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Properties for Sale in Mina Al Arab Ras Al Khaimah | RAK Properties

Mina Al Arab is one of the biggest waterfront destinations in the UAE by the bespoke RAK Properties in the spacious heaven of Ras Al Khaimah. As the premium developers RAK Properties position it, Mina Al Arab is known as the ‘Home to Perfection’ stating: “An established waterfront community in Ras Al Khaimah, where lush landscaping, protected coastal wetlands and natural, pristine beaches come together with homes to shape a vacation experience that you will be delighted to call home”. Thus, this statement by the master developer itself signifies the ideology and train of thought behind shaping such a spectacular mega-development in the heart of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. Mina Al Arab has been specifically designed and curated to establish and accommodate spaciously built villas, townhouses and big apartment projects within it facilitating the residents with ample living space and a comfortable lifestyle to relish. Mina Al Arab is quite popular and well-received not just locally but also globally as more and more foreign investors are also now heading to this dream location with a gigantic and spacious infrastructure to launch their projects in and therefore, Mina Al Arab is certainly one of the most sought after local as well as global destinations within the Emirate.

Bermuda Villas at Mina Al Arab in Ras Al Khaimah | RAK Properties.

Mina Al Arab owns a number of some famous and iconic residential as well as commercial developments and projects to its name like the popular Bermuda Villas – Bermuda Villas is undoubtedly of the most luxuriously built incredible villa and townhouse communities by the master developer in the vicinity of Mina Al Arab. Engulfed in the ultimate realm of tranquility and serenity on all the sides, these 2BR, 3BR, 4BR, 5BR & 6BR villas and townhouses are well equipped with high quality and luxury features like dedicated swimming pools, dedicated gyms, play areas, sports facilities, breath-taking views of the surrounding city and exquisite architecture, design and infrastructure. Thus, this residential development is truly an absolute delight to reside in for families. Another one of the marvels built on Mina Al Arab in Ras Al Khaimah is the much renowned and sought after Granada Villas – Granada Villas at Mina Al Arab is yet another an unparalleled marvel that is situated in the spacious and tranquilizing islandic master development of Mina Al Arab in Ras Al Khaimah.

The splendid villa community comprises of intricately designed and immaculately infrastructured large houses like villas with posh and lavish facilities like top quality kitchen fittings and equipments, finely furnished living rooms and lounging spaces. Not just that, the beautiful residential venture also enjoys a very central location due to its proximity to the Granada District which is a lively and bustling community within the city. Another of Mina Al Arab’s iconic developments is that of Malibu Villas which have been designed and infrastructured taking inspiration from the famous Malibu city in California and the beach-side living nature of it. Malibu Villas is a spectacular villa community in the lavish and serenity driven residential area of the archipelago of Mina Al Arab . As its name correctly implies, the whole vicinity of Malibu Villas features wide white beaches, coastal waters running through it and the ultimate quintessential vacation feel to it the same way Malibu in California does. The whole residential vicinity has been designed in the form of a big resort with a total of 2BR, 3BR, 4BR, 5BR villas that it entails. The unique features of The Malibu Villas community is the private and spacious living that is captured in the distinctive clusters along with the opulent Californian influences within the tranquil and breathtaking setting of water features, lush landscaping and coastal views. After Malibu Villas, there comes the beautiful Flamingo Villas as beautiful and vibrant as their names. This remarkable premium and residential development has been made for a special way of life combining architectural curiosity, luxury, tranquility and proximity to nature. With various coast-side villas of different sizes, all supplied with high-quality, luxury features, Flamingo Villas, the newest residential venture by the bespoke RAK Properties, are situated in Mina Al Arab development incorporating a luxury feature of ‘nature friendly living’ with all the posh and luxury amenities due to its close proximity to hotels and spas close to it.

Properties for Sale in Mina Al Arab | List of Off plan Properties

Besides all these striking amenities, the residential vicinity also comprises of highly sensitive and receptive security systems and other secure lifestyle facilities. Lastly, Gateway Residences and Lagoon Villas are also two of the very prominent and applauded residential developments in Mina Al Arab. Gateaway Residence at Mina Al Arab by RAK Properties has been positioned and promoted as ”the main island at the heart of Mina Al Arab with easy access to the vibrant adjacent island, where the Intercontinental and Anantara Resorts, a state-of-the-art mall, souk, and beach club house can be found. Each apartment within the Gateway Residence has been designed to make optimum use of space, and create open flowing living spaces, enhanced by large floor to ceiling windows. Also, spacious balconies have been created to take advantage of exceptional views of the tranquil waterways. Lagoon Views by RAK Properties is inevitably one of the oldest, well-received and most renowned property developments in the region. Situated in the beautiful northern end of the city of Ras Al Khaimah at Mina Al Arab, these spacious studio, 1BR, 2BR & 3BR apartments are well-equipped with everything superior and unmatched. Thus, these residences are a perfect habitat to reside in and call your home.

Properties for Sale in Mina Al Arab | List of Off plan Properties

Why choose Mina Al Arab?

Investing one’s hard-earned money and probably years of saving something as unpredictable and risky as property investment is not a decision they can make in the blink of an eye. In fact, there are an umpteen number of mental roadblocks on the way to this decision which one needs to cross. An investor needs to be sure that this particular piece of land is going to reap him benefits and reward him. And so, we have researched such roadblocks and catered all of them, one at a point, that will assure an investor that their investment in Mina Al Arab would definitely be a beneficial one. One of the major reasons behind choosing Mina Al Arab is the fact that it is a multi-purpose development. In addition to being a highly desirable residential location, Mina Al Arab is an equally sought-after commercial, recreational and leisure destination too particularly because of the breathtaking waterfront views that it entails. It is this very fact that makes this master-development a very favorable investment as it is an attraction not only to locals but also foreigners alike and has been grabbing some major foreign attention and investments lately.

Bermuda Villas at Mina Al Arab in Ras Al Khaimah | RAK Properties.

In addition to that, the development enjoys a very nuclear location due to its proximity to some very popular and connecting roads of Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai and other Emirates too. Schools & Colleges, Universities, Hospital & Pharmacies, Banks & ATM’s all fall very close to the residents or even visitors coming to this master development of Mina Al Arab. Linked with the commotion sources, as mentioned earlier, the leisure and recreational spots in addition to those of the necessities of life etc are in utmost proximity to the Mina Al Arab. Thus, all those planning on living in this splendid and tranquilizing neighborhood must all heave a sigh of relief because they are surrounded with all kinds of commute provisions. Another major reason that must be taken into consideration when choosing Mina Al Arab is the name of the developer behind it. Mina Al Arab is a project of RAK Properties and everyone in the region is quite well-aware of the fact that RAK Properties is in every sense of the word as the master developer itself states is a progressive real estate development and investment entity. The real estate developer, founded in the year 2005 has attained these splendid heights in such a short span of time and prides itself by attaining a very well-recognized and applauded position within the highly competitive real estate market of UAE. RAK Properties started out as the brainchild of His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, the ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, as a unique and the biggest property development entity within the Emirate of RAK.

Properties for Sale in Mina Al Arab | List of Off plan Properties

As the real-estate developer manifests its motto in and takes great pride in offering unique and custom made tailored solutions to its customers and identifying and securing some region best prime locations as its master development, RAK Properties has certainly been achieving the same. However, one should not confine and limit the scope of this master development that started out in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and aspired to become the biggest real-estate property development entity within the region. RAK Properties is certainly not just a region confined local setup but rather an international and global one now that did not only penetrate across other Emirates in the UAE but also entered across global boundaries. The master developer has plenty of experience in the large scale massively scaled and built real-estate market and promises utmost and at par excellence and commitment in all fields of property management and service provision i.e. project management, construction, design, finishing, and at par customer service. RAK Properties has been successful in maintaining its strong niche by gaining a competitive edge over its fellows by targeting some of the most sought-after locations, property markets and places as its exemplary developments and also by liaising with some major foreign investors looking to invest within the region in some high end property development projects like luxury Hotels, Resorts and Recreational Projects.

Properties for Sale in Mina Al Arab | List of Off plan Properties

Thus, it is this out of the box and competitive approach that provides RAK Properties with an opportunity and potential to maximize its capital growth and accomplish its primary objective of providing unrivaled customer service to its clients. One of the biggest and most pivotal triggers behind this highly regarded position of RAK Properties in the region is the incorporation and promise of continuous innovation and out-of-the-box approach that it guarantees its customers. RAK Properties envisions itself to achieve and sustain superior levels of performance, expertise and efficiency that can enable them to meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction and loyalty from their well-established customer base gained solely because of their superior commitment and delivery. Hence, when it comes to trusting RAK Properties with its projects, Mina Al Arab is definitely a fruitful investment in every way.

For the ease of understanding and to provide our readers with a more facilitated idea of how close they would be to all the day to day necessary and key locations of the city, we have coiled up an elaborate and well-researched list of all the closest locations list by list. Thus, following is a list of some of the closest recreational, leisure, and important locations and destinations to Mina Al Arab:

Nearest Schools and Nurseries to Mina Al Arab:

The whole area of Mina Al Arab has its own schools and nurseries in the surroundings. The list goes as follows:

  • Al Jazeera Al Hamra Boys’ School for Basic & Secondary Education
  • Little Treasures Nursery
  • RAK Modern School
  • GEMS Westminster School
  • The Right Start Nursery
  • Indian Public High School
  • Red Bus Nursery
  • New Sunshine Nursery

Nearest Hospitals & Health Care Centers to Mina Al Arab:

The whole area of Mina Al Arab entails a number of some of the best hospitals and health care centers in its proximity and are as follows:

  • Al Jazirah Al Hamra Health Center
  • RAK Hospital
  • RAK Medical Center Al Hamra
  • Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital
  • Al Jazeerah Medical Center
  • Al Afia Medical Center
  • Medcity Medical Center
  • Nexus Medical Clinic

Nearest Malls & Shopping Centers to Mina Al Arab:

The complete list of all the closest and nearby malls and shopping centers to Mina Al Arab goes as follows:

  • The Lagoon
  • Lagoon Walk
  • My City Center Al Dhait
  • Liberty Shops

Nearest Banks & ATM’s to Mina Al Arab:

One of the most important necessity is that of a Bank’s or an ATM’s proximity to one’s address. Therefore, Mina Al Arab has catered well to that need and below is a list of some of the closest Banks and ATM’s to the development:

  • Bank of Baroda Jazeera Al Reffa – Branch
  • Dubai Islamic Bank – ATM
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank – Branch
  • RAK Bank – ATM
  • RAK Bank – Branch
  • Dubai Islamic Bank – Branch
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – ATM
  • Mashreq Bank – ATM
  • Emirates Islamic Bank – Branch

Nearest Hotels to Mina Al Arab:

When you are living within a central residential development, it is important to be aware of the hotels, diners and restaurants available within your vicinity. Below are some of the hotels that lie in close reach to Mina Al Arab:

  • Jannah Ras Al Khaimah
  • Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah
  • The Cove Rotana Resort
  • Bin Majid Beach Hotel
  • Al Hamra Residence & Village

Mina Al Arab Projects price table

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Granada II Townhouses Townhouses 2,300,000 2026Q1
Bermuda Villas Villas - Ready To Move

Mina Al Arab Projects

2026 Q1

RAK Properties

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Ready To Move

Bermuda Villas

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