Company Name: The Heart of Europe

CEO: Josef Kleindienst

About The Heart of Europe:

The Heart of Europe is the developer behind the world’s only island destination in Dubai popular for its best use of artistic European designs. The group boasts of The World Islands, a cluster of six isles on The World which is a global landmark reclaimed and being developed in the shape as a world map. The Heart of Europe offers exciting destination places that everyone will truly enjoy, as the company’s legacy in hospitality has always been very remarkable. The Heart of Europe also offers different lifestyle-friendly hotels created by the world’s best architects and technology providers to make sure visitors will enjoy a peaceful haven that captures the very essence of European living. The new project is seen to set a new standard for sustainability and innovation, with its use of renewable energy and environment-friendly features.

Vision of The Heart of Europe:

“To create an elegant European lifestyle experience where every detail is underscored by luxury and perfection and draws from the very best of European designs, heritage and culture.”

Mission of The Heart of Europe:

“To create one of the world’s most iconic island destinations and provide investors with the most lucrative opportunities in the luxury lifestyle sector. Our ultimate goal is to make The Heart of Europe one of the most prestigious and talked about luxury holiday hotspots in the world.”

Why choose The Heart of Europe off plan projects?

The Heart of Europe provides the best luxury hotels imaginable set in a breathtaking location that is seen as one of the best resorts in the world. The developer ensures that the holiday destination will provide an authentic feel of some of Europe’s best features. Its hotels set in six stunning islands will feature a good range of cafes, restaurants, boutiques and entertainment With unparalleled innovation and design, choosing properties from The Heart of Europe will surely capture your heart’s desires.

History of The Heart of Europe:

The Heart of Europe is a destination inspired by the best European designs, heritage and hospitality. The concept of the project is based on the various destinations in different European regions like Germany, Monaco, Switzerland, St. Petersburg and Sweden. Every island is unique to capture the artistry and culture of the continent, and to showcase the beauty of the European lifestyle.

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