Sharjah Sustainable City
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1SSC Villas Villas Sharjah AED 1,366.342 Q3 2021

Sharjah Sustainable City

Sharjah Sustainable City has to be the first fully sustainable community in Umm Fannain area of the city of Sharjah. This highly environmentally friendly and tenable community has been structured, built, and positioned to be the ultimate epitome of healthy and natural living barring the use of artificial ways of living. The whole community contains energy-friendly solar panels on the rooftops in addition to providing the residents with easy to use energy-saving appliances within their homes. Sharjah Sustainable City aka SSC has to be first community in the world ever to make use of an Autonomous Electric Shuttle for the conservation of the natural environment as well as to provide the residents with a more efficient means of commotion.

Properties for Sale in Sharjah Sustainable City| List of off plan projects in SSC

Not just that, now families can relish some quality bonding times in their townhouses’ gardens with the kids while gardening or urban farming. The whole community contains several conservation and recycling units continuously recycling water and energy resources for the residents to reuse instead of them going to wastage. Thus, this community in totality would prove out to be a major path-breaking trendsetter for other development entities in the region to follow too. Sharjah Sustainable City aka SSC is situated in the Umm Fannain area of Sharjah. This residential community enjoys a very accessible location with a mere 15 minutes distance from Sharjah International Airport, an 18 minutes drive from Sharjah University City, and a convenient 20 minutes distance to Dubai International Airport.

Properties for Sale in Sharjah Sustainable City| List of off plan projects in SSC


At Sharjah Sustainable City, state of the art amenities are provided in order to save for residents and also contribute to a green economy.

  • Indoor & outdoor gyms
  • Cycling & jogging tracks
  • Parks & kids’ play ground
  • Kindergartens
  • Swimming pools
  • Mosque & prayer rooms
  • Health clinics
  • Educational programs
  • Urban farms & green houses
  • 100% solar powered
  • Reusing water for irrigation
  • Efficient homes with a smart design
  • AV shuttles & EV charging stations
  • Waste recycling
  • Up to 100% savings on electricity bills
  • Up to 50% savings on water bills
  • ZERO service charges for the first five years

Properties for Sale in Sharjah Sustainable City| List of off plan projects in SSC

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