Project NameDeveloper NameCompletionMin. PricePrice/sq.ft
La Reserve Residences Swiss Property Q4 2019 1,450,369 1590
O Ten Apartments Aqua Properties Q2 2019 597,405 1501
Farhad Azizi Residence Azizi Developments Q1 2020 616,309 1768
Azizi Aliyah Serviced Apartments Phase 2 Azizi Developments Q2 2018 1,250,581 1026
Azizi Aliyah Serviced Apartments Azizi Developments Q2 2018 1,076,635 1042

Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is a healthcare free economic zone situated in the tract of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Healthcare City was launched in the year 2002, mandated by the government to meet the demand for high-quality, patient-centered healthcare. Through strategic partnerships, Dubai Healthcare City provides a wide range of services in healthcare, medical education and research, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, wellness and allied support. Dubai Healthcare City welcomes all and offers the healthcare investors who have a vision of providing the world class healthcare and giving priority to the patients. It also has a unique offer to those healthcare investors who wish to establish themselves in the Middle East Region especially in Dubai.

Nearest School and Nursery in Dubai Healthcare City:

The area itself has its own school and nursery. Here is a list of school/s nearby:

  • GEMS Winchester School
  • Dubai English Speaking School
  • The Indian High School

Nearest Mall and Community Center in Dubai Healthcare City:

The area itself has its mall and community center. Here is a list of mall/s nearby:

  • WAFI Mall

Nearest Hotel in Dubai Healthcare City:

The area itself has its own hotel. Here is a list of hotel/s nearby:

  • Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf

Nearest Hospital in Dubai Healthcare City:

The area itself has its own hospital. Here is a list of hospital/s nearby:

  • Mediclinic City Hospital North Wing
  • Mediclinic Middle East

Nearest Metro Station in Dubai Healthcare City:

  • Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station

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