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New Project at Masaar - A place where your home is your sanctuary.
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Sendian Villas

If you are looking to a lovely urban sanctuary in Sharjah, Sendian Villas in Masaar make the dream come true. Nature inspired homes and Offer 30/70 Payment Plan with 5% Booking Fee{fa}اين پروژه مسکونی دوست داشتنی ، ترکیبی از آپارتمان های 2 ، 3 و 4 خوابه را ارائه می دهد. علاوه بر این ، اين پروژه مسکونی دوست داشتنی ویلا های 4 خوابه نیمه جدا و همچنین ویلا های سندیان پارک 5 خوابه را نیز ارائه می دهد. ویلاهای سندیان از جمله پرطرفدارترین پروژه های ویلایی هستند که در این پروژه جدید آینده دار در شارجه ، یعنی مسار واقع شده اند. در سندیان حتی چیزهای بیشتری برای لذت بردن وجود دارد ...

Villas For Sale In Sharjah

Although Abu Dhabi and Dubai are more popular cities in the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah also offers high levels of living standards to its residents. This emirate has a number of schools, hospitals, universities, malls and also interesting places to visit. In addition, Sharjah offers a limitless number of accommodation options to the expats who are looking to invest or live in the emirate by buying their own property. Properties for sale in Sharjah are numerous. However, villas for sale in Sharjah are among the most wanted options. Here is some information about buying a villa in Sharjah. Read on to find out more…

SSC Villas a Sharjah Sustainable City

Sharjah is one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirate. It is also neighbor of Dubai, and home to Emirati locals and middle-class expats who have chosen Sharjah as their home. Dubai is famous as an ideal city for young professionals who are looking to a vibrant lifestyle. On the contrary to this, Sharjah is known as an ideal place for families. As well as these, there are some young professionals who live in Sharjah, but work in Dubai. As a result, they have to commute between the two cities to go to their workplaces.

Where to buy villas for sale in Sharjah?

Choosing the best place to live in Sharjah is one of the most important steps when you decide to buy a villa for sale in Sharjah. So, here are some of them:

Properties for Sale in Sharjah Sustainable City| List of off plan projects in SSC

Sharjah Sustainable City: Sharjah Sustainable City is the first 100% solar powered community of Sharjah that is designed to bring a happier tomorrow for its residents. The incredible community is the perfect package of sustainable amenities inviting the residents to the future. Thus, Sharjah Sustainable City is the best place to step into the future and also to experience what the amazing city of Sharjah has to offer. SSC is:

Nasma Residences: Nasma Residences is a sought-after community in the heart of Sharjah where is supposed to bring its residents community living at its best. Nasma Residences is one of the most incredible developments of Arada Developments that is created to redefine “prosperity”. As well as these, Nasma Residences is the perfect package of landscaped areas, signature villas, and spacious townhouses. This community is also filled with exceptional amenities. Nasma Residences is the incredible masterpiece of Arada Developments that has always something for anyone. Thus, Nasma Residences is one of the best places in which you can find villas for sale in Sharjah.

Sharjah Garden City: Sharjah Garden City, as the name suggests, is a spectacular green complex on Maliha Road Sharjah. It is a one of a kind community in Sharjah that is built on a massive area of nealy 10,000 sqft. This gated and secured community offers 82 residential villas that are filled with world-class amenities. The villas in this community feature a conventional Arabic design that reflects the essence of the medieval middle-eastern culture in every angle. Also, these villas for sale in Sharjah offer a wealth of lifestyle amenities to the residents for a comfortable life.

Sharjah Garden City Villas | Shoumous Properties

What are best villas for sale in Sharjah?

SSC Villas: SSC is a collection of 3, 4 & 5 bedroom villas that are equipped with latest technologies. Some of them include solar panels on rooftops, highly efficient air conditioning, LED lights, and energy-saving appliances. Residents of SSC Villas will enjoy high amount of savings on utility bills that is amazing!

A productive landscape runs along the center of the residential area with indoor farming inside eight greenhouses as well as urban farming plots in order to grow different types of fruit and vegetable. Also, the community mall provides dining destinations, cafes, retail shops, medical clinics, a nursery and a Juma’a mosque. Also, the Sustainability Experience Center plays an influential education role by hosting NGOs, government, schools and universities to raise awareness of environmental issues and to create a blueprint for future cities.

SSC Villas a Sharjah Sustainable City


At Sharjah Sustainable City, an abundance of modern amenities are provided in order to save for residents and also create a green community. Here are some of them:

Properties for Sale in Sharjah Sustainable City| List of off plan projects in SSC

Sama Majlis: Sama Majlis is an elegant collection of 4BR villas located in Nasma Residences where is known to be the heart of Sharjah. Offering a distinguished Majlis area, Sama Majlis Villas uniquely present the perfect harmony of traditional and modern style. Also, superlative amenities and an abundance of lush green spaces make these villas one of a kind, literally.

A dream location with the ultimate accessibility, tranquility and also a wealth of amenities makes these villas in Sharjah among the most special ones. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular areas of the UAE that is extremely quiet, beautiful and so handy. Besides, it is interesting to note that Nasma Residence is located in close distance to the region’s commercial capital, Dubai. This means you will be in close proximity to world-class amenities and numerous opportunities that Dubai offers.

Sama Majlis Villas In Nasma Residence Sharjah

In addition, Sama Majlis Villas are filled with a large number of amenities that are set to provide highest levels of comfort for the residents. Some of these amenities include:

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