Waterfront properties for sale in Dubai

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    Many home buyers and real estate investors prefer to buy waterfront properties for sale in Dubai. This has some obvious reasons. One of these reasons is the trendy waterfront lifestyle of Dubai that these homes bring. You can also add serenity of these amazing homes in Dubai, spectacular views, and high levels of prestige to the list. All of these factors increase the investment value of these properties as well. This is simply because these kinds of homes are more popular among other buyers and renters. If you are also interested in these properties, reading this article will help you gain full information over them. So, read on to end…

    Waterfront properties for sale in Dubai

    Benefits of buying waterfront property in Dubai for sale

    Buying waterfront properties for sale in Dubai has some advantages making them more appealing, and of course, more valuable for investment. Here’s a list of these amazing benefits that waterfront homes in Dubai add to your lifestyle or investment:

    • Trendy waterfront lifestyle
    • Eye-catching and serene water views
    • High levels of prestige
    • High capital appreciation
    • More demand among renters
    • More demand among buyers
    • High amounts of rental income
    • Tax-free property ownership
    • Post-handover payment plans
    • The chance to buy in installments
    • High incomes and salaries
    • 100% company ownership
    • Dubai residency through investing in real estate

    Benefits of buying waterfront property in Dubai for sale

    Different types of waterfront properties for sale in Dubai

    Waterfront properties for sale in Dubai come in different types. Each type might be different in terms of size, amenities, views or other factors. If you are not sure which one to buy yet, comparing the features of these types can help you make the right decision. Below, you can see explanation for each type of waterfront homes in Dubai:

    Waterfront apartments in Dubai for sale: waterfront flats in Dubai offer smaller areas than villas for sale in Dubai. But there’s one thing making them more popular with some home buyers. As these flats are located in high-rise towers, they provide you with better views of the sea and the surroundings. This is the reason why some real estate buyers prefer to go for sea view flats in Dubai, and not villas!

     Waterfront apartments in Dubai for sale

    Waterfront villas for sale in Dubai: If you need bigger spaces than apartments for sale in Dubai, then you should consider waterfront villas. These houses in Dubai might not have sea views from above, but you can find some waterfront villas providing you with direct access to the beach. Another benefit of living in these kinds of houses in Dubai is also the fact that they are independent, and will give you more privacy!

    Waterfront villas for sale in Dubai

    The best areas to find Dubai waterfront properties

    When it comes to buying real estate or investing in this market, location is one of the most important factors. If you are also wondering where you can find waterfront properties for sale in Dubai, here are some of the best waterside addresses along with the projects in them to consider:

    Properties for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour: Dubai Creek Harbour is the trendiest waterfront location of Dubai these days. Its fame and popularity are not only because of its prestigious waterfront lifestyle, but also because it is supposed to be the new Downtown of Dubai. Here are some of the famous waterfront projects in Dubai Creek Harbour:

    Address Harbour Point in Dubai Creek Harbour | Emaar Properties

    Properties for sale in Palm Jumeirah: Palm Jumeirah is also another destination of choice for those who wish to experience Dubai’s luxury waterfront lifestyle. Below, you can find some new projects in this area:

    Amazing Facts About Palm Jumeirah You Didn’t Know Before

    Properties for sale in Dubai Marina: If you care about European-style waterfront living, it can be experienced in Dubai Marina. It is a popular area among local and international home buyers because of its abundant amenities and unique waterside style of living. Here are some of the projects in Dubai Marina:

    The Opal Tower in Dubai Marina, Dubai

    Properties for sale in Bluewaters Island: Being home to Ain Dubai (the highest ferry wheel in the world), the Bluewaters Island is one of the most sought-after waterfront places in Dubai. You can choose your waterfront home in Dubai among the units of below project in Bluewaters Island:

    Properties for Sale on Bluewaters Island

    Properties for sale in Emaar Beachfront: Developed by Emaar Properties, Emaar Beachfront area is a place that many real estate buyers are keen on. It is renowned for its unique views, waterfront lifestyle, as well as its amazing location between Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. Here are some projects in this area:

    Properties for sale in Dubai Harbour | List of Off Plan projects in Dubai Harbour

    Waterfront property in Dubai cost

    Talking about prices of waterfront properties for sale in Dubai is not easy. This is because the prices depend on many factors. These factors include the location, connectivity to Downtown, amenities, views, the size in square feet and many more. But the minimum budget you need to have in order to buy a 1BR unit in Dubai Creek Harbour is AED 1.1M.

    If you are curious about the minimum price for waterfront villas, it is at least AED 15M. This is because these waterfront properties are considered among luxurious houses as well. If this is expensive for you, you can consider Sharjah waterfront houses being sold in just AED 2.6M.

    Buy waterfront properties for sale in Dubai through Dxboffplan!

    Now you have enough information in order to be able to decide where to buy waterfront properties for sale in Dubai. You have also information about prices, amenities, and different types of these homes in Dubai. You can compare the features of each property type with another and match them with your requirements and preferences. If you are also interested in other kinds of off-plan properties for sale in Dubai, you can explore Dxboffplan Real Estate website. If you need more help or you have any questions, we are here to assist you. You can contact us anytime and get our 100% FREE consultation. After that, you can choose the property that suits you the most, and we will make it yours!


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