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Portofino Hotel

Get 8% ROI p/a guaranteed for up to 10 Years

Portofino Hotel is a unique luxury hotel especially designed for the family. The five-star hotel is seen to operate and cater exclusively to adults with children of all ages. Portofino Hotel is situated in the Main Europe Island of The World Islands and foreseen to become one of the best family resorts in the world. The hotel’s design is reminiscent of traditional European designs and contemporary Mediterranean architecture. Set to house 451 rooms, Portofino Hotel will also offer Princess and Royal suites. Included in its wide range of amenities is a dedicated marina, European style cafes and beach restaurants, a spa and wellness center, luxury boutiques and even different interactive clubs for children of all ages. There are also additional services for VIP hotel club members which include upgraded transportation, leisure and dining arrangements.

The Heart of Europe, the developer of Portofino Hotel, guarantees an 8% return of investment (ROI)* for the project in a span of five to ten years. The 8% ROI has been a significant number for investors, and U.S.historical research proves it as an ideal profitgain for every business venture.*Terms & conditions apply.

Payment Plan:

Standard Terms of payment for all properties, variation in payment depends on the delivery dates:

  • 1st Installment – 20% (SOC)
  • 2nd Installment – 20% (During Construction)
  • 3rd Installment – 20% (During Super-structure)
  • Final Installment – 40% (On Completion)


  • Cafes and Beach Restaurants
  • Spa and Wellness Centre
  • Luxury Boutiques
  • Variety of Different Interactive Clubs for children of all ages
  • VIP Hotel Club members can benefit from tailor-made services including upgraded transportation, sport, recreation, leisure and dining arrangements to name just a few

Project Type, Size and Prices:

  • Family Hotel
  • Size from-to (Sqft.)
  • Price from-to (AED)
  • Hotel Suite
  • Size from
    840 Sqft.
  • Price from AED
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