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Al Zorah Q1 2025
Al Zorah Development Company
Modern Luxurious Beachfront Living

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Seaside Hills Villas

Seaside Hills Villas in Ajman, UAE are among the best options, where you can search for your dream home with high-end amenities. For more information on terms and prices, click here.

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Ajman City
Ready To Move
GJ Real Estate

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Gulfa Towers

Gulfa Towers Apartments in Ajman, UAE is one of the best options for those who want to buy a luxury home away from the city crowd. To know more about this project, click here.

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Ajman City
Ready To Move
GJ Real Estate
Nuaimia One Tower, Where Lifestyle Meets Affordability

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Nuaimia One Tower

Search among the Nuaimia One Tower Apartments in Ajman, UAE, where you might probably find your future home. If you like to know more about terms and prices, click here.

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Ajman Corniche
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GJ Real Estate
Affordable Elegant Apartments in Ajman

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OASIS Tower 1 & 2 Apartments

OASIS Tower 1 & 2 apartments in Ajman downtown, UAE, where you can find your dream home in a superb location with high-end facilities. Click here for more information, now.

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Al Amerah
GPG Real Estate
Affordable Residential Plot in Ajman

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Al Amerah Gardens Plot

If you are looking for a great real estate investment opportunity in UAE, do not miss the residential land in the Al Amerah Gardens in Ajman. Click here for more information on terms and prices.

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Ajman Corniche
Ready To Move
Pay 5% Down Payment & Move In & Pay the Remaining 95% in 7 Years Payment Plan

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Ajman One

Ajman One has set new standards for contemporary design mixed with all the requirements of a modern lifestyle. Ajman One is a unique destination offering residential, shopping, and leisure amenities within a single development.

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Ajman Corniche
Ready To Move
Pay 5% Down Payment & Move In & Pay the Remaining 95% in 7 Years Payment Plan

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Ajman Corniche Residences

Ajman Corniche Residences is a freehold development that is situated at the prime location of Ajman, the Ajman Corniche road. Ajman Corniche Residences comprises of seven interlinked towers. The project is an elegant collection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom Apartments that are thoughtfully designed and masterfully crafted, both inside and out.

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Property for Sale in Port De La Mer Q2 2022
Meraas Holding
Uninterrupted views of the ocean and Dubai Skyline

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2BR Apartment For Sale In La Voile Apartments

Featuring a lavish living room and separate dining area as well as two impeccable bedrooms, the 2BR units in La Voile Apartments presents a contemporary home for every resident. These incredible units offer a 5% booking fee with a 40/60 payment plan, it also offers perfect packages of stunning views and first-class amenities

Callback Request : Conqueror Tower

Ajman City
Ready To Move
GJ Real Estate
Pay 5% Down Payment & Get Ready To Move In | Pay The Rest In 8 Years Post Handover

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Conqueror Tower

Pay 5% down payment & get ready to move in to elegant apartment in Ajman with 8 years post handover payment plan. Conqueror Tower is an affordable property choice promising an incredible style of living at the heart of Ajman, 100% freehold with no interest fee.

All investors throughout the world know that the real estate market is one of the hottest ones, but if you do not know much about your case, you might lose all your money. So first, you have to consider the best locations and then carefully decide on other points of your investment case. These days, UAE is one of the most popular countries among real estate investors, especially in off-plan projects. Among the premier property locations in UAE, I can mention Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. And today, I want to talk about Ajman, which is slowly being developed with great real estate projects. Keep reading and learn more about the Ajman property for sale and its unique features.

Property for sale in Ajman

Why do people choose to buy properties for sale in Ajman?

Many potential real estate investors believe that Ajman is a tiny emirate with huge growth potential. These days the number of properties for sale in this city is increasing, and you can find different home options like simple studios, one-bedroom apartments, or 5 and 6-bedroom villas. While you can find both furnished and unfurnished units, most of these properties are in the group of unfurnished homes, which means you can decorate them as you like with your furniture and appliances. Now, you might ask yourself why Ajman properties are so popular. If so, read the below points and find the most important advantages of these properties.

The superb location of the Ajman properties:

If you are looking for a great home in a peaceful location, where you can experience a quite comfortable life, I think Ajman developments are the best. There you can find different affordable-priced homes, which help you save more money compared to emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Also, this small emirate is well connected to other emirates, which means you can live in Ajman and work in other nearby cities, easily.

Property for sale in Ajman is popular because of its vibrant community:

Over the years, more and more developers have started their modern projects in this emirate, resulting in more visitors and expats traveling to this emirate, every year. All this, and the new restaurant strip and amazing historical places help Ajman emerge as a vibrant community, which I think is one of the most important advantages that attract buyers to Ajman property for sale.

Buy a property for sale in Ajman and pay low to get a UAE residence visa:

Whether you buy a flat for sale in Ajman or any other kind of property, you will benefit from the chance of acquiring a residence VISA in the UAE at a low cost. For example, if you only pay about AED 500,000, you can sign a sale contract and get your residency. This reason is another great point that encourages many foreign buyers to attend to buy a property in Ajman.

Quick return on investing in property for sale in Ajman:

If you are among those buyers who have some extra money and look for a profitable investment option, be sure Ajman has the best opportunities. Many real estate investors buy a home in Ajman because of the strong market of properties for rent in Ajman and easily find a tenant. This means you can get a quick return on investment by renting your home to visitors or expats.

Property for sale in Ajman

What are the top developers working on off-plan projects in Ajman?

First, I want you to know most of Ajman’s real estate projects are developed in Ajman City, the capital of this small emirate, which is the headquarters of its ruling government departments. This area is popular because of the nearby essential facilities and the excellent view of the port, the sea, and the coast of the Persian Gulf. If you like to buy a property in this emirate and experience a mix of modernity and ancient heritage, this paragraph will help you. Here, I want to introduce some of the most famous property developers with brilliant histories that work on this emirate.

FAM Holding group properties in Ajman:

All property investors who work in the UAE know the FAM Holding group. This famous property developer has a brilliant history, and a wide portfolio of properties, like Smart Tower 1. Among the best projects of this developer in Ajman, I can mention Al Amra Tower, which offers the most modern units with the finest amenities, like a home automation system and 24-hour security system.

Aqaar properties for sale in Ajman:

Aqaar is a Government Public Corporation, founded in 2016 and participated in the best residential projects in Ajman. Among the most important projects of this developer in Ajman, I can mention Ajman Corniche Residences and Ajman One Towers. The most important point about this holding is that they offer most of their properties in prestigious places on the Ajman Corniche, with wonderful views.

Also, there are other developers like Sweet Home Real Estate and GJ real estate that offer great residential projects in different parts of Ajman all with high-end facilities.

What are the different types of properties for sale in Ajman?

Like all other emirates of UAE, Ajman real estate market has two categories, residential and commercial side. And both of these categories have different property options, to know more about the available Ajman property for sale, do not miss this paragraph.

Residential properties for sale in Ajman:

This category consists of different options like apartments in Ajman in different sizes, and the most in-demand flats in this emirate are 2 or 3-bedrooms with 1,433 sq. Also, you can choose your favorite home among the best villas in Ajman, and the most popular type of these villas are 5-bedrooms with 4,200 sq. ft. of floor space. And finally, if you are looking for an even larger unit, I suggest townhouses for sale in Ajman with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 1,695 sq. ft. of floor space. Ajman also has a decent selection of townhouses and the most in-demand version comes with a floor plan that includes 3 bedrooms and 3 baths with 1,695 sq. floor space. However, if you do not like to buy a home, you can choose to buy Ajman land for sale in the category of residential properties.

Commercial properties for sale in Ajman:

Also, you can search among the commercial properties for sale in Ajman and invest in different options, like offices with 1,187 sq. ft. of working space, retail shops in Al Nuaimiya 2, warehouses with 20,000 sq. ft. of storage space, or even commercial villas with 6 rooms and 10,000 sq. ft. of floor space.

Property for sale in Ajman

What are the best neighborhoods to buy a property for sale in Ajman?

Location is another most important point that you have to consider when you want to buy a great home. While Ajman is full of great locations with stunning views, as a help I want to introduce some of the best options.

The first option which you can search for great homes is Ajman corniche. Also, there is another place called Al Nuaimiya, where you can find many affordable price homes in Ajman. But if you are looking for a traditional-looking house in Ajman, I suggest you find the best options among Al Mowaihat properties.

Dxboffplan makes it easy for you to find the best Ajman Property for Sale!

Whether you are looking for the best villa for sale in Ajman or apartments for sale, read the above text and update your data about these properties. Then you can go through the Dxboffplan website and find the best off-plan projects. Also, there you can find other options like the best off-plan projects in Dubai. We provide a piece of complete property information including its developer, location, sizes and arrangements, payment plan, amenities, photos, brochures, and even its project video for all of these off-plan properties in Ajman. Here, I have to mention that you can filter your search by choosing a category, like apartments, villas, townhouses, etc., or by price range, area size, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Do not forget that our professional team is online 24/7 to answer all your questions, and you can contact them online through the site for free.

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Project Name Type Start Price From Development Name Completion Date
Seaside Hills Villas villas 11,566,693 Al Zorah Q1 2025
Gulfa Towers apartments - Ajman City Ready To Move
Nuaimia One Tower apartments 393,153 Ajman City Ready To Move
OASIS Tower 1 & 2 Apartments apartments 725,769 Ajman Corniche Ready To Move
Al Amerah Gardens Plot land 437,018 Al Amerah -
Ajman One apartments 476,371 Ajman Corniche Ready To Move
Ajman Corniche Residences apartments 236,100 Ajman Corniche Ready To Move
Conqueror Tower apartments 752,992 Ajman City Ready To Move

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