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Project NameProperty TypeDevelopment NameMin. PriceCompletion Date
Canal Front Residences Building 6 Apartments Dubai Mohammed Bin Rashid City 2,700,000 Q3 2024
Tilal Al Furjan Villas Villas Dubai Al Furjan 3,500,000 Q4 2024
Jebel Ali Village Townhouses Dubai Jebel Ali Village 2,600,000 Q4 2025
Jumeirah Park Homes Townhouses Dubai Jumeirah Park 2,999,999 Ready To Move
Dragon Towers Apartments Dubai Dubai International City 477,600 Q1 2022
Lagoon Views Residences Apartments Dubai Mohammed Bin Rashid City 1,656,800 Q3 2025
Canal Front Residences Apartments Dubai Mohammed Bin Rashid City 2,251,800 Q1 2024
Murooj Al Furjan West Phase 2 Townhouses Dubai Al Furjan 3,902,800 Q2 2024
Atlantis The Royal Residences Apartments Dubai Palm Jumeirah 7,308,000 Q1 2022
Murooj Villas Villas Dubai Al Furjan 4,527,800 Q2 2024
Jumeirah Island Townhouses Townhouses Dubai Jumeirah Bay Island 4,209,000 Ready To Move
Jumeirah Park Villa Plot Lands Dubai Jumeirah Park 2,798,000 -
Al Furjan Townhouses Plot Lands Dubai Al Furjan 2,588,000 -
Nad Al Sheba Villas Villas Dubai Nad Al Sheba 3,538,000 Ready To Move
The Palm Tower Apartments Dubai Palm Jumeirah 3,288,000 Q2 2022
Al Furjan Townhouses Townhouses Dubai Al Furjan Sold Out Ready To Move
Azure Residences Apartments Dubai Palm Jumeirah Sold Out Ready To Move
Al Furjan Villas Villas Dubai Al Furjan Sold Out Ready To Move


Nakheel Properties is undoubtedly one of UAE’s leading, major and established property developers. Having delivered some of UAE’s milestone projects, it has certainly contributed to positioning UAE as a benchmark for developmental properties. Thus, Nakheel Properties Group competes and stands strong as one of the major development entities not just nationally but on a global level. Delivering a diversified array of projects i.e. in retail, hospitality, residential developments as well as leisure, Nakheel Properties has created a distinct niche for itself within the market. Headed by an Arab entrepreneur Mr. Ali Rashid Ahmed Lootah, Mr. Sanjay Manchanda – a renowned troubleshooter is the current CEO of the real-estate enigma. Nakheel Properties Group, being one of the oldest developers in the market believe in only one manifesto that they don’t want to be a part of any rat race and rather just focus on delivering the best to their potential. Hence, it would be safe to say that this driven and positive attitude of the authorities has paved a long way for Nakheel Properties within the commercial market scenario in the UAE.

Jumeirah Park Homes in Jumeirah | Nakheel Properties

Popular Projects by Nakheel Properties

Nakheel owns a surfeit of spectacular developmental projects to its name. Some of them are:

  • Al Furjan

An epitome of modern urban housing, Al Furjan is a residential venture by Al Nakheel Properties comprising of immaculately spacious 4 BR Villas and 3 BR townhouses. Al Furjan imparts a quintessential Arabic vibe through its infrastructure and has all the posh amenities to it. The development has dedicated community centers that home these exceptional amenities to itself i.e. Swimming pools, sports courts, cafes, gym, mosques, restaurants as well as retail facilities. Location serves as one of the favorable parts to Al Furjan with its close proximity to the recreational hub of Dubai i.e. Sheikh Zayed Road.

Al Furjan Villas & Townhouses

  • Jumeirah Islands

A town-house residential community located in close vicinage to Al Khail and Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah Islands is a beautiful development of 4BR townhouses fenced by a gated community. Shadowed on all four sides with lush green fields, the exceptional amenities i.e. a large communal swimming pool, waterfront view, inside restaurants and retail outlets make life all the more easier and enjoyable for the residents. In addition to these external facilities, the interiors of the house have been embellished by some of the world’s best designers and architects.

Jumeirah Island Townhouses|Residential Townhouses by Nakheel Developers in Dubai

  • Azure Residences

As the name rightfully describes, Azure residences is a proper epitome of Nirvana! Of all the things Dubai is famous about, the beach-life in Dubai has patented itself as one of the most sought after in the global picture. Based in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, Azure Residences offer 1B, 2BR residential apartments with intricate interiors and classic amenities like a remarkable beach-front lifestyle, an aesthetic rooftop gym, a sea-facing swimming pool (as if the beach-front was not enough) and a 24/7 access to the luxurious beach.

Azure Residences on Palm Jumeirah | Residential Tower by Nakheel Developers in UAE

  • Palm Jumeirah- The Palm Tower Residences

The Palm Tower in Palm Jumeirah is till date one of the most applauded and recognized developmental properties by Nakheel Properties. A 52-storey residential complex and 5-star hotel, The Palm Tower comprises of 432 luxury apartments and an internationally renowned luxury hotel i.e. St. Regis Dubai- The Palm. In addition to this, it features one of the world’s highest infinity pools on its 50th floor with a restaurant on its 51st floor and a viewing deck on the 52nd. The Palm Tower outstretches to the immaculate skyline of Dubai and provides panoramic views of the classic. Floors 19-47 offer exclusive residential apartments while the rest of them are for hospitality. Being located on the hub of the recreational paradigm of Dubai, the location has easy access to retail stores, transportation links, healthcare facilities as well as restaurants and dining spaces. With a dedicated extension namely Golden Mile, the palm also offers luxury 4BR townhouses for residence all built in line with the exceptional branding of the place itself.

The Palm Tower in Palm Jumeirah| Residential Tower by Nakheel Properties

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