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اقامت امارات برای پزشکان

What is UAE residency for doctors?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) should be on your list of potential destinations if you are a medical professional who is seeking an exciting new career opportunity in a foreign country. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the developed and rich nations in the Middle East. Its healthcare system is one of the […]

What countries can you travel to with UAE residency?

If you remain in the UAE, you will have access to several beautiful and interesting nations. With residence in the United Arab Emirates, you are able to travel to countries such as Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, and Singapore, as well as other nations without the need for a visa or with an online […]
اخذ اقامت دبی از طریق تولد فرزند

How to get Dubai residency through childbirth?

Many people worldwide are interested in making a life for themselves in Dubai, one of the most fascinating and vibrant cities in the United Arab Emirates. But how exactly does one go about acquiring Dubai citizenship? The birth of a child may qualify a person for residence in Dubai, which is one of the possible […]
اخذ اقامت دبی از طریق ثبت شرکت

How to get Dubai residency through company registration?

Dubai is an excellent location for those interested in expanding their businesses, raising their incomes, and improving their overall quality of life. But how exactly can one make use of all of Dubai’s possibilities? If you are interested in living in a vibrant, contemporary city that is full of chances, you shouldn’t pass up the […]
The benefits of UAE residency

The benefits of UAE residency

What level of familiarity do you have with the many advantages of living in the UAE? The United Arab Emirates stands out as one of the most opulent and alluring nations in all of West Asia. A nation that has made great development in various disciplines and has given its citizens peace and comfort as […]
The most important benefit of getting Dubai residency with marriage

How to get Dubai residency through marriage?

You may be interested in learning more about how to get residence in Dubai via marriage. The city of Dubai, which has a population of over 3.3 million people, is the Middle East’s second most expensive metropolis. One of the most significant cities in the United Arab Emirates is Dubai. On the coast of the […]
جامعه هندی امارات

Complete Guide on How to Renew an Indian Passport in Dubai?

Indian expatriates constitute a significant portion of the UAE population. Indian expatriates have made a huge contribution to the UAE and have helped to create a vibrant and culturally diverse society. But in order to maintain their residence permit, they would need to renew their passport from time to time. Fortunately, the UAE government has […]
گلدن ویزا امارات چیست مدارک و مراحل دریافت گلدن ویزا امارات در سال 2023

Mastering the Path to a 10 Year Dubai Visa: A Comprehensive Guide

The United Arab Emirates, with its remarkable economic and welfare advancements in recent years, has emerged as one of the world’s foremost residency destinations. The United Arab Emirates offers a long-term residency program that provides individuals meeting specific criteria the opportunity to live and work in the country. This visa, commonly known as the Golden […]
راهنمای گام به گام مهاجرت از پاکستان به دبی

Moving to Dubai from Pakistan Step-by-Step Guide

Dubai has long been recognized as the most desirable city in the world. East-West composition in terms of culture and lifestyle, particularly between business, making money, and entertainment, is well known all over the world. Under such circumstances, Dubai accepts immigrants from all over the world. For Pakistanis, Dubai is an attractive destination due to […]

All About New UAE Citizenship Laws in 2024

As more than 90% of UAE residents are foreigners and have been extending their stay through visa renewals, the UAE’s strict citizenship and passport laws have presented a challenge. However, the government has announced plans to ease the residency requirements, allowing more foreign nationals to qualify for citizenship and fostering a more diverse and inclusive […]
اقامت دبی با خرید ملک

How to get uae residency by investment? 2024 Complete Guide

You might have heard you can buy property in Dubai and get residency. Dubai is a gorgeous city with ultramodern urban architecture, one-of-a-kind leisure activities, and business-friendly rules that can enchant its visitors to decide to prolong their stay indefinitely. While becoming a Dubai resident sounded like an impossible dream for many years, the new […]
تمدید آنلاین پاسپورت پاکستان در دبی و ابوظبی

Online Pakistani Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Pakistani citizens are typically moving to Dubai from Pakistan because of the city’s increased opportunities for career advancement. The fact that some of the best schools in Dubai are suitable for Pakistani students and some of the best restaurants in Dubai serve Pakistani cuisines demonstrates how well-liked the emirate is among the Pakistanis who call […]
Philippine Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Philippine Passport Renewal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

If you’re in a foreign nation, the passport renewal procedure could be rather time-consuming. The procedure might take some time, and several documents must be submitted in order for the renewal request to be authorized. Similar rules must be followed in order to renew your passport in the United Arab Emirates. Philippines citizens who reside […]
روش‌های اخذ اقامت امارات

10 Best ways to get uae residency visa

We all know that we need a residency visa to legalize living in Dubai. Since the number of people interested in moving to the UAE and living in Dubai is increasing day by day, we tried to review the steps of obtaining an UAE residence visa from the beginning. So stay with us until the […]
نحوه بررسی آنلاین وضعیت ویزای امارات

How to check UAE visa application and validity status?

Is your UAE visa expiration date in your mind? We all know that keeping track of the exact date can be hard when you have a busy schedule. But the UAE visa is one of the most important documents for expat residents. You probably memorize the exact expiration date of your visa at the beginning […]

How To Get UAE Residence Visa Through Property Investment

Get Dubai Residence Visa Through Property Investment As you probably know, Dubai has turned into a major business hub in the Middle East in the past few years. UAE attracts a lot of property investors each year. This is because this rich Middle Eastern city offers numerous benefits to the investors from all around the […]
ویزای دبی

Several Types of UAE Visa That You Must Know About

As you probably know, the UAE visa is one of the most valuable visas in the world. There are different kinds of UAE visa. However, you should decide which one is right for you. Here are specifics about the most common visas. UAE Permanent Residency: Non-UAE residents who want to invest, live, work and study […]
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