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The World Islands

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2,999,928 aed

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2,999,928 aed
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694 Sqft
Captain Suite. Commodore Suite. Admiral Suite.
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The Floating Venice by The Heart of Europe

The Floating Venice is set to become one of the most iconic landmarks of The World Islands development, Dubai. It is currently being developed by one of the most prominent real estate developers in the UAE, the Kleindienst group and will rival even the most astounding developments in Dubai by the time it is delivered.

The Floating Venice at The World Islands | The Heart of Europe
The Floating Venice at The World Islands

The Floating Venice is unique in many aspects. Being the first of its kind, this five-star floating resort is inspired by the gorgeous city of Venice and has the spirit of the Mediterranean sea cruising through its water canals. In the Floating Venice, you’ll find these water canals running under the bridges and finding their way amid the erected structures just as in the Italian resort town it is inspired by. You’ll even stumble upon authentic gondolas imported directly from Venice to serve as the primary means of transportation inside the resort.

The Floating Venice at The World Islands | The Heart of Europe
The Floating Venice – Elegant Interior

However, the Italian inspirations of the Floating Venice are not limited only to the design and architecture. The five-star resort borrows and showcases the Venetian culture as well. Throughout the year, the Floating Venice hosts a wide range of traditional and cultural events and festivals inspired by Mediterranean Italian culture.

Guests and residents at the Floating Venice will be rewarded with the most unique staycation experience imaginable. Not only do they get to enjoy spectacular views of the sea and Dubai skyline while strolling the bridges and promenades of this miniature Venice, but also they are provided with the option to reside in underwater cabins or dine at underwater restaurants while enjoying the sight of vibrant coral gardens.

The Floating Venice at The World Islands | The Heart of Europe
The Floating Venice – Spacious Bedroom

Unique Features of the Floating Venice, Heart of Europe

The Floating Venice emerges from beneath the water surface and protrudes the sea, offering its residents the allure of both the aquatic and the terrestrial world. The resort itself is accessible via ships or helicopters. After arriving at the resort, the guests can get to their rooms via traditional Venetian gondolas or take the bridges and promenades spanning over the resort’s water canals.

The Floating Venice comprises 414 suites each featuring elegant interior design, viewing decks, and spacious bedrooms equipped with high-end furniture and appliances. 180 of the 414 cabins are underwater, surrounded by lush coral gardens spanning over a total area of 400,000 square feet around the resort. The underwater cabin’s ceiling-to-floor glass walls allow the guests to enjoy the breathtaking sight of the vibrant underwater vegetation.

The Floating Venice at The World Islands | The Heart of Europe
The Floating Venice – Lavish Lounge Area

The resort also features 12 high-end European bars and restaurants, with 9 of which located above and 3 of which below the sea surface. You can spend time with family and friends at the opulent bars and restaurants while enjoying breathtaking views of the sea, nearby islands, and Dubai skyline or dine at one of the underwater restaurants while exploring the enchanting beauties of the aquatic world and following the trace of the passing gondolas from below the sea level.

The Floating Venice also caters to its guests with elegant lounges and 24 refreshing pool areas equipped with comforting seating furniture and featuring bars and jacuzzis. The floor of each pool is transparent, providing jaw-dropping views of the lush coral gardens below, making the impression that you are floating above the beauties of the sea. Aside from the pools, guests will also have access to 12 gorgeous floating beaches surrounding the resort.

Furthermore, the Floating Venice comes with a wide range of boutiques and shops by world-renowned brands so that the guest can have a top-notch shopping experience. The resort also features gyms, spas and kids clubs while also providing the residents with the option of taking part in a wide range of water sports and activities such as pearl diving.

Last but not least, in order to make the Venetian vibe even more authentic, annual Italian cultural and traditional events are held in the Floating Venice. Festivals such as Carnevale di Venezia, Biennale di Venezia and Festa del Redentore are held throughout every year so that not only you’ll always find the resort lively and enriched with fun, but also the Venetian impression gets more authentic.

The Floating Venice at The World Islands | The Heart of Europe
The Floating Venice – Pool Area

Amenities of the Floating Venice, Heart of Europe

The Floating Venice is enriched with a wide range of world-class amenities and provides guest services 24/7. Here is an overview of the Floating Venice top-notch amenities:

  • 414 suites, 180 of which located under water
  • Large family suites with spacious bedrooms
  • 400,000 coral reef gardens planted around the resort to give rise to spectacular underwater views
  • 12 authentic European restaurants and bars, 3 of which located underwater
  • Lavish lounges
  • 24 refreshing pool areas with bars and jacuzzis
  • 12 exclusive floating beaches
  • Authentic gondola transportation
  • World-class boutiques and shops
  • Gyms and spas
  • Pearl diving and water sports
  • Kids clubs
  • Annual European cultural festivals
  • Jaw-dropping underwater views
  • Breathtaking open sea views
The Floating Venice at The World Islands | The Heart of Europe
The Floating Venice – EHigh-End Amenities & Facilities

The Heart of Europe Investment Offer in The World Islands

By investing in the Floating Venice, you will also become eligible for obtaining the advantages of the Heart of Europe limited investment offer in The World Islands which means you will benefit from the following perks:

  • Free maintenance charges for 10 years.
  • Free service charge for 10 years.
  • Free utility expenses for 10 years.
  • Free unit management for 10 years.
  • Two-week per year staycation offer
  • A variety of discounts on the services and amenities
The Floating Venice at The World Islands | The Heart of Europe
The Floating Venice – Direct Beach Access

Note: All the above are mentioned clearly in the SPA ensuring your rights and benefits. If you require further information regarding the Floating Venice or any other developments by the Heart of Europe construction company, don’t hesitate to contact us at Our agents can provide you with all the information you need.

Aiming to become one of the most iconic landmarks of Dubai upon completion, the Floating Venice on the World Islands is the first of its kind and offers an unforgettable staycation opportunity by showcasing the allure of both the aquatic and the terrestrial world. With a unique collection of elegant suites both underwater and above the sea level and an unparalleled environment inspired by the gorgeous city of Venice, the Floating Venice aims to become one of the most sought-after travel destinations of the world. For those who are looking to buy property in Dubai, the Floating Venice is definitely a lucrative investment opportunity. In addition, there is a wide range of modern hotel apartments available for sale in Dubai mainland which can serve as great opportunities for prospective investors.

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Captain Suite

Captain Suite

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Commodore Suite

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Admiral Suite

Admiral Suite

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