Properties for sale in Famagusta

Project Name Type Start Price From Development Name Completion Date
Stella Villas villa - Yenibogazici Q1 2024
4Evergreen apartment - Yenibogazici Q3 2023
Olive Court 2 Apartments apartment - Yenibogazici Q4 2024
Majestic Villas villa - Yenibogazici Q2 2024

Property for sale in Famagusta

Callback Request : Stella Villas

Yenibogazici Q1 2024
Dorter Construction Properties for sale
Offering a comfortable, quiet and exclusive villas

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Stella Villas

Search for your dream home among the best Stella Villas in Yeniboğaziçi, Famagusta, and live luxuriously in a superb location close to your needed facilities. To know more about the details of these homes, click here.

Callback Request : 4Evergreen

Yenibogazici Q3 2023
Dorter Construction Properties for sale
A comfortable life awaits you at 4EVERGREEN most beautiful project of Yeniboğaziçi

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4Evergreen Properties in Yenibogazici, Famagusta, where you can find your ideal home surrounded by magnificent landscapes and stunning views. To know more about the details of these properties, click here.

Callback Request : Olive Court 2 Apartments

Yenibogazici Q4 2024
Dorter Construction Properties for sale
Immerse yourself in area surrounded by nature on the Mediterranean Sea.

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Olive Court 2 Apartments

Olive Court 2 Apartments in Yenibogazici, Famagusta is perfect to buy your dream home and get a residency visa. To know more about the terms and prices of this project, click here.

Callback Request : Majestic Villas

Yenibogazici Q2 2024
Dem’s Construction Properties for Sale
A New Begining to Majestic Life

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Majestic Villas

Choose your dream home among Majestic Villas in Yeni Boğaziçi, Famagusta and happily live with your beloved family in north Cyprus. To know more about the terms and prices, click here now.

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