Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

Dubai is a high-income and vibrant city that attracts people from all over the world to live because of the multitude of opportunities, world-class lifestyle, and secure environment. Dubai is a popular place to live for singles, couples as well as families. But people need to check the cost of living in Dubai before they make a definitive decision to immigrate to it. The good news is that immigrants in Dubai of their choice can live a luxurious and intimately funded life. The good news is that immigrants in Dubai beside on their choice can have a luxurious life or friendly budget life. Now, Dxboffplan checks out the basic cost of living in Dubai including housing, utilities, groceries, schools, and more. Dxboffplan also discusses the cost of living in Dubai for a couple, a single person, and a family of four.

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

Types of Expenses in Dubai

Note that these costs change significantly depending on your personal preference, lifestyle choices, and area of residence. There is the fact that people who choose the older part of Dubai to live get more affordable prices on housing, supermarket, and restaurants. It comes as people who live near the city’s main streets such as Sheikh Zayed or on the beachfront area face higher prices and luxuries option. But with the creation of new residential options on Al Khail Road, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, and Emirates Road, prices are constantly changing and becoming affordable.

If you want to ask someone about the average cost of living in Dubai, be sure to consider counting these costs on a variety of items on average monthly. This is the list of costs available in Dubai that we review for you:

  • Housing
  • Groceries
  • Utilities
  • Transportation and fuel
  • Health care
  • Schooling
  • Entertainment
  • House help

Below we will review each of these options for you alone.

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

Housing Prices in Dubai

When it comes to the cost of living in Dubai, the cost of housing is one of the main costs. Dubai’s property market is famous for its diversity in a variety of accommodation locations ranging from luxury villas to small studio apartments that match any budget. For more information, you could check properties for sale in Dubai. The neighborhood you choose to stay is very influential on the rental fee you have to pay. These are the most expensive neighborhoods in Dubai, Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches, Jumeira, and Barsha. From affordable neighborhoods, suburban communities should be mentioned, such as Dubai Silicon Oasis, Reem, and Mirdif. You also can choose to live in some of Dubai’s older districts such as Al Nahda or Deira.

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

Groceries Prices in Dubai

The next important option that will affect your spending in Dubai is groceries. There are many supermarket chains in Dubai that sell food from most countries around the world. Your lifestyle and food preferences are very influential on your expenses. If you want to go to a premium retailer such as Waitrose or Spinneys and buy imported foods like meat cuts, your grocery cost will go up. But you can have lower grocery costs when you shop in reasonable supermarkets including Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket, or Union  Cooperative. As well as buying local and in-season products and looking for bundle offers and discounts.

In the table below, we examined the price of the groceries item.

Grocery Item Cost
Milk (1 liter) AED 5.80
Loaf of white bread AED 4.83
White rice(1 kg) AED 6.87
Eggs (12 regular) AED 10.65
Chees (200 gr) AED 8.40
Chicken breast (1 kg) AED 27.72
Apples (1 kg) AED 8.33
Bananas (1 kg) AED 6.76
Oranges (1 kg) AED 6.42
Tomatoes (1kg) AED 6.37
Potatoes (1 kg) AED 3.76
Onion (1 kg) AED 3.15
Lettuce (1 head) AED 6.67
Jam (370 gr) AED 13.35

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

Utilities Prices in Dubai

Would you like to know the cost of living in Dubai? Utilities, which include electricity and water called it DEWA, TV and the Internet, and the cost of your phone, account for part of your monthly expenses in Dubai. The cost of DEWA varies in summer and winter due to different use of AC and normally be higher in the summer. It should be noted that if you have chosen a villa with a private swimming pool and garden to settle in Dubai, you will definitely have to pay higher fees. Tv and internet packages in Dubai, offered by two companies in the UAE, Etisalat and du, cost differently based on the package you choose. A normal package would get an internet download speed of 250 Mbps, 200+ TV channels, and free calls to UAE Landlines, which costs AED 389 monthly. Whereas, premium packages with 500Mbps download speeds, internet channels, and premium sports would cost AED 1000 monthly. Of course, mobile plans in the UAE have packages starting from AED 125 monthly to AED 500 monthly and more for better data packages and more calling minutes. Below we will review the table on the cost of utility.

Utility Cost
Basic utilities for 900 sq.ft apartment (electricity, water, cooling, garbage) AED 607.96
Basic internet and TV package AED 389 monthly
Premium internet and TV package AED 1139 monthly
Basic mobile postpaid pan AED 125 monthly
Premium mobile postpaid plan AED 500 monthly

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

Transportation Prices in Dubai

Due to the high temperatures in Dubai, Dubai residents must use public transport or their car to travel through the city. The cost of petrol in the UAE is cheaper than in other countries, but it also depends on the amount of traffic and the distance you drive. There is also the cost of insurance and car service, which is determined by your car type. For those who want to save money, they can use Dubai’s public transport, which includes buses, taxis, and subways. The monthly cost of using public transport with nol card, which enables citizens to access all areas, is 350 dirhams. But you have to keep in mind that you have enough time for these commutes. We recommend that you reduce the cost of commuting and the time you spend by residing near your workplace. Below we have reviewed the shipping cost table.

Transportation Service/Product Cost
Petrol (1 liter) AED 2.16-AED 2.04
Nol card (monthly pass, All zones) AED 350 monthly
Taxi fare for 1 km AED 2

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

Healthcare Prices in Dubai

Health insurance in the UAE is essential for all residents. Therefore, one of the cost factors of living in the UAE can be considered. If your sponsor in the UAE is the company you work for, the company is obliged to provide you with health insurance. Usually, the company also considers health insurance for your family.

If the company does not provide health insurance to your family, or if you are residing in the UAE on an investment visa, you must make this purchase from one of the thousand health insurance companies in Dubai.

Typical health insurance costs about AED600, which depends greatly on what is covered. While a comprehensive health plan for one person in Dubai costs about AED 5,500 annually. A comprehensive program for a family of four starts from 1,500 dirhams to 2,000 dirhams. Note that the cost of health insurance for a family of four can reach up to AED70,000.

Importantly, if you are seeking help from someone for the house and you have hired them, you should also provide them with health insurance.

Schooling Prices in Dubai

The cost of school is one of the factors on the cost of the living list in Dubai if you have children. Parents in Dubai have a variety of choices for their children’s school, including British, American, Indian, or IB curriculum being the most popular.

We have to say that the cost of school in Dubai is relatively high, especially when looking for great schools for your children. The cost of very good schools in Dubai is about AED 4,000 to 9,500 per month, depending on your child’s level of education.  If we also want to name the best schools in Dubai, British, American, and IB schools should be said. It should be noted that the cost of Indian schools in Dubai is relatively more appropriate. The most popular Indian school in Dubai is GEMS Modern Academy, which costs AED 2800 to AED 5200.

But note that the monthly fee for children’s schools does not end in school tuition fees, and you should also consider these costs such as uniforms, school transport, notebooks, exam fees, school trips, and more. But we have to say that there are also many affordable schools in Dubai that offer all the upper school curricula. To have an idea about school fees in Dubai, review the table below. For a sixth-grader, the cost of different schools has been compared for 10 months.

School Curriculum Fee Range Tuition Fee Per Month
GEMS Wellington international school British Expensive AED 5534
The Winchester school British Affordable AED 1843
GEMS Modern Academy Indian Expensive AED 4453
The millennium school Indian Affordable AED 2236
Dubai Arabian Academy American Expensive AED 8626
International school of art and science American Affordable AED 2825
GEMS World Academy International Baccalaureate Expensive AED 9465
Dubai International Academy, Emirates Hill International Baccalaureate Mid-range AED 5283

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

Entertainment Prices in Dubai

When you settle in Dubai, you soon realize that there is a lot of activity and entertainment in Dubai. We dare say that you will never experience a grueling weekend in Dubai when there are these subtractions in Dubai from fine-dining restaurants, IMAX cinemas, extreme sports, and world-famous tourist attractions. If you are moving to Dubai and are also planning for the cost of living in Dubai, we suggest you consider a significant amount for weekend entertainment.

With the increase in online food ordering programs in Dubai like Uber Eats and Deliveroo, Dubai residents have become more willing to order online food, which is also considered a cost of living in Dubai. Below we have checked the cost of some entertainment for you.

Entertainment Cost
Movie ticket for one AED 40
Gym Membership for one month AED 297.57
Meal for one ( affordable restaurant) AED 30
Meal for two( mid-range restaurant, three courses) AED 250- AED 300
Meal for two( fine-dining restaurant, three courses) AED 500- AED 1000

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

House Help Prices in Dubai

One of the advantages of living in Dubai, which most Dubai residents enjoy, is the use of homework assistance, which is both affordable and luxurious. Note that immigrants who wish to hire a home help must sponsor them and renew their residency visa each year. It is important to note that the cost of اhousemaids is also part of the cost of living in Dubai.

The annual fee for sponsoring a maid in Dubai is AED 5,500, with AED 2,000 refundable deposit to GDRFA. You should also consider the monthly salary of the maid, which is approximately AED 1,500 to AED 3,500. These rights can be calculated based on what he does, the amount of experience he has, and other items. The minimum salary set by the Ministry of Labor must be paid by the sponsor. Also, if the maid does not live in your city, you will also have to pay extra for the Residency.

You can get help hiring a full-time maid in maid service agencies in Dubai, but you also have to pay for these companies once. If you want to use a part-time maid, you can book your maid at cleaning companies for every hour you want. These part-time maids cost AED 30 to AED 45 per hour, which should add to the cost of living in Dubai.

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai


So what’s the average cost of living in Dubai?

So far, we have learned about the types of living expenses in Dubai. Now Dxboffplan wants to examine the cost of living in Dubai for one person, one couple, and for a family of four together.

  • Basic Cost of a Living Breakdown by Family Size

The basic cost of living in Dubai 2020 for a single, couple and family of four over a course of the month:

Single Couple Family of Four

Studio-Al Nahda

(AED 2.583)

Studio-Dubai Marina

(AED 4.166)

1BHK apartment- Al Nahda

(AED 3.166)

1BHK apartment- Dubai Marina

(AED 6.250)

3BHK villa-Mirdif

(AED 8.750)

3BHK villa-Arabian Ranches

(AED 11.666)

AED 480 AED 960 AED 1920
AED 750 1k AED 1k -104k AED 2k-3.5k
Total Per Month
AED 3.5K-5k AED 4.5k-9k AED12k-18k

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

  • Average Cost of Living in Dubai for Singles

The cost of living for a single person in Dubai starts from AED 3k to AED 5 k.

Type of Expense Cost Per Month
Housing Studio AED 2.583(Al Nahada), AED 4.166(Dubai Marina)
Groceries AED 480
Utilities AED 750- AED 1 k
total AED 3 k- AED 5 k


About home for single people in Dubai Studio Apartments are very popular and suitable. The rental price for these apartments varies according to the area in which they are located. Studio apartments in Al Nahada cost AED 2.583 monthly, whereas those who want to stay in luxury places should find studios in Dubai Marina. And it will cost 4.166 monthly.

The utility bill in Dubai for a single person living in a studio apartment would be between AED 750 – AED 1000 per month, which includes DEWA and the internet. Groceries bill for a single person could be AED 400 per month. Another cost that can be charged to a person in Dubai is the cost of commuting, starting at AED 350 a month when they use public transport. For more information read about the affordable residential areas near metro stations in Dubai. Finally, for a person wishing to buy a car in Dubai, the cost of obtaining a license and fuel should be added to the list of living expenses in Dubai.

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

  • Average Cost of Living in Dubai for a Couple

The lowest cost of living for a newlywed couple in Dubai, depending on lifestyle, could be between 4K and AED 9K. Below we review the cost of living in Dubai for a newlywed couple.

Type of Expense Cost Per Month
Housing 1BHK Apt: AED 3.166( Al Nahada)

1BHK Apt: AED 6.250( Dubai Marina)

Groceries AED 960
Utility AED 1k- AED 1.4K
total AED 4.5K-AED 9K

The most important option in the cost of choosing the location of the apartment you choose. As you can see in the table above, a one-bedroom apartment in Al Nahda costs AED 3.166 to rent, while a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina AED 6.250.

The cost of utilities for a couple would be started of AED 1000-AED 1400. About groceries items, the cost could be AED 960 for the couple.

Cost of Living in Dubai; Complete list of expenses in Dubai

  • Average Cost of Living in Dubai for a Family of Four

When it comes to the cost of living for a family of four in Dubai, I have to say, the cost is between AED 12K – AED 18K. Below is a look at Dubai’s living expenses table for a family of four.

Type of Expense Cost Per Month
Housing 3BHK Villa: AED 8.750 ( Mirdif)

3BHK Villa: AED 11.666 ( Arabian Ranches)

Groceries AED 1920
Utilities AED 2K- AED 3.5K
Total AED 12K-AED 18K

3 bedroom villas are the usual choice of 4-person families. Families who want to live in 3 bedroom villa in Mirdif could expect to pay AED 8.750 monthly, whereas for those who want to live in a luxury community like Arabian Ranches the monthly cost would be AED 11.666. To pay less for the house, you can look for 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments in cheap neighborhoods of Dubai.  The 2 or 3 bedrooms flat in Al Nahada would cost about AED 4000- AED 6.250.

The cost of utility for a family of four who lives in 3 bedroom villa would be around AED 2000 – AED 3500. If you have a private garden or swimming pool, your utility cost increase. Groceries cost is about AED 2000 for a family of four. Though, if you want to shop at a premium retailer your grocery cost would be AED 3000 – AED 4000.

Also, as we explained earlier, the cost of school adds to the costs of living in Dubai for families. The cost of school in Dubai can be between AED 4,000 and 9,000, depending on your child’s level of advice.

Finally, we need to add all these fees to the Dubai residency visa first, we suggest you first review how to get a residency Dubai visa, and based on what type of visa you get, it costs different. If you want to know about different Dubai visas, check out the Dubai work visa and permit and freelance visa in Dubai too.


Well, that way Dxboffplan looked at the cost of living in Dubai for singles, newlyweds, and a family of four. We checked the typical costs for all Dubai residents. But you should keep in mind that according to your innate lifestyle, other costs may be added. For example, most Dubai migrants travel 2 or 3 times a year, which is either to their own country or to see new areas. Parents often enroll their children in an after-school activity and often send them on holidays with a school plan, both of which add to the costs for families in Dubai.

We hope this article will give you an in-depth view of the types of living expenses in Dubai. Also, Dxboffplan has an approximate guide for people moving to Dubai from different parts of the world such as India and Pakistan. You could read the moving to Dubai from Pakistan, in this article, we review how to obtain a Dubai residency visa for Pakistanis and the living conditions of Pakistanis in Dubai.

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