Property for Sale in Dubai Creek Harbour

Property for Sale in Dubai Creek Harbour

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Property for Sale in Dubai Creek Harbour

The emirate of Dubai is well known to have some of the most prestigious real estate developments in the UAE. Known to many as The Lagoon, Dubai Creek Harbour is a new-age mega joint venture between Emaar Properties and a government-owned real estate developer Dubai Holdings. Besides being already known prominently as the home to the next tallest building in the world, i.e. The Dubai Creek Tower, this project has been tagged and marketed by property experts as a ‘city for tomorrow’s families. The town boasts state-of-the-art technology, advanced transportation systems, as well as green ecosystems. Let’s take a closer look at what makes property for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour so popular.

Properties for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour | List of Off Plan projects in Dubai Creek Harbour

What Makes Property for Sale in Dubai Creek Harbour So Popular?

The Dubai Creek Harbour project is a mixed-use community costing over AED 3.64 billion. Located close to popular business hubs in Dubai, the Dubai Creek Harbour property for sale is also ideal for working professionals. The Dubai Creek Harbour project also boasts a unique combination of natural splendor and modernity, resulting in a unique environment that is perfect for business, recreation, and residential use.

At the community’s core is the Dubai Creek Tower, projected to be 928 meters in height at completion. This wonder of the modern world draws architectural inspiration from the minaret and budding lily flower, signifying the developers’ commitment to blending nature, culture, and urban living. The observation decks at the oval-shaped pinnacle would offer tourists and visitors a 360-degree panoramic view of the old and new Dubai city. Next, we will review the Dubai Creek Harbour project details.

Dubai Creek Harbour - Location Map
Dubai Creek Harbour – Location Map

Buying a Property in Dubai Creek Harbour

There have been many advances in Dubai property due to new regulations and policies. Thus, the increase in the popularity of Dubai’s properties for sale over the years has not surprised anyone. Located on the banks of the historic Dubai Creek, the properties in Dubai Creek Harbour offer its residents the luxury of living in iconic waterfront development. The residential properties comprise of six residential towers situated at the heart of Creek Island District. A vibrant boulevard filled with exciting events is the perfect setting for residents to live a luxury Riveria life.

Families with children will find Dubai Creek Harbour’s residential towers to be a paradise. Among the amenities available to families living here are play areas for kids, innovative recreation areas, gardens, a daycare center, supermarkets, and retail centers all around the waterfront. Due to all these factors, this area can be considered one of the best residential areas in Dubai.

Properties for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour | List of Off Plan projects in Dubai Creek Harbour

Buying an Apartment in Dubai Creek Harbour

Apartment life in Dubai Creek Harbour buildings feels like living at a resort with a wide range of amenities right outside your door. Located in the heart of Arab nature, this is a peaceful city where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the region. Apartment residents here will find everything they require within the Lagoons community, but they can also explore other communities offering great dining options.

Typically, one-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour have one to two bathrooms and 700 square feet of floor space. For those interested in 2-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Creek, they can expect the units to come with 3 bathrooms and around 1000 + sq. ft. of residential space.

One-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Creek will cost between AED 870K and AED 2.0M. For a 2-bed apartment, it is expected to cost between AED 1.2M and AED 3.18M. Furthermore, apartments for sale in Dubai Creek appear to be a suitable option for people looking to live near water at these prices.

Properties for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour | List of Off Plan projects in Dubai Creek Harbour

Buying a Villa in Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour development is an incredibly convenient and environmentally friendly region comprised of a number of independent yet interconnected sub-communities, such as Creek Beach, Dubai Square, and The Island District.

Whether single, a couple, or a family, you can find a perfect property for your needs in the Dubai Creek Harbour project. There are various configurations and layouts available for you to choose from. There is a possibility of choosing between furnished and unfurnished apartments for buyers based on their preferences. Villa for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour comes with upscale amenities and high-end features.

Dubai Creek Harbour average villa prices have exceeded AED 1.15 million and AED 4.1 million, respectively. Similar trends are observed in other emirates of the UAE as well. Apartments and villas in Abu Dhabi also increased in average price.

The Acquisition Deal of Dubai Creek Harbour

Top properties to buy in Dubai Creek Harbour for High ROI

There are a variety of properties for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour. Property investment in this area is a big decision, but it is an attractive one. The following are some of the most popular areas in Dubai Creek Harbour to invest in properties if you are considering purchasing or renting:

  • The GrandDubai Creek Harbour

The Grand at Dubai Creek Harbour project is a 62-floor skyscraper that would stand very close to the Dubai Creek Harbour Marina near the Creek Island District and would feature amazing landscaped sidewalks as well as a spectacular dining and shopping experience.

The Grand in Dubai Creek Harbour| Emaar Properties

  • Island Park 1, Dubai Creek Harbour

Standing next to the Dubai Creek Tower, Island Park 1 in Dubai Harbor project would afford its’ dwellers the luxury of viewing the tower from one side and the Burj Khalifa from the other side. It equally boasts of beautifully designed parks, boulevards, and state-of-the-art facilities that are common in the entire Dubai Creek Harbour community.

Island Park I by Emaar

  • The Address Harbour Point, Dubai Creek Harbour

The Address Harbour Point in Dubai Harbor project offers spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa and most parts of the Downtown Dubai skyline.

An array of world-class amenities surrounds this prestigious Dubai Creek development, which features high-end, serviced 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments. In addition to providing a wide range of retail and recreational experiences, the area is renowned for its high quality of life.

Address Harbour Point in Dubai Creek Harbour | Emaar Properties

  • Creek Rise Tower 2Dubai Creek Harbour

Creek Rise Tower 2 in Dubai Harbor project developed by Emaar in Dubai Creek Harbour is available in 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. Located at the creek’s core, this tower’s occupants will constantly relish the amazingly beautiful views of the Downtown Dubai skyline and the Dubai Creek Tower.

Creek Rise by Emaar | Luxury Apartments in Dubai Creek Harbour

  • 17 Icon Bay,Dubai Creek Harbour

The 17 Icon Bay apartments in Dubai Harbor stands at the heart of the Island District of the Dubai Creek Harbour project and offers stunning views of the Ras Al Khor National Wildlife Sanctuary that boasts unhampered flora and fauna. The luxury residences are available in 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments. They also feature landscaped leisure decks, private pools, and parking lots as well as a safe children’s area.

17 icon bay dubai creek harbour emaar

  • The CoveDubai Creek Harbour

The Cove properties in Dubai Harbor is an awe-inspiring collection of large, low-rise apartment buildings located at the edge of the creek. The Cove features amazing facilities such as fine dining experiences and cafes, beautifully designed lush green parks, and of course, the Marina Yacht Club.

  • Harbour Views,Dubai Creek Harbour

These 52-floor twin towers are an amazing sight to behold in the Dubai Creek Harbour community. The towers’ proximity to the Dubai International Airport and Downtown Dubai makes them a viable investment option. Harbour Views apartments in Dubai Harbor also offer a clear view of the National Wildlife Sanctuary. The Harbour Views are available in 1, 2, and 3 bedroom and penthouse apartments.

  • Dubai Creek Residences, Dubai Creek Harbour

The Dubai Creek Residences in Dubai Harbor, which is a six-tower apartment complex, boasts panoramic views of the entire Harbour and the Dubai Skyline. The apartments are available in 1 – 3 waterfront bedrooms and feature fine dining concepts, high-end boutiques, an ever-bustling Boulevard, and modern recreational facilities, including parks and promenades.

Dubai Creek Residences in Dubai Creek Harbour | Emaar Properties

  • Creek Gate, Dubai Creek Harbour

Located in the Island District of the Dubai Creek Harbour, The Creek Gate in Dubai Harbor project offers residents a gateway to the heart of the district and Central Park. The Creek Gate features private pools, a lush green leisure deck, as well as luxury retail areas.

Creek Gate | Luxury Apartments in Dubai Creek Harbour

  • Harbour Gate, Dubai Creek Harbour

The Harbour Gate in Dubai Harbor project offers residents a passage into the heart of the Dubai Creek Harbour property for sale as well as a 360-degree view of the Tower, Central Park, and the National Wildlife Sanctuary, which features amazing greenery and wildlife conservation. The Harbour Gate is available in 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments. The Harbour Gate also features a stunning lush-green park, fine dining concepts, high-end retail stores, private pools, parking areas, and a playground for children.

Harbour Gate Apartments | Best Residences at Dubai Creek Harbour

Reasons for Investing in Properties for Sale in Dubai Creek Harbour

Whether you are an outdoor person or like staying within your space, there are enough facilities to keep you busy and happy within the Dubai Creek Harbour community, with all the nine districts in the Dubai Creek Harbour boasting state-of-the-art facilities. These include gym facilities, cycle paths, and well-landscaped sidewalks for sports lovers, as well as recreational parks, children’s play areas, boulevards, promenades, and a museum. The Dubai Creek Harbour project also includes a number of ATMs, hospitals, schools, and hotels in the area. Next, let’s discuss reasons to invest in Dubai Creek Harbour off plan projects:

  • Dubai Creek HarbourLocation:

A substantial land area of around 550 hectares surrounds the Dubai Creek Harbour location along Ras Al Khor Road, close to the National Wildlife Sanctuary. Located near projects in Downtown Dubaiprojects in Business Bay, and the DIFC – Dubai Creek Harbour is easily accessible from most parts of old Dubai and new Dubai City. Business Bay and Downtown Dubai are also just fifteen minutes away from the Dubai Creek Harbour location. Adding traffic congestion may increase the time to about twenty minutes, but that’s about all it would take.

In addition, Dubai Creek Harbour building residents have easy access to other parts of the world since the Dubai International Airport is just ten minutes away. Furthermore, both water- and land-based public transport systems are adequately and well-connected in the city.

  • Nearest School and Nursery in Dubai Creek Harbour:

There are many reputable schools and nurseries near the Dubai Creek Harbour properties if you have a toddler in your household. Dubai Creek Harbour property for sale is located near the following schools and kindergartens:

  • Maple Bear Creek Harbour
  • Deira International School
  • Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai
  • Royati Nursery

Properties for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour | List of Off Plan projects in Dubai Creek Harbour

  • Nearest Mall in Dubai Creek Harbour:

There are a number of world-class malls in the Dubai Creek Harbour community. Mixed-use development is exemplified by Dubai Creek Harbour buildings. With the 820,000 sqm area of the shopping center featuring more than 800 stores of high fashion and retail brands, it is only natural that popular activities here include shopping at malls and retail therapy. The Dubai Creek Harbour Mall also offers plenty of dining and shopping options for families to enjoy. Below is a list of shopping malls near Dubai Creek Harbour properties:

  • Dubai Festival City Mall
  • Mall in Dubai Creek Harbour
  • Nad Al Hamar Avenues
  • Nearest Hotel in Dubai Creek Harbour:

Several top-notch hotels have been built in Dubai Creek Harbour due to its popularity as a tourist destination. Whatever you’re looking for, from a hotel apartment near Dubai Creek Harbour to a modern beach club, they have it all. Several luxurious hotels can be found near Dubai Creek Harbour buildings, including:

  • Vida Creek Harbour
  • Courtyard by Marriott Culture Village
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Al Jadaf
  • Nearest Hospital in Dubai Creek Harbour:

In Dubai Creek Harbour, there are a variety of medical facilities available. The Emirates Hospital is also nearby in the Dubai Creek Harbour building. The community is also home to several pharmacies and clinics. Here are some of the hospitals and clinics located near Dubai Creek Harbour homes:

  • Dubai Healthcare City Center
  • Latifa Women and Children Hospital
  • Building 14, Dubai health care city

What makes Dxboffplan a good choice for buying properties in Dubai Creek Harbour?

If you are investing in real estate, it is best to know the local market and the property’s location. Whenever you buy property in Dubai Creek Harbour through Dxboffplan real estate, we will provide you with full consultancy services tailored to your location and construction quality preferences. When it comes to the layout, features, or design of your Dubai Creek Harbour home, you can be sure that it will meet your expectations.

Entering Dubai Creek Harbour’s real estate market can be risky to first-time investors, so it is best to choose a reliable and experienced firm. If you have any questions about any of the Dubai Creek Harbour properties listed on our site, please feel free to contact us.

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Dubai Creek Harbour Projects price table

Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion

Mangrove Apartments

apartments 1,600,000 2026Q2

Valo Apartments

apartments -

3BR Apartment at Address Harbour Point

apartments 7,499,000 Ready To Move

Oria Apartments

Apartments 1,710,000 2028Q3

Aeon Apartments

Apartments 1,710,000 2028Q2

Creek Waters 2 Apartments

Apartments - 2027Q4

Creek Waters Apartments

Apartments - 2027Q3

Dubai Creek Harbour Projects

2026 Q2
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Valo Apartments

Ready To Move
2028 Q3
2028 Q2
2027 Q4
2027 Q3
2027 Q3
2027 Q3
2027 Q3
2027 Q3
2026 Q3
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