What is UAE Golden visa? How to get UAE Golden visa in 2024?

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As you know, the UAE real estate market is mainly popular with investors from all over the world. And one of the most important reasons for that is the different types of visas, such as a 2-year visa, 5-year visa, and 10-year visa (golden visa) you can get by buying a home in this region and under a specified situation. It is obvious that the UAE Golden Visa is the best of all, so we will help you find all the details about this fantastic option for UAE real estate investors in the below text.

What is UAE Golden Visa? Documents and steps to get UAE Golden Visa in 2023

What is the UAE Golden visa?

Before anything, it is necessary to find out what the UAE Golden visa means, which is not hard to explain. In simple words, it is a UAE long-term residency visa with a 10 years validity span, and after that, you can easily take action for its renewability. Also, I should add that if your investment is approved by the government, you can even get UAE citizenship in this way. So, if you are a retiree and wealthy individual who likes to buy property in Dubai and get residency, keep reading until the end of this text.

What is UAE Golden Visa? Documents and steps to get UAE Golden Visa in 2023

What are the benefits of getting the UAE Golden visa?

Now that you know the exact meaning of the UAE Golden visa, you might be wondering why all real estate investors like to gain this chance and get this visa, what is its difference from other types of UAE residency visa? And to answer this question, I have made a list of the most important benefits of investing in the best Dubai developments to get this residency visa, such as:

●    Extendable long-term residence permit of UAE Golden visa:

The first difference between the UAE Golden visa and other options is that while others offer a two or three-year renewable residence permit, by getting a UAE Golden visa, you can live for five or ten years in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here, I should also add that getting this visa means all these beneficial terms will extend to your spouse and children without any age limit.

●    UAE Golden visa, great for real estate investors looking for reasonable tax rates properties:

Also, I should state this point that whether you are a real estate investor, entrepreneur, or a specialized talent, you can buy your dream home in Dubai or any other emirate city higher than 2m and get Golden Visa with favorable tax rates, for example, it is 0% income tax rate in Dubai.

●    UAE Golden visa is a security guaranteed option:

And be sure that it is one of the prestigious benefits of the UAE Golden visa if you want to move there with your family. This means that in the case of the untimely death of the main applicant, other family members can live in the UAE until the expiry of the UAE Golden Visa permit.

●    UAE Golden visa has no restriction for travel:

This option is mainly beneficial for those who travel a lot and like to spend much of their time in a second residence abroad because by getting a UAE Golden visa, opposite of other UAE residency visas, you can spend an extended time outside the UAE, even more than 6 months and still benefit from your residency.

●    UAE Golden visa provides offers for Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents:

On the other hand, if you invest in Dubai or Abu Dhabi real estate market and get a UAE Golden visa, you have the chance of using discounts on services, like health insurance, restaurants, cars, and spa services by applying for the Esaad privilege card.

Moreover, this visa helps you to sponsor a lot of domestic helpers with no required employer or sponsor for application and acceptance.

What are the benefits of getting the UAE Golden visa

Who can get a UAE Golden visa?

When we talk about those groups that can get a UAE residency visa, the first point that comes to mind is investing in this country’s real estate market, which is also true in this case. But there are also other groups of people with specific privileges, who can get a UAE Golden visa. And in this paragraph, I want to talk about all of them.

  • Real estate investors:

The first group that can get a UAE Golden visa are real estate investors who buy one or some properties as valuable as 2 million AED or more. Here, I should add that as an applicant, even if you take a bank loan, you will still qualify for this type of long-term visa which grants a five-year residence permit. Pay attention in this case, you can not sell your owned property for two years after you get a Golden Visa. And if you want to get a UAE Golden visa on a mortgaged property, it should be worth more than 2,000,000 AED because that is the capital value you should pay as a real estate investor.

  • Public investors:

If you are not interested in buying a home in UAE, you can invest the same amount of money in an investment fund and get a letter that you are an investor with a two million AED deposit under specific conditions, such as your invested capital should not include a loan.

  • Entrepreneurs:

The next chance is for those who have a future economic and technical nature project with at least 500,000 AED value. Also, when an accredited UAE business incubator establishes your proposed activity in the country, you can get a Golden visa as an entrepreneur.

  • Retirees:

When you are a retiree, it does not matter that you are not an investor or business entrepreneur, you can get the UAE Golden visa if you make an approved investment of over 1 million AED or monthly earn 15,000 AED, even a passive income.

  • Exceptional talents:

Based on the latest UAE visa reforms, this country provides 10-year visas for those with specialized talent. So, if you are in one of the below-mentioned categories, you can try your chance of getting the UAE Golden visa:

  • Doctors and Scientists
  • Inventors
  • Executive Directors and Professionals
  • Athletes

Note that for each of these groups, there are specific details that you should consider if you want to obtain this type of UAE residence visa.

  • Top students:

Both outstanding high school and university students can apply for a UAE Golden visa under the below conditions:

  • High school students who have a minimum score of 95% in public or private schools and have a letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Education.
  • Whether you are now a university student or have graduated during the two past years, you can get a UAE Golden visa at an A or B-class university rate from the Ministry of Education. Also, if you have more than a 3.5 GPA in an A-class university or over 3.8 GPA in a B-class university, along with a university recommendation letter and your university is among the top 100 in the world, you are a top student who will benefit from this stunning UAE visa chance.
  • Pioneers of philanthropy:

If you are a fan of humanitarian work, the good news is that you can get a UAE Golden visa if you have the below situation:

  • At least five years of work experience in an international or regional organization, a civic association, or a public interest institution
  • If you won a prize from a local, regional, or international organization because of your humanitarian work
  • Or when you donate a minimum of 2 million dirhams for humanitarian purposes.

What is UAE Golden Visa? Documents and steps to get UAE Golden Visa in 2023

How to get a UAE Golden visa?

After talking about almost all the details of the UAE Golden visa, its benefits, and eligible people, in this paragraph, I will simply explain the four steps you should follow online then you will get the answer to your application in just 30 days.

  • Choose your category:

Decide which category or investment is the best for you, and then based on that you need to gather recommendation letters and certificates.

  • Submit your online application:

Then, you can simply visit the UAE official website and tap on “Nomination Request for Golden Visa – New Request” to apply for the UAE Golden visa.

  • Pay the application fee:

After you have filled out the form and uploaded the required documents, it’s time to pay the fees, which are subject to change at the government’s discretion, which category you choose, and where you apply from.

  • Wait for confirmation:

In the final step, you should only wait, which might sometimes be for about 30 days to see if you receive your residence permit.

What is UAE Golden Visa? Documents and steps to get UAE Golden Visa in 2023

Required documents to get a UAE Golden visa through real estate investment!

And the last point I want to state is about the necessary documents you should gather if you want to buy a home in UAE and get your Golden Visa, which is all listed below:

  • Passport with visa page
  • Emirates Id on both sides
  • Title deeds of all owned properties
  • Tenancy contract if available
  • Six months’ bank statement personal
  • personal health insurance
  • White background Picture

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What is UAE Golden Visa? Documents and steps to get UAE Golden Visa in 2023

frequently asked questions

This amount might change based on different points, but generally speaking, it is about 2,800 AED to 3,800 AED for those applying within the UAE and 3,800 AED to 4,800 AED if you are outside of the UAE.

You can easily fill out the form and upload the needed documents through their official site.

You are lucky because there is no set amount of time to stay in the country if you have the UAE Golden visa and want to remain a resident.

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