Al Furjan
#Project NameProperty TypeMin. PriceCompletion
1Tilal Al Furjan Villas Villas Dubai - Q4 2024
2Prime Residency 3 Apartments Dubai AED 410,872 Q3 2023
3Murooj Al Furjan West Phase 2 Townhouses Dubai AED 3,902,800 Q2 2024
4Murooj Villas Villas Dubai AED 4,527,800 Q2 2024
5Shaista Azizi Apartments Dubai AED 808,000 Ready To Move
6Farishta Azizi Apartments Dubai AED 531,000 Ready To Move
7Roy Mediterranean Apartments Dubai AED 545 Ready To Move
8Azizi Berton Apartments Dubai AED 335,000 Q4 2021
9Candace Acacia Apartments Dubai AED 975,000 Ready To Move
10Azizi Star Apartments Dubai AED 882,000 Q2 2021
11Montrell Furnished Apartments Apartments Dubai AED 703,000 Ready To Move
12Samia Azizi Apartments Dubai AED 2,100,000 Ready To Move
13Azizi Plaza Apartments Dubai AED 528,000 Q2 2021
14Al Furjan Townhouses Plot Land Dubai AED 2,588,000 -
15The Estate II Townhouses Townhouses Dubai AED 4,350,000 Q2 2022
16Dreamz Townhouses Dubai AED 2,731,058 Ready To Move
17Al Furjan Villas Villas Dubai AED 5,557,500 Ready To Move
18Al Furjan Townhouses Townhouses Dubai AED 2,263,660 Ready To Move
19Al Furjan Villas Villas Dubai AED 1,845,838 Ready To Move

Al Furjan

Dubai is a promising investment destination, particularly when it comes to real estate investing. It has many communities that attract both wealthy investors and ordinary people who are looking for that perfect home. One of the real estate developments that show a lot of promise is Al Furjan, a neighbourhood that celebrates the spirit of community.

Al Furjan Location

Situated between Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Furjan is a lively residential development. It is strategically located near the Discovery Gardens community and the Jebel Ali village. Al Furjan is also accessible to Ibn Batutta Mall. The development is only a few minutes’ drive from Al Maktoum International Airport. It is also near Route 2020, which will serve the Expo 2020 site.

Al Furjan Master Plan

Al Furjan is a community which features large open spaces and recreational amenities, making it a great choice if you are looking for a place to call home. The development has villas, townhouses, and residential apartments. It boasts outdoor swimming pools and spa where you and your family can unwind after a hard day’s work. It has lush landscaped gardens, schools, and a mosque that can accommodate about 500 people. The community has a retail centre that provides a lot of dining and shopping options for the residents. It even has a bookshop and a salon.

Properties for sale in Al Furjan| List of Off Plan projects in Al Furjan

Al Furjan Phases – Residential Communities

Al Furjan will be a project made up of two phases featuring four villages developed by Nakheel, one of the biggest property developers in Dubai. The first phase is expected to boast over 4,000 homes of up to 560 hectares, composed of South and East villages. The second phase, on the other hand, will be featuring homes facing the North and West. All the homes in both phases feature unique architectural styles of Dubai like Quortaj.

The Phase 2 of the Al Furjan community will be delivering 400 more properties, which is expected to be the home of over 2,500 residents. The area will also be featuring a 10,000 square meter retail and recreation center. The construction of the phase also includes 16 kilometers or road areas and preparation of over 500 third party villa plots.

Al Furjan Apartments & Other Residences

The apartment development in Al Furjan is located in the south part of the village and is called Masakin Al Furjan, which means ‘houses’. Al Furjan’s residential apartments have large balconies that offer you an unobstructed view of the scenery outside. It has state-of-the-art amenities and recreational facilities perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle.

With the numerous options available, you can surely find the ideal Al Furjan apartment for sale that can suit your lifestyle. There are one-bedroom apartments for those who live alone, and there are also apartments with two or more bedrooms for those who want to raise a family.The apartment buildings provide a courtyard with barbecue area and play area that your entire family can enjoy. Al Furjan also offers a wide range of options for different budget range, from affordable residences to luxurious serviced apartments with 24-hour valet parking.

Properties for sale in Al Furjan| List of Off Plan projects in Al Furjan

The terrace and villa homes in Al Furjan are also popular among investors and home-seekers with their unique architectural elements that make the surroundings aesthetically pleasing. The three-bedroom townhouses and four-bedroom villas offer modern comforts.

Al Furjan Amenities

Al Furjan is a lovely community filled with exciting amenities that suit your family’s needs and wants. The neighborhood features playground areas, parks, swimming pools, barbeque zones, picnic lawns and even leisure place that are ideal for gatherings. If ensuring an active lifestyle is your top priority, you can take advantage of the different sports and fitness facilities including its gym, walking and biking trails and sports courts. For a gastronomic adventure, you can enjoy its strip of restaurants offering various cuisines or just chill in its quaint coffee shops. There will also be a supermarket available within the area for easy shopping of fresh produce or frozen goods. Al Furjan will provide all the necessary places such as ATMs, department stores, mosques, post offices, petrol stations and a selection of hotels. The closest shopping mall will be the Ibn Battuta Mall which will be offering the region’s largest cinema, and a giant supermarket.

Properties for sale in Al Furjan| List of Off Plan projects in Al Furjan

Why invest in properties for sale in Al Furjan?

With its growth and growth potential seen over the last couple of years, Al Furjan can be considered an excellent investment location. With its expedient construction, investors are keeping an eye on Al Furjan. You will surely get the value of your money for its affordable price, with the properties in Al Furjan providing spacious and luxurious living, even providing upscale amenities that an ideal community should have. Aside from this, a new town center has been opened within the neighborhood where everything you need is just a few blocks away from home.

Al Furjan is also strategically located near Discovery Gardens, which now enjoys uncongested traffic with its improved road networks. When travelling from Dubai Marina, residents can reach Al Furjan in less than 15 minutes on the average. Another factor why this area is worth investing is the high supply of homes in the location. This gives investors a wide variety of properties to choose, and since the homes are priced affordably, selling will not be difficult and will in turn result to great returns.

The area of Al Furjan is regarded as a real estate hotspot, being an area of development and seen as an area expected to have significant population growth. Infrastructure developments are also ongoing in the area making the location more appreciated by investors. Of all the communities built off Sheikh Zayed Road, this community is among the areas that offer a variety of property options including apartments for sale in Al Furjan, as well as villas, townhouses or residential plots.

There are also many affordable off-plan projects by large developers in Dubai, making the area potentially more profitable in the coming years.

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Al Furjan Location Map

Al Furjan
This location in the map may not be exact. To get exact location, click here
This location in the map may not be exact. To get exact location, click here.