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Decorating Dubai’s urban infrastructure with its myriad awe-inspiring developments since 2002, DAMAC Properties is one of the most prominent real estate developers in the UAE and one of the top 10 construction companies in the country. DAMAC’s portfolio comprises more than 147 state-of-the-art projects and developments in Dubai. This famed developer has already delivered more than 26,000 houses and has several thousands of other residences under construction. On this page, we are going to introduce you to DAMAC Properties and several of its most popular projects. Stay tuned!

DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002 by the visionary entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani. DAMAC rapidly rose up amid the ranks of the region’s development entities and soon gained a reputation as a trusted and well-respected developer in the UAE. Nowadays, DAMAC Properties is one of the leading real estate developers in the UAE and a globally-reputable construction company undertaking projects not only in the UAE, but also in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, and the United Kingdom.

Throughout its two decades of operating in the UAE and the neighboring countries, DAMAC has planned and executed a vast array of projects, from large-scale master developments to smaller residential and commercial properties. DAMAC’s signature is its exceptional quality of work and its wide range of master-crafted developments has vouched for the company over the years. Today, it is widely clear that every structure labeled with the brand DAMAC meets the highest building standards and offers the pinnacles of luxury living. If you want to buy a house in Dubai, projects by DAMAC properties are among the best options you’ll come across.

List of Projects by DAMAC Properties | Dubai Off Plan Properties


Boasting its reputation as one of the founding entities delivering large-scale developments with ultramodern infrastructure, DAMAC Properties, headquartered in Dubai, is an opulent real estate developer with a wide range of astounding residential and commercial projects in its portfolio. DAMAC Properties has contributed significantly to the beauty of Dubai’s urban architecture and its iconic projects across this gorgeous metropolis captivate the attention of all the visitors from the moment they set foot in Dubai.

Chaired by the renowned and well-respected Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties has successfully defined novel standards in the UAE’s real estate area, upgrading the market and establishing for itself a firm foothold among the most prominent real estate developers in the country.

List of Projects by DAMAC Properties | Dubai Off Plan Properties

DAMAC’s vast project portfolio includes some of the most astonishing developments of Dubai and comprises all types of residential and commercial properties as well as leisure and hospitality developments. Whether you are looking to accommodate yourself in one of the high-end villas or apartments available for sale in Dubai or want to purchase a townhouse in Dubai, DAMAC Properties can perfectly cater to your needs and offer you the most lucrative deals available.

DAMAC’s one-of-a-kind projects and developments are not limited to the UAE though. This construction company is a world-class developer with ongoing projects across many other countries. Let’s take a look at some of DAMAC’s most astounding developments and projects across the UAE and within other countries:

List of Projects by DAMAC Properties | Dubai Off Plan Properties

Popular Developments by DAMAC Properties in Dubai

DAMAC has significantly enhanced Dubai’s urban design with its one-of-a-kind developments. The company has also undertaken a number of mega-developments that are the shining stars of its portfolio. Below we introduce you to a number of the most iconic developments by DAMAC Properties:

  • DAMAC Hills Dubai:

One of the largest developments of DAMAC Properties covering a whopping 42 million square feet of land in the heart of Dubailand, DAMAC Hills is an opulent golf community inspired by Beverly Hills offering an exquisite collection of villas and townhouses for sale in Dubai. DAMAC Hills is packed with a wide range of world-class amenities and provides its residents with a serene living environment away from the hustles and bustles of Dubai while also being well-connected and close enough to the city so that the residents of the community can still benefit from everything Dubai has to offer.

If you are looking for a lucrative opportunity to invest in real estate in Dubai, make sure you check out our list of projects for sale in DAMAC Hills. Nothing can be as rejuvenating as a resort-like life at a luxury villa near an expansive, gorgeous golf course.

  • Akoya Oxygen (DAMAC Hills 2):

UAE’s real estate market boasts its vast property portfolio; from cozy flats with affordable prices to high-end developments widely known for their grandeur. One stone, however, was still left unturned and the spot for a green neighborhood among all the other luxury developments was empty. That was when Akoya Oxygen (DAMAC Hills 2) development came into being as a sustainable development living up to its name by rewarding its residents with clean, fresh air and immense natural allure.

However, the developers took a hard path to establish their capabilities of developing eco-friendly green neighborhoods in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle. Therefore, Akoya Oxygen (DAMAC Hills 2) is one exceptional nature-driven, environment-friendly residential area that nestles amidst the busiest metropolitan districts of the city and is the perfect example of a sanctuary for those who want to balance their lives in the most natural way possible handling the responsibilities that living in a metropolis like Dubai brings. The top-notch projects available for sale in Akoya Oxygen (DAMAC Hills 2) comprise some of the most beautifully-designed apartments and villas for sale in Dubai.

Eterno Villas at Damac Hills 2

Popular Projects by DAMAC Properties

Aside from its major large-scale developments, DAMAC Properties has unveiled a wide range of other residential, commercial, and hospitality developments as well. Several of DAMAC’s most popular projects are as follows:

  • DAMAC’s Aykon Hotel by Roberto Cavalli:

With the aim of defining novel standards in the field of hospitality and becoming a globally applauded landmark in Dubai, Aykon Hotel is a feat of architecture and design by the acclaimed Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli. Aykon Hotel is one of the most sought-after projects available for sale in Dubai Marina. It is currently being developed by DAMAC Properties and is expected to be delivered in 2023. If you are looking to buy hotel apartments in Dubai, luxury flats available for sale at Aykon Hotel are among the best options to consider.

Aykon Hotel by Roberto Cavalli in Dubai Marina | Damac Properties

  • Fiora at Golf Verde by DAMAC Properties:

Fiora is an eco-friendly residential complex in the sustainable community of Golf Verde offering an exquisite collection of thematic houses. Properties available for sale in Fiora at Golf Verde comprise a diverse portfolio of luxury studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments; all among the finest flats for sale in Dubai. Fiora apartments are located in a convenient living environment packed with a vast array of amenities and offer an unparalleled living experience thanks to their elegantly-designed interiors, all custom-tailored by the best designers in the business.

Fiora in Golf Verde|Damac Properties
Fiora at Golf Verde
  • REVA Heights Residences by DAMAC Properties:

One of the most sought-after projects available for sale in Business Bay, REVA Heights Residences is a premium residential complex developed by DAMAC Properties in a superb waterfront location overlooking the Dubai Water Canal and in close proximity to the bustling Downtown Dubai and its vast array of world-class amenities and popular attractions. REVA Heights comprises 2 elegant towers each with 32 floors offering luxury 1- and 2-bedroom flats. Apartments are available for sale at REVA Heights and feature perfectly-designed interiors, fitted kitchens, and spacious bedrooms.

Reva Heights Residential Tower| Damac Properties
Reva Heights Apartments

Projects of DAMAC Properties Outside the UAE

DAMAC Properties is an international real estate developer and has planned and delivered a vast array of premium projects not only in the UAE but also in other countries across the globe. Here we have listed DAMAC’s projects that are currently under construction outside the UAE:

Projects of DAMAC Properties in Saudi Arabia

  • Al Jawharah
  • DAMAC Exclusive
  • DAMAC Tower by Paramount Residences Riyadh

DAMAC’s Projects in Qatar

  • Burj DAMAC Seaviews
  • Burj DAMAC Waterfront
  • Burj DAMAC Marina
  • The Piazza

Projects of DAMAC in Jordan

  • The Lofts
  • The Courtyard
  • The Heights

DAMAC Properties’ Projects in Lebanon

  • DAMAC Tower with interiors by Versace Home

Projects by DAMAC Properties in the United Kingdom

  • AYKON London One

List of Projects by DAMAC Properties | Dubai Off Plan Properties

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With more than 147 premium developments in Dubai and many more across other countries, DAMAC Properties is one of the leading real estate developers in the UAE and a renowned international construction company. The impact of DAMAC on Dubai’s urban architecture is undeniable and the projects delivered by the company are among the most sought-after investment opportunities in Dubai. If you are interested in purchasing a property developed by DAMAC Properties in Dubai, don’t hesitate to contact us at dxboffplan.com. We provide you with the best of DAMAC’s project portfolio and the most lucrative deals. We also offer exclusive client services such as:

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Damac Properties Projects List

Project Name Property Type Development Name Min. Price Completion
Canal Heights 2 apartments Business Bay 2,599,000 Completion
Autograph Villas apartments Damac Hills 5,054,000 Completion
ELO Apartments apartments Damac Hills 2 547,000 Completion
Park Greens Villas 2 Villas Damac Hills 2 2,880,000 Completion
Damac Skycrest Collection Apartments Emaar Beachfront 3,708,000 Completion
The Sapphire Apartments Apartments Sheikh Zayed Road 2,160,000 Completion
Altitude Apartments Apartments Business Bay 1,180,000 Completion
Lagoon Views Apartments Apartments Damac Lagoons 979,000 Completion
Utopia Villas Villas Damac Hills 18,087,000 Completion
Park Greens Villas Damac Hills 2 2,890,000 Completion

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