagoon
    • Exclusive lush garden

    Germany Island Villas by the Heart of Europe

    Leisure Activities on Germany Island

    From water sports to annual events borrowed from rich German culture, there are a plethora of recreational activities you can take part in if you purchase any of the Germany Island Villas. There are also a wide range of authentic European restaurants and cafes that cater to you with traditional German foods and beverages and give you a taste of delicious European cuisine. Enrich dull, conventional days with adrenaline-boosting experiences by engaging in any of the following activities on Germany Island:

    • Sailing
    • Fishing
    • Water sports
    • Beach parties
    • Annual cultural events including Schützenfest, wine festival and Oktoberfest

    Germany Island Villas by the Heart of Europe

    The Heart of Europe Investment Offer in The World Islands

    Aside from the myriad advantages of investing in Germany Island Villas, the Heart of Europe has a limited offer for those who invest in The World Islands which includes the following perks:

    • Free maintenance charges for 10 years.
    • Free service charge for 10 years.
    • Free utility expenses for 10 years.
    • Free unit management for 10 years.
    • Two-week per year staycation offer
    • A variety of discounts on the services and amenities

    Germany Island Villas by the Heart of Europe

    Note: All the above are mentioned clearly in the SPA ensuring your rights and benefits. If you have any questions regarding the Germany Island and its exquisite villas, feel free to contact us at  Being a highly lucrative investment opportunity for those who intend to buy property in Dubai, Germany Island Villas with their exclusive features and myriad world-class amenities possess all the prerequisites for actualizing your dreams of living a luxury life. Furthermore, if you are looking to invest in real estate on the mainland, there are a plethora of gorgeous villas available for sale in Dubai. You can also find other lucrative investment opportunities on our website whether you want to purchase hotel apartments in Dubai or invest your wherewithal in high-end flats. Don’t forget to check out our list of apartments for sale in Dubai for you have never been this close to find your dream home.

    Payment Plan

    Installment Milestone Percentage
    Deposit Upon Signing the Contract 24%
    1st installment Reaching 50% Of The Construction Work 20%
    2nd installment Reaching 80% Of The Construction Work 20%
    4th installment On Completion / Handover Work 40%

    Germany Island Villas Price Range

    • 5 + Maids Villas For sale in Germany Island Villas by The Heart of Europe at The World Islands
    • 5 + Maids
    • Size from - to (Sqft.)
      8500 Sqft
    • Price from - to
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    Germany Island Villas Location Map

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