What Makes “The Heart of Europe” A Dream Community In Dubai?

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You might have heard the name of The Heart of Europe as the most premier and one-of-a-kind mega-development on the coast of Dubai. This $5 billion project is dedicated to prime hospitality and a second home that offers fast-emerging properties. While we know that these properties match other world-class real estate standards, other factors make it a dream community in Dubai. If you want to know more about this stunning World Islands Development, continue reading.

Properties for sale in The World Islands | List of Off Plan projects in The World Islands
The Stunning World Islands Development

What is The Heart of Europe?

They are six islands comprising part of the World Island, and many investors like to have unique properties of it. They plan to hand over the residential projects at the Heart of Europe to the owners in different parts.

According to Kleindienst Group, prices for the collection of ultra-prime villas, floating villas, mansions, and apartment units will be higher. Because of that, this exclusive project is more similar to the most sought-after property hubs such as Monaco, Moscow, London, Geneva, Vienna, and Paris.

CÔTE D’AZUR Hotel – Beachfront

While the above point causes this project to be on the world-class real estate stage, it is good to know that they reposition the prices of this luxury segment. Josef Kleindienst, Chairman of master developer Kleindienst Group, added that the innovation, sustainability, uniqueness, and luxury of the project cause more value to the properties of this project.

All of these points make the Heart of Europe the first choice of destination for second foreign home investors. Some parts of this project are already handed over, and the whole project is now under construction.

Switzerland Island Villas at The Word Islands | The Heart of Europe
The Beautiful Switzerland Island Villas

Why choose The Heart of Europe Dubai Development?

The most important factor that attracts investors to The Heart Of Europe is that this community can deliver a sustainable and unique setting. The Heart of Europe is the world’s first in a class of its own. This one-of-a-kind luxury destination offers a variety of asset classes, ranging from epic mansions to flexible hotel suites.

The World-Famous Floating Seahorse Villas
The World-Famous Floating Seahorse Villas

At the end of the project there will be at least 4,000 hospitality and second home units in the Heart of Europe, like the world-famous Floating Seahorse Villas and 15 hotels. Also, there are highlights such as Bauhaus-inspired villages of Germany Island, the stunning jungle flanked Beach Palaces of Sweden Island, Honeymoon Island with its sunset and sunrise beaches, Portofino Hotel, and the Côte d’Azur resort.

There are more options in the Heart of Europe as the world’s firsts, such as Rainy Street to experience rain showers as a guest. Moreover, there is the Coral Institute at the heart of the ‘rehabilitation’ program of the development, and it tries to breed marine life such as coral species. The next stunning point is the most sustainable swimming pool in the region alongside the longest private beach in Dubai.

Germany Island Villas | Green hotels in The World Islands
Bauhaus-inspired Villages of Germany Island

The Heart of Europe Dubai prices in 2022

As the heart of Europe is a kind of the most tax-friendly, connected, and safe cities in the, so Kleindienst set the pay price levels in the level of other main global cities. Based on the latest data, the prime properties of Dubai have less value compared to other international cities, like New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, or European cities such as London, Paris, and Monaco. To be more specific, luxury properties in Dubai are about 10 times cheaper than in some of the most expensive cities in the world, according to research that was recently done by Knight Frank, the global real estate advisory. For example, if the average price of a property in Hongkong is $45,760 per square meter, it should be about  $6,729 in Dubai.

SWEDEN Villas at The World Islands
Beach Palaces of Sweden Island

In Total, the price per meter in the Heart of Europe Dubai project is around 59,000 AED, but it can go up to 235,000 AED. If you want to know the exact price of your favorite unit, you have to call the dxboffplan team, and we will estimate it based on the exact location.

portofino hotel beach area
Portofino Hotel Beach


If you are looking to buy a property in Dubai, the Heart of Europe is one of the most stunning places for sure. If you need to know more about this project read the above text. Also, you can contact the dxbpoffplan team any time you would like during 24 hours for free. We are here to help you find the best property for sale in the UAE and especially Dubai.

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