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Project NameProperty TypeDevelopment NameMin. PriceCompletion Date
Portofino Hotel Hotel Apartments Dubai The World Islands 2,600,000 Q1 2021
The Floating Seahorse Villas Villas Dubai The World Islands 20,325,000 Q1 2021
Sweden Beach Palace Villas Dubai The World Islands 80,000,000 Ready To Move
The Floating Venice Villas Dubai The World Islands 2,999,928 Q1 2021
CÔTE D’AZUR Hotel Hotel Apartments Dubai The World Islands 1,750,000 Q1 2021
Germany Island Villas Villas Dubai The World Islands 29,000,000 Q1 2021


The Heart of Europe is owned by Kleindienst. Kleindienst is a real estate developer known as the largest European real estate company in Dubai, having an established expertise for over 30 years. The real estate firm was originally launched as a property broker in Austria and Hungary, and has expanded its expertise to large scale developments. With its success, the group has decided to expand into the Gulf Region in 2003. The developer has now portfolio of successful and independent businesses in Dubai.

Popular Master Developments by The Heart of Europe by Kleindienst

Here is the iconic Master Developments by The Heart of Europe by Kleindienst:

  • The Heart of Europe

The Heart of Europe is a premium master development located in the main Europe Island of The World Islands development. The premier development is set to feature luxury hotels and villas which are set to be finished by year 2020. The islands are inspired by a picturesque European destination with cobbled streets, busy plazas and astounding architecture. The biggest island will in the project called Main Europe, will be featuring designs from Vienna, Rome, Andalusia and Cote d’ Azur. The other islands, on the other hand, will have properties and architecture inspired by Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and St. Petersburg. Premier hotels with beachfront views will be surrounding the development.

Properties for sale in The World Islands | List of Off Plan projects in The World Islands

The World Islands Development

Popular Projects by The Heart of Europe

The Heart of Europe by Kleindienst  has a good number of projects in Dubai. Here are just some the projects.

  • Sweden Palaces

Sweden Palaces is a selection of 7-bedroom villas with designs inspired by the upturned hull of a Swedish Viking ship. Its interiors are designed to provide a relaxing ambience while staying close to nature’s wonders.

SWEDEN Villas at The World Islands

  • Portofino Hotel

Portofino Hotel is a magnificent hotel designed to cater to the whole family. The design is inspired by a combination of magnificent European designs and contemporary architecture. The suites are available in Princess and Royal options, with stunning marina views plus F&B outlets within the area. Portofino Hotel is among the best family resorts in the world, with guaranteed 8% ROI up to 10 years.

portofino hotel off plan in dubai

  • COTE D’ Azur Hotel

Cote D’ Azur Hotel is a selection of the finest luxury hotel suites in the World Islands development. Easily access Mediterranean style beach cafes and restaurants, as well as shopping mall all within the premises. Investing in these hotels also promises 8% ROI up to 10 years!


CÔTE D’AZUR Hotel – Beachfront

  • The Floating Seahorse

Enjoy a marine style retreat with this unique residences. The Floating seahorse offer four flexible living and sleeping areas that allow you to have an amazing experience of living above the water, with the exceptional opportunity to experience underwater views.

  • Germany Island Villas

Germany Island Villas is magnificent selection of beach villas and 17 lagoon villas that showcase stunning beachfront views. Inspired by modern German architecture and minimalist lifestyle, the homes give residents the option of ‘owning a beach’. Investing in these properties guarantee 8% ROI up to 10 years.

Germany Island Villas | Green hotels in The World Islands

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