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Last Update: 2024-06-01

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    About a decade ago, the Emirate of Ajman decided to allow foreigners to own some properties there. The biggest advantage of Ajman properties is that they are mostly affordable and attract many new investors to buy Ajman properties. Continue reading, and learn more about apartments for sale in Ajman as a great opportunity.

    Why choose Ajman apartments as an investment opportunity?

    Ajman is a small emirate in the MENA region located between the Emirate of Sharjah (to the west) and Umm-al-Quain (to the east). Predictors believe it could be the property and sale development leader in future years. Here, you can read about some of the aspects that attract investors to itself.

    • Ajman offers freehold properties, and investors can establish roots in the UAE by buying property there.
    • As an immigrant, you can work in Dubai with a high refund while living in Ajman. Just you have to take a short drive between these two emirates.
    • As Ajman properties are more affordable, it is a good choice for those who cannot buy a property in Dubai or Sharjah.
    • Families can live in Ajman easily because the rent is not as high as in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So if you buy an apartment in Ajman but do not need to live there, you can rent it at an affordable price in a short time.
    • If you are qualified, you can ask for a mortgage loan to pay your apartment cost.
    • If you buy an apartment in Ajman and suddenly need to sell it, you can sell your flat in a short time with at least the amount you paid. But if you spend a little more time, you will gain equity upon selling your property.

    What are the best Ajman apartments for investment?

    There are many residential complexes in Ajman freehold areas. As a foreigner, you can buy full ownership of apartments for sale in Ajman. Ajman apartment types differ based on the sizes, like a studio or flat. They are in the highest quality standard apartment groups with all needed facilities, services, and 24-hour security. Continue reading and find the most popular types of apartments in Ajman.

    Ajman Studios for sale:

    Most typical studio apartments in Ajman are around 510 sq. ft containing floor space and a bath. But if you need something a bit larger, you can buy a 1-BHK flat in Ajman with 823 sq. ft. of floor space and two bathrooms.

    Ajman Family apartments for sale:

    Also, there is another choice for couples with one or two children. They can buy ideal apartments in the form of a 2-bed residential unit. Usually, these units have two baths and 990 sq. ft. of floor space.

    Ajman Luxurious apartments for sale:

    Finally, you can find some luxurious flats with three bedrooms with about 1,300 sq. ft. of floor space.

    What are the best residential areas to find apartments for sale in Ajman?

    Like all other cities, not all Ajman neighborhoods are of the same popularity. Let’s take a closer look at the best areas to buy an apartment in Ajman and make a profitable investment.

    Al Nuaimiya

    The first area is a centrally-located neighborhood with modern apartments named Al Nuaimiya. Most people choose this place as the first option to find a convenient apartment. You can find different freehold apartments for sale there with an average price of AED 184k. Also, there are 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments, which you can buy for around AED 322k and AED 388k.

    Ajman Downtown

    The next area is Ajman Downtown, one of the emirate’s most buzzing neighborhoods. This place is perfect for you if you want to be always in the middle of the action.

    To live in one of the Ajman downtown apartments, you need to expect to pay an average of AED 164k for studios. Also, you can find larger apartments at an average price of AED 315k.

    Emirates City

    Another appropriate option to buy an apartment in Ajman is Emirates City, located along the E311. It is a sought-after residential area with a cluster of modern, high-rise towers.

    If you choose this place for your investment, you have to pay an average of AED 166k for 1-bedroom units and AED 216k for 2-bedroom apartments.

    How much have the Ajman apartments cost changed?

    Like all other cities, the property cost rates in Ajman’s different neighborhoods changed during previous years. Here, read about these changes in detail.

    Apartments for sale in Ajman which had decreased rate cost

    While the Ajman real estate market continues to be a preferred option for property investors, in the first quarter of 2019, a few areas displayed a decrease in prices. Prices for buying flats in Al Sawan also experienced a decrease, where 1-bed units slid from AED 350k to AED 325k, and 2-bed units also showed a decrease from AED 650k to AED 600k. Also, Al Nuaimiya and Al Bustan’s 1-bedroom units prices went down from AED 260k to AED 237.5k and AED 470k to AED 436k. The popular neighborhood of Ajman Downtown apartments went down from AED 340k in Q4 of 2018 to AED 325k this quarter.

    There are other popular Ajman neighborhoods like Al Sawan, Al Nuaimiya, Corniche Ajman, Emirates City, Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Street that the flat sell prices decreased between 1-7%.

    Apartments for sale in Ajman with the steady selling rate

    Al Rashidiya is a popular area in Ajman, where the studios and 2-bedroom apartments rates stand at AED 205k and AED 355k. Also, some two-bedroom units in Garden City stand at AED 225k.

    How much should I pay for an apartment in Ajman, in 2022?

    You can buy an affordable studio apartment in Ajman with an average price of AED 130k, while luxurious studios are about AED 426k. Let’s see a list of Ajman apartment prices.

    Ajman 1-bed apartments for sale price:

    If you think of buying a 1-bed flat in Ajman, you have to pay about AED 180k for the most reasonable price version and AED 900k for the most exclusive version in a good place.

    Ajman 2-bed apartments for sale price:

    If you have about AED 180k, you can buy a nice 2-bed flat, with 2 baths and 981 sq. ft. of floor space.

    Ajman 3-bed apartments for sale price:

    Among the large apartments, you can find in Ajman is a 3-bedroom unit with about AED 300k, at least. And the most upscale version is around the sale price of AED 1.32M.

    Is there any off-plan project to invest in Ajman apartments?

    Based on the recent reports, the area of Emirates City has the most famous project with off-plan properties in Ajman. The famous project in Emirates City is the Paradise Lakes Towers, which attracts the investor’s most attention accounting for 49.1%. If you decide to purchase a property in this off-plan project, you need about AED 145k for a 1-bedroom unit.

    The next popular off-plan project in Ajman Uptown attracted many potential investors through previous years. Erica 1 is the most popular project with a 33% search rate in Ajman Downtown.

    There are other off-plan developments in Ajman that you can use as a beneficial investment opportunity in the Ajman property market, such as Al Helio, Corniche Ajman, and Al Rashidiya.


    If you are an investor who looks for beneficial investment opportunities or has some extra money and wants to buy an apartment in the UAE, think of Ajman as a good opportunity. You can contact our professional team and ask your questions about the apartments for sale in Ajman, the price rate, types, and more. Here, in dxboffplan, we offer you the best choice to make a profitable investment in Ajman and many other cities.


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