Project NameProperty TypeMin. PriceCompletion
Bellavista Tower Apartments Dubai 492,000 Q1 2020
Amora in Golf Verde Apartments Dubai 347,000 Q2 2020
Kiara Furnished Apartments Apartments Dubai 953,000 Q1 2020
Golf Town Apartments Dubai 1,070,000 Ready To Move
Radisson Hotel Hotel Apartments Dubai 660,000 Q1 2020
Carson Towers Apartments Dubai 716,000 Q1 2020
The Park Villas Villas Dubai 3,066,000 Q1 2020
Trump Estates Park Residence Villas Dubai 2,960,000 Q3 2020
Golf Vita Apartments Apartments Dubai 611,000 Q3 2020
The Turf Villas Villas Dubai 6,257,000 Ready To Move
Rochester Villas Villas Dubai 3,379,000 Ready To Move
The Flora Villas Dubai 7,362,000 Ready To Move
Pelham Villas Dubai 3,379,000 Ready To Move
Trinity Villas Dubai 3,922,000 Ready To Move
The Field Villas Dubai 5,344,000 Ready To Move
Orchid Apartments Apartments Dubai 1,337,000 Ready To Move
Silver Springs Villas Dubai 3,141,000 Ready To Move
Jasmine Apartments Apartments Dubai 1,728,000 Ready To Move
Fendi Styled Villas Villas Dubai 2,667,000 Q4 2021
Trump Estate Villas Dubai 5,417,000 Q1 2021
Golf Condominiums & Townhouses Apartments Dubai Townhouses Dubai 1,203,000 Ready To Move
Golf Vista Apartments Dubai 2,212,000 Ready To Move
Golf Promenade Hotel Apartments Dubai 1,364,000 Ready To Move
Loreto Apartments Dubai 1,378,000 Ready To Move
Damac Hills Trump Estate Villas Dubai 5,924,000 Ready To Move
Golf Veduta Hotel Apartments Dubai Townhouses Dubai 2,360,000 Ready To Move
Golf Horizon Apartments Dubai 1,903,000 Ready To Move
Golf Terrace Apartments Dubai Townhouses Dubai 1,325,000 Ready To Move
Artesia Hotel Apartments Dubai 953,000 Q1 2020

Properties for sale in DAMAC Hills | List of Off Plan projects in DAMAC Hills

The perfect balance between an isolated serene neighborhood and a vibrant luxury haven at the same time, DAMAC Hills is the epitome of how a high-end yet comfortable residential community should be like. Designed and laid out along the lines of the famous Beverly Hills, this development was originally constructed to translate the magnanimous lifestyle of Dubai into a residential experience. Thus, DAMAC Hills appeals to people who like to live away from the city’s hustle bustle in a quiet environment the same way it appeals to people who want to relish a luxurious metropolis lifestyle. DAMAC Hills feature the best set of Properties for Sale in Dubai i.e.  Apartments for Sale in Dubai & Villas for Sale in Dubai with the finest amenities and convenience of location to it.

Properties for sale in DAMAC Hills | List of Off Plan projects in DAMAC Hills

Why choose DAMAC Hills?

The most important and pivotal factors that come into play when choosing a location to live in are the accessibility factor and convenience of the location of that place. DAMAC Hills counts as one of the most convenient and accessible residential neighborhood in the city having reachability to city’s best Educational Institutions, Healthcare Centers, Retail outlets, Malls, and Recreational Spots. In addition to all these, daily life necessities of families residing in a place, like pharmacies, supermarkets, banks etc can be found at every next step within the development too.

Properties for sale in DAMAC Hills | List of Off Plan projects in DAMAC Hills

Nearest School and Nursery in DAMAC Hills:

  • Bradenton Preparatory Academy
  • GEMS Metropole School
  • Victory Heights Primary School
  • Jebel Ali School

Nearest Shopping Mall and Community Center in DAMAC Hills:

  • The Village Community Mall
  • Mudon Al Salam Town Centre
  • City Centre Me’aisem

Nearest Hotel in DAMAC Hills:

  • Auris Fakhruddin Hotel Apartments

Nearest Hospital and Clinic in DAMAC Hills:

  • MediClinic Arabian Ranches
  • Aster Clinic Arabian Ranches

Properties for sale in DAMAC Hills | List of Off Plan projects in DAMAC Hills

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