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As the name indicates, Downtown Dubai is at the heart of Dubai, constantly growing at a brisk pace. It is a hub of activities, home to famous landmarks and attractions such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. Downtown Dubai is the ultimate investment address, offering just a short drive to stunning beaches and close proximity to Dubai Metro. Emaar’s flagship mega-development provides proximity to Dubai’s major landmarks and 10-minute drive to Dubai International Airport. It is highly recommended to look at property for sale in Downtown Dubai as an excellent investment, living, and working destination.

Properties for sale in Downtown Dubai | List of Off Plan projects in Downtown Dubai

What Makes Property for Sale in Downtown Dubai So Popular?

Not just in the UAE but around the world, Downtown Dubai is a favorite tourist destination. Immigrants also make up the largest percentage of the population of Dubai. This rapid development of the city was triggered by oil, which now makes up 5% of its economy. In addition to banking, trading, and tourism, real estate now accounts for the majority of Dubai’s economy.

A testament to Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle, it has been voted the most expensive city in the world in the past. A true heaven for extravagant living. So If you love luxury shopping, Dubai Mall has something unique waiting for you.

You should consider buying freehold property in Downtown Dubai if you wish to take full advantage of its splendor. As an added bonus, the properties in Downtown Dubai are among the most reasonably priced in terms of rent and lifestyle.

Properties for sale in Downtown Dubai | List of Off Plan projects in Downtown Dubai

Buying a Property in Downtown Dubai

Over the years, Dubai’s properties for sale have become more and more popular. New regulations and policies have also led to many advances in Dubai property.

Depending on the building, Downtown Dubai apartments come in a variety of designs and designs. Upcoming off plan projects in Downtown Dubai offer investors the option of 5-bedroom flats, as is common with all high-end developments. In Old Town, you can find low-rise apartment blocks reminiscent of Middle Eastern souqs or experience the more contemporary skyscrapers in Downtown Dubai! The Residences also have a wide variety of villas for sale in Downtown Dubai located at the podium levels.

The downtown area of Dubai is popular with residents who are new to the city and those who have lived there for decades. As a result of the district’s global appeal and status, people worldwide flock to the property for sale in Downtown Dubai in order to invest.

Buying an Apartment in Downtown Dubai

Apartment life in Downtown Dubai feels like living at a luxury hotel with a variety of services right outside your door. Fortunately, there are a variety of apartment sizes available for sale in new Downtown Dubai buildings. One of the most popular types of apartments in Downtown Dubai is the spacious studio apartments. In addition, there are one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments with a wide range of amenities.

Additionally, buyers can invest in spacious penthouses, duplexes, and five-bedroom apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai. There are distinct lifestyle features in each of these apartments. In property for sale in Downtown Dubai, a range of studio apartments are available with spacious layouts and top-of-the-line furnishings and fittings. It is popular among couples and families with one or two children in Dubai to look for apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai – and two-bedroom flats. One can easily find studios for rent in Downtown Dubai for as little as AED 490,000 and as much as AED 2,350,000.

Buying a Villa in Downtown Dubai

A number of villas for sale in Downtown Dubai have recently appeared in the real estate market of Dubai, which used to be a vertical community. Throughout the Downtown Dubai community, villas follow a tranquil, luxurious theme. These villas have spacious interiors and elegant designs. A fully furnished kitchen and bathroom add to the elegant appearance of the Downtown Dubai properties. Two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom houses are available in this area for investors looking to Buy a Villa in Downtown Dubai.

Villas for sale in Downtown Dubai are in high demand, making their prices reasonable. Property prices in Downtown Dubai range from AED 1,475,000 to AED 17,500,000. In addition to the 2-bedroom villas, there are also 3-bedroom villas available for sale for anywhere between AED 2,450,000 and AED 3,500,000.

In addition to offering a seaside home, Downtown Dubai villas for sale are also a lucrative investment because they could be rented or resold at a higher price in the future.

Properties for sale in Downtown Dubai | List of Off Plan projects in Downtown Dubai
Downtown Dubai – Master Plan

Why Are Furnished Apartments in Downtown Dubai So Popular?

Renting a furnished apartment in Downtown Dubai is the best way to enjoy the convenience and luxury of living in the UAE. A look at Furnished apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai makes much more sense for those between homes or working. It is easy to feel at home in a furnished apartment in the Downtown Dubai community as soon as you walk in.

Business bay Dubai furnished apartments offer several advantages:

  • Moving in is simple and quick.
  • There is no need to buy new furniture.
  • It’s a great way to save money.
  • It can be time-saving to rent a furnished apartment.
  • Your old stuff won’t need to be moved.
  • Short-term rentals are especially suitable.
  • Especially useful for foreigners.
  • It won’t take you long to adjust.
  • There is less stress.
  • Safe communities.

Downtown Dubai is a Lifestyle Destination

Houses for sale in Downtown Dubai are located in the heart of Dubai, right next to the Dubai Fountains and the Burj Khalifa. The Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping mall in the world, is also nearby, reachable by air-conditioned pathways. A lively tourist destination, this is also rich in culture and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai. Therefore, you will find the apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai just what you’re looking for if you want a lively, luxurious and cultural atmosphere in Dubai. The nightlife and daytime activities in Downtown Dubai are excellent for those who buy properties here. This area is child-friendly, and many fun activities are nearby if you are moving here with your family. Play areas are included in most buildings in the Downtown Dubai master plan as well. The surrounding area is dotted with many restaurants and cafes for the residents to enjoy.

Properties for sale in Downtown Dubai | List of Off Plan projects in Downtown Dubai

Popular Areas to Invest in Downtown Dubai

The houses for sale in Downtown Dubai are among the most desirable and unique ones in Dubai. Most of them, as well as being perfect homes, are incredible investment opportunities to step into one of the most lucrative real estate markets in the world. Here are some of the outstanding projects in Downtown real estate Dubai.

Burj Crown

Offering a distinctive design, Burj Crown project will be an architectural masterpiece that is perfect from every angle. Burj Crown promises a perfect balance of modern and cultural lifestyles to be as unique as possible!

Grande Signature Residences

At Grande Signature Residences project, residents can enjoy uninterrupted views of Burj Khalifa and buildings in Downtown Dubai on the high floors of an iconic building. A high standard of living is expected at Grande Signature!

Imperial Avenue

Properties of Imperial Avenue project are one of the most exclusive projects situated and the first eco-friendly tower in the Downtown Dubai community. Offering world-class amenities and unparalleled views of Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai. In short, Imperial Avenue is your dream house for sale in Downtown Dubai.

Why Downtown Dubai is a great place to invest

Located in the Downtown Dubai community, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. This luxury Emaar project is neighboured by Dubai Canal, a cool extension of Dubai Creek Residences properties that contributes to lowering the temperature.

A variety of amenities are available in Downtown Dubai apartments for sale, including swimming pools, gyms, saunas, steam rooms, barbeques, playgrounds, and spacious gardens. There is no parking problem here, and in the commercial areas of these buildings, there are several grocery stores. The majority of Downtown Dubai apartments for sale are within walking distance of the Dubai Metro Station, which is connected to the Dubai Mall by an air-conditioned pathway. Those investing in Downtown Dubai properties can expect to be reached out to by wealthy and influential people in the future. If you plan to invest in Downtown real estate Dubai, you should know a few things about its lifestyle first:

  • Business Bay Ideal Location:

In addition to being in the heart of Dubai, houses for sale in Downtown Dubai are also very close to Al Quoz and Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina, so those looking to invest need to look no further. There is something for everyone in Downtown real estate Dubai, banks, ATMs, schools, nurseries, and much more are all within walking distance of residential areas.

  • Nearest School and Nursery in Downtown Dubai:

If you have a toddler in your household, there are plenty of reputable nurseries in the vicinity of the Downtown Dubai properties that are a good fit for you. The following is a list of schools and nurseries that are nearby Downtown Dubai:

  • Raffles International School
  • Blossom Downtown Nursery Dubai
  • Blessings Early Learning Center
  • Nearest Mall in Downtown Dubai:

Several malls in Downtown Dubai community are the most popular and best in the UAE. Among the most popular activities here are shopping at malls and retail therapy. Downtown Dubai Malls also offer a wide range of stores and dining options. The following shopping mall is close to Downtown Dubai properties and is one of the best:

  • Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall, the city’s biggest mall, features international and local brands ranging from fashion to gadgets and literature. Luxurious brands like Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton and more are now available in Fashion Avenue at Dubai Mall. An exclusive café and an electronics store can also be located at Dubai Mall, in addition to a hypermarket and home furnishings outlets.

  • Nearest Hotel in Downtown Dubai:

There are many top-notch hotels in Downtown Dubai community due to its popularity as a tourist destination. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a hotel apartment in the Downtown Dubai area or a modern beach club, you’re sure to find it here. The following are some of the Luxurious Hotels available in Downtown Dubai:

  • The Palace Downtown Dubai
  • Manzil Downtown Dubai
  • Vida Downtown Dubai
  • Taj Dubai
  • Armani Hotel Dubai
  • The Address Boulevard
  • Vida Downtown Hotel
  • Nearest Hospital in Downtown Dubai:

Medical facilities are easily accessible in Downtown Dubai. For example, there is a world-class Mediclinic branch in the Dubai Mall. Also, in nearby Business Bay, you will find Emirates Hospital. The community also has local pharmacies and a good network of clinics and hospitals. Downtown Dubai apartments have the following hospitals and clinics:

  • MediCentres, Downtown Dubai
  • Medeor Downtown Medical Center
  • Nicolas & Asp Dental, Medical & Aesthetic Clinic Souk Al Manzil
  • Mediclinic Dubai Mall
  • Community Events

Downtown Dubai’s dancing Fountain is one of the most anticipated shows. Plus, Downtown Dubai hosts one of the year’s most anticipated events: the new year’s countdown. Photographs and videos are broadcast worldwide from the event, known for awe-inspiring fireworks. It is, in fact, a popular event that people travel far distances to attend. There is no easier way to enjoy a breathtaking engineering marvel than strolling down to the Dubai Fountains.

Additionally, Downtown Dubai hosts several community events, such as free outdoor film screenings, live music events, and food and craft markets. Tenants may also attend events hosted by individual towers throughout the year.

What makes Dxboffplan a good choice for buying properties in Downtown Dubai?

A deep understanding of the location and the region’s real estate market is essential when investing in real estate. Our team of consultants at dxboffplan real estate will provide you with full consultancy services tailored to your preferred location and construction quality when buying Downtown Dubai property. As far as layout, facilities, and design are concerned, we’ll make sure your Downtown Dubai home meets your standards.

First-time investors in Downtown Dubai may find it a bit overwhelming, which is why it is vital to choose a reliable and experienced company. If you have any questions regarding any Downtown Dubai properties listed on our websites, do not hesitate to contact us.

Downtown Dubai Projects price table

Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
Baccarat Tower 2 Apartments apartments 21,586,617 2027Q2
25H Heimat Apartments Apartments 2,218,727 2027Q2
Mercedes Benz Places Apartments apartments 10,799,999 2026Q4
Rove Home Apartments Apartments 1,200,000 2026Q2
Society House Apartments Apartments 2,156,424 2026Q3
Baccarat Residences apartments 21,485,581 2026Q2
St.Regis Apartments Apartments 2,750,000 2025Q4
SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences apartments 3,619,676 Ready To Move
29 Boulevard Apartments Resale Apartments - Ready To Move
Burj Vista Apartments Apartments - Ready To Move

Downtown Dubai Projects

2027 Q2
2027 Q2
2027 Q2
2026 Q4
2026 Q2
2026 Q3
2026 Q2
2025 Q4
Ready To Move
2026 Q4
Ready To Move
Ready To Move

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There are every kind of property in Downtown Dubai, as it is so popular destination to live for local and immigrants. Living in Downtown apartment in Dubai feels like living at luxury hotel with variety of services right outside your door. A number of villas are appeared in Downtown of Dubai which used to be vertical community.

The people who are new to the city and those who have live there for decades are looking to live in downtown Dubai property. People worldwide flock to the property for sale in Downtown Dubai in order to invest as result of district global appeal and status.

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