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Project NameProperty TypeDevelopment NameMin. PriceCompletion Date
La Violeta Townhouses Townhouses Dubai Villanova 1,671,000 Q1 2025
Amaranta Townhouses 2 Townhouses Dubai Villanova Sold Out Ready To Move
Lamtara 1 Apartments Apartments Dubai Madinat Jumeirah Living 10,035,000 Ready To Move
Amaranta Townhouses 4 Townhouses Dubai Villanova 2,742,000 Q2 2022
Bellevue Towers Apartments Dubai Downtown Dubai 931,000 Ready To Move
La Rosa 6 Villas Villas Dubai Villanova 1,685,000 Q4 2024
Remraam Apartments Apartments Dubai Remraam 1,062,000 Ready To Move
Arabella Townhouses Phase II Townhouses Dubai Mudon Sold Out Ready To Move
Mudon Views Apartments Dubai Mudon 1,808,000 Ready To Move
La Rosa 5 Villas Villas Dubai Villanova 1,398,000 Q3 2024
La Rosa Villas IV Villas Dubai Villanova 1,278,000 Q2 2024
La Rosa 2 Villas Dubai Villanova 1,697,000 Q1 2022
La Rosa III Townhouses Dubai Villanova 1,270,000 Q4 2023
Amaranta Phase 3 Townhouses Dubai Villanova Sold Out Ready To Move
La Rosa Villas Dubai Villanova 1,696,000 Q1 2022
Asayel Apartments Building 2 Apartments Dubai Madinat Jumeirah Living Sold Out Q2 2023
Casa Dora Townhouses Townhouses Dubai Serena 1,340,000 Ready To Move
1 / JBR Apartments Apartments Dubai Jumeirah Beach Residence 9,070,000 Ready To Move
Asayel Building 3 Apartments Dubai Madinat Jumeirah Living Sold Out Q1 2023
La Vie Tower Apartments Dubai Jumeirah Beach Residence 7,361,000 Q2 2023
Arabella 3 Townhouses Dubai Mudon Sold Out Q1 2021
Casa Viva Townhouses Townhouses Dubai Serena SOLD OUT Q1 2021
Marasi Business Bay Water Homes Villas Dubai Business Bay Sold Out Ready To Move
Asayel Building 1 Apartments Dubai Madinat Jumeirah Living Sold Out Q4 2022
Marsa Al Arab Villas Villas Dubai Marsa Al Arab Sold Out Q4 2021
Rahaal Building 5 Apartments Dubai Madinat Jumeirah Living 2,345,000 Q3 2021
Lamtara Building 3 Apartments Dubai Madinat Jumeirah Living Sold Out Q3 2021
Madinat Jumeirah Apartments Dubai Madinat Jumeirah Living 1,474,000 Q2 2021
La Quinta Villas Dubai Villanova 2,820,000 Q1 2021
Dubai Wharf Apartments Dubai Culture Village Sold Out Ready To Move
Manazel Al Khor Apartments Dubai Culture Village Sold Out Ready To Move

Dubai Properties, as its name self explanatorily implies, is one of the most prominent and celebrated property development and management companies in the UAE. A wing of the much renowned group i.e. Dubai Holding, this property development group named Dubai Properties emerged as its real-estate and property development arm in the year 2002 and has climbed up the ladder to this overwhelming success and recognition in such a short and minimum course of time owing it all to its unparalleled services and commitment to the provision of quality throughout all its ventures and projects within the region. Dubai Properties, in all its grandeur and glory, is just a decade old and in no way lesser in its appeal and approach as the ultimate real-estate and property development company within the region despite its cut-throat competition in the form of some globally renowned and strong-footed master developers in the UAE.

List of Projects by Dubai Properties | Dubai Off Plan Properties

Amazing Community of Dubai

Hence, exuding the true essence of the Arab world, Dubai Properties has excelled and surpassed as possibly the only quintessentially deep-rooted classic Arab styled property development and management company within the region. Thus, it would certainly be not wrong to say that Dubai Properties has emerged as the pinnacle of its real-estate and property development finesse and expertise in the year 2002 and has since then, not held itself back from delivering and culminating the best developments and projects within the Middle Eastern thread of the globe. Dubai Properties by the bespoke Holding Group Dubai Holdings has delivered some of the most applauded and celebrated projects as well as developments within the region in some of the most popular and iconic locations of the city i.e. Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Business Bay, Dubailand, Dubai Culture Village, Sheikh Zayed Road as well as in areas like Dubai Marina and Jumeirah. The developments and projects that this master developer has taken over vary across a diverse variety of types i.e. Apartments for Sale in Dubai, Villas for Sale in Dubai, Townhouses for Sale in Dubai as well as different genres of property development endeavors like Hotel Apartments, leisure, hospitality as well as recreational developments across the whole of UAE.

Thus, be it master developments or iconic and popular projects within the region, Dubai Properties has mastered all of them and their detailed accounts can be read and seen as follows:

List of Projects by Dubai Properties | Dubai Off Plan Properties

Culture Village – Stunning Development

Popular Developments by Dubai Properties:

  • Serena:

Serena, as its name quite rightfully implies, is one of the most serene and tranquilizing destinations in the city of Dubai. Located in the central and vibrant neighbourhood of Dubai Land, Serena is yet another a stunning and breathtaking mega development project of the globally renowned property development enigma Dubai Properties. Serena is a massive community spanning over an area of 8.2 million square feet. This major residential community has been divided into five phases of development with the very first phase expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of the year 2018. The first and much-awaited phase of Serena Development has been designed to feature 2BR to 3BR immaculate townhouses along with 3BR semi-detached villas for sale, all the residential units styled and designed to perfect with extraordinary interiors and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

  • Culture Village:

Dubai Culture Village, as its name implies, is the hub of everything culture and heritage bound and treasured. Oozing out the true essence of the classic culture of UAE, this very aesthetically built development features all that UAE signifies of. The culture of Middle East and more specifically of UAE dates back to pre-historic times and therefore, in order to recreate the same sense of that rich culture and heritage is not an easy task, In fact, this strenuous work of art has taken the renowned developers. Dubai Properties Group years and as they say patience bears good fruit. This whole mega-development has been strategically planned with the most central of location between Al Khail Road and Sheikh Zayed Road making the lives of its residents all the more easier and entertaining.

  • Remraam:

If you are looking for affordable apartments in Dubai, Remraam is one of the best choices in the emirate. The master development by Dubai Properties is an exciting community in Dubailand that features a mix of low and high-residential buildings at budget-friendly prices. The location is also connected to major road networks, allowing efficient travel in different parts of Dubai.

  • Villanova:

Villanova is a master development that offers the first cluster homes in Dubai. The prime development is also home to standalone villas inspired by Mediterranean and Portuguese designs. The area is nestled near Dubai landmarks such as the Al Maktoum Airport, Motor City, Global Village, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. The residences are equipped with a private backyard and are surrounded by lush green spaces and jogging tracks that ensure a healthy environment

List of Projects by Dubai Properties | Dubai Off Plan Properties

Luxurious Residences of Dubai Properties

Popular Projects by Dubai Properties:

Below are some of the most popular, affordable, luxury and iconic residential projects by the renowned Dubai Properties:

  • Amaranta 4:

Amaranta 4 is an immaculately adorned and extraordinarily infrastructured residential development by the renowned Dubai Properties. It consists of beautifully spacious and well-designed 2BR, 3BR& 4BR townhouses and stands tall in the classic and elegant neighborhood of Villanova.

  • 1/JBR:

1/JBR is a luxury apartment tower with waterfront views at Jumeirah Beach Residence. The apartment with wide glass windows feature views not only of the sea but also of Palm Jumeirah and the Blue Waters Island. The residences are perfect for the ultimate luxurious living experience.

  • Casa Dora:

Casa Dora is an opulent townhouse project in Serena surrounded by lush fairways and classic architecture inspired by Portuguese accents. The residences are an excellent choice if you wish to live a luxurious lifestyle accessible to the city.

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