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Project NameProperty TypeDevelopment NameMin. PriceCompletion Date
Riviera Beachfront Apartments Apartments Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid City 944,000 Q3 2023
Azizi Aura Apartments Dubai Downtown Jebel Ali 1,310,000 Ready To Move
Shaista Azizi Apartments Dubai Al Furjan 808,000 Ready To Move
Azizi Aliyah Residence Apartments Dubai Al Jaddaf 616,000 Ready To Move
Farishta Azizi Apartments Dubai Al Furjan 531,000 Ready To Move
Royal Bay Apartments Dubai Palm Jumeirah 1,535,000 Ready To Move
Roy Mediterranean Apartments Dubai Al Furjan Sold Out Ready To Move
Azizi Berton Apartments Dubai Al Furjan 335,000 Q4 2021
Candace Acacia Apartments Dubai Al Furjan Sold Out Ready To Move
Azizi Riviera Phase 2 Apartments Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid City 548,000 Q1 2022
Azizi Star Apartments Dubai Al Furjan 882,000 Q2 2021
Montrell Furnished Apartments Apartments Dubai Al Furjan Sold Out Ready To Move
Azizi Riviera Phase 1 Apartments Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid City 553,000 Q1 2022
Samia Azizi Apartments Dubai Al Furjan 491,000 Ready To Move
Azizi Plaza Apartments Dubai Al Furjan 481,000 Q2 2021
Azizi Mina Apartments Dubai Palm Jumeirah 2,100,000 Ready To Move
Farhad Azizi Residence (Creek Views) Apartments Dubai Al Jaddaf 564,000 Q1 2022
Creek Views 2 Apartments Dubai Al Jaddaf 398,000 Q1 2022
Park Avenue Apartments Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid City - Q4 2021
Azizi Riviera Apartments Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid City 494,000 Q4 2020
Azizi Riviera Phase 3 Apartments Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid City 553,000 Q4 2020
Azizi Gardens Apartments Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid City 1,024,546 Q1 2019
Azizi Fawad Residence Apartments Dubai Al Jaddaf 537,000 Q3 2021

Azizi Developments | Freehold Ready & Offplan Projects – Pay 10% & Move In (for Ready Project)

Azizi Developments is a developer of the year and investor-friendly in Dubai offering freehold ready and off plan properties with 21 completed projects in the year 2020 – Pay 10% and Move in for a ready project. Fully equipped apartments in a convenient location such as Palm Jumeirah & Meydan.

Azizi Developments has been yet another of the marvels in the property development industry of the UAE. Azizi Developments, though planned and dreamed of laying down in 1989, took to its full form and standing within the region actively from the year 2007. Specialized in delivering large scale massive and humongously spaced and infrastructure mega-projects, Azizi Developments is the name behind some of the highly applauded master projects within the region currently. Azizi Developments is known for its admirable promise and commitment to perfection of quality provision throughout its ventures within UAE.  Concentrating mainly and consolidating a huge part of its development endeavors in providing a wide variety and versatility of comfortable and facilitated lifestyles to its customers through every project and development it undertakes, Azizi Developments has embedded its mark within the real estate scenario of the region with its relentless undying efforts to accomplish and attain the ultimate level of luxury and comfort provision through its large-scale, widely planned master developments. Since the very purpose and manifesto behind the formation of Azizi Developments was to serve the people right, it stands true to its motto and puts its customers’ convenience and ease ahead of everything. Thus, what is noticeable is the fact that Azizi Developments is one of those very few property development and management companies in the region that hold a very pure, honest and emotional sentiment to it as it started out as the experimental baby venture of Mr. Mirwais Azizi, the founder of the Azizi Development group, whose sole vision was to just provide everything convenient and superior to its customers translating every infrastructural and engineered product into the best lifestyle outcome that it could. That is the very reason that Azizi Developments has risen to these heights and recognition given to its unwavering efforts and commitment to excellence.

List of Projects by Azizi Developments | Dubai Off Plan Properties

Being a major development entity of the Middle Eastern thread, Azizi Developments has continuously endeavored in not just the residential arena but also in the commercial, retail, hospitality and luxury playgrounds. Therefore, it is due to this unwavering commitment of this master developer that Azizi Developments has delivered some of the most applauded and highly-regarded lavish yet affordable properties for Sale in Dubai including Apartments for Sale in Dubai, Villas for Sale in Dubai, as well as Townhouses for Sale in Dubai. All these master properties are located in the most posh and popular areas of Dubai i.e. Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah, Dubai Marina area, Sheikh Zayed Road and Business Bay etc. Thus, below is an account of some premium master developments by the maestros.

List of Projects by Azizi Developments | Dubai Off Plan Properties

Popular Developments by Azizi Developments:

  • Meydan:

Meydan in Arabic language means a large ground or stadium and that is what Meydan- the residential development actually is. Meydan is a gigantic and spacious residential development featuring the most sought-after Properties for Sale in Dubai. However, a slight twist to the development of this project is its all-encompassing nature i.e. Meydan hosts some of the most avant-garde sporting events, leisure and recreational gigs within the region and is also home to 18- hole golf course dedicated for championships and competitions, huge grandstands capacitated to accommodating around 60,000 onlookers at one given time. Horse stallions, stables, and racing tracks, talk of the town diners and restaurants, IMAX theatres at every step and the renowned Meydan Museum are some other pinnacles that speak of Meydan’s grandeur.

  • Palm Jumeirah:

Palm Jumeirah, a world-renowned phenomenon, the largest man-made island is inevitably a wonder. Lying along the shores of Arabian Gulf, this humongous artificial archipelago designed in an astounding shape of a beautiful Palm-tree is not just possibly Dubai’s most sought-after destination, but rather a global icon. Since its launch in 2001, the development has been serving as the foyer for all things extraordinary and luxury within the country. Palm Jumeirah features some of the most amazingly infrastructured Properties for Sale in Dubai exuding the ultimate resort like feel with facilities like direct beach access and proximity to some other world-renowned locations in the city like Atlantis, The Palm, Nikki Beach, Nakheel Harbour

  • Dubai Healthcare City:

Dubai Healthcare City is one of the most prominently philanthropic developments of Dubai. Conceived, planned, designed and structured to facilitate the finest possible HealthCare facilities for the residents, this free healthcare economic zone and mixed-use development features region’s best medical facilities within it. However, the developers did not confine the scope of this mega-development to just that and went beyond, shaping it as an apt residential as well as commercial complex. There are a number of different residential buildings and towers within Dubai HealthCare City that count as some of the most well-built lavish ventures in the city. From advanced Hospitals to HealthCare Centers, plethora of pharmaceuticals to research centers, medical institutes to allied care and support centers, DHCC (as it is popularly known), has it all covered.

  • Al Furjan:

Al Furjan is an out and out residential development facilitated with everything family-friendly and apt comprising of all the best set of amenities in its surrounding closer to Jebel Ali. The area is such a gigantic one that it is divided into four main blockse. North, South, East and West. Al Furjan is surrounded on all four sides by luscious green foliages and big spacious patches of greenery to provide the residents with a feel-good, sustainable and healthy environment to reside in. Situated in Jebel Ali, Al Furjan ensures a very spacious and far-reaching vicinity to the residents that they can relish. Thus, there are plenty of Apartments and Villas for Sale in Dubai that are lying in the heart of Al Furjan and can provide a wholesome family life to the residents.

List of Projects by Azizi Developments | Dubai Off Plan Properties

Popular Projects by Azizi Developments:

  • Fawad Azizi Residential Apartments:

Situated in the heart of Dubai HealthCare City, Fawad Azizi is the ultimate residential and retail development. A project of the renowned Azizi Developers, Fawad Azizi yet again lives up to the very standard the development entity has succeeded in creating over the years. Comprising of immaculately crafted studio, 1BR and 2BR apartments, Fawad Azizi is the perfect epitome of warmth amalgamated with comfortable living environment. All the apartments within the residential block are well ornate and embellished. Adorned with cutting edge technological facilities and donning a classic touch simultaneously, the apartments all contain floor to ceiling thick glass reflective windows and beautiful glass doors to them. The kitchens are already fully equipped and well-planned in terms of managing space and storage resorts. All the apartments within Fawad Azizi feature warm color tones to provide the houses with a hint of serenity and tranquility after a long tiring day at work.

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