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Project NameProperty TypeDevelopment NameMin. PriceCompletion Date
Le Ciel Apartments Apartments Dubai Port De La Mer 1,766,000 Q1 2025
City Walk Residence Apartments Dubai City Walk 3,310,000 Ready To Move
Central Park Apartments Apartments Dubai City Walk 1,200,000 Q1 2025
La Sirene Apartments 2 Apartments Dubai Port De La Mer Q4 2024
La Siréne Apartments Dubai Port De La Mer 1,290,000 Q3 2024
Al Warsan Industrial Plot Land Dubai Al Warsan Development - -
La Mer Mansions Land Dubai Jumeira Bay - -
Dubai Water Canal Plots Land Dubai Dubai Water Canal - -
La Rive Residences Apartments Dubai Port De La Mer 1,341,000 Q1 2023
La Voile Apartments Apartments Dubai Port De La Mer 1,271,000 Q2 2022
La Rive Building 3 Apartments Dubai Port De La Mer 1,561,000 Q1 2023
La Cote Apartments Dubai Port De La Mer 1,868,000 Q2 2021
Jebel Ali Hills Development Plot Land Dubai Jebel Ali Hills - -
Nad Al Sheba Gardens Plot Land Dubai Nad Al Sheba Gardens Plot Sold Out -
Jumeirah Bay Island Villas Plot Land Dubai Jumeirah Bay Island - -
Al Qusais Residences Plot Land Dubai Al Qusais Residences Plot - -
Jumeirah Garden City Land Dubai Al Satwa - -
BVLGARI Marina Lofts Apartments Dubai Jumeira Bay 11,240,000 Q4 2021
Al Khawaneej District Plots Land Dubai Al Khawaneej District - -
Bluewaters Residences Building 9 Apartments Dubai Jumeirah Beach Residence 4,203,000 Ready To Move
Sur La Mer Townhouses Townhouses Dubai Port De La Mer 4,654,000 Q3 2021
Central Park Apartments Dubai City Walk 1,413,000 Q4 2021
Cherrywood Townhouses Townhouses Dubai Cherrywood Townhouses 1,561,000 Q2 2021
Cherrywood Villas Villas Dubai Cherrywood Villas Sold Out Q2 2021
Bluewaters Residences Building 10 Apartments Dubai Jumeirah Beach Residence 2,996,000 Ready To Move
Villa Amalfi Villas Dubai Jumeira Bay Sold Out Ready To Move
Zabeel Saray Royal Residences Villas Dubai Palm Jumeirah 20,373,000 Ready To Move
Al Mamzar District Plot Land Dubai Al Mamzar District Plot - -
Pearl Jumeira Island Villa Plot Land Dubai Pearl Jumeira - -
Bvlgari Resort and Residences Apartments Dubai Jumeira Bay 4,508,000 Ready To Move
Nikki Beach Residences Apartments Dubai Pearl Jumeira 3,010,000 Ready To Move
Bluewaters Residences Apartments Dubai Jumeirah Beach Residence 3,080,000 Ready To Move

List of Projects by Meraas Holding | Master Developer in UAE

Meraas Holding is indisputably and undeniably one of the most fast-paced well-received property development entities within the UAE. Starting out as a joint conglomerate holding company in the year 2007, this premium master developer has stood out this whole decade owning to its sheer quality and diligence of perfection within its projects. Based and headquartered in Dubai, Meraas Holding has delivered some iconic and landmark projects adding further to the city’s global appeal and reach in the past like City Walk Dubai, Nikki Beach & Resort Spa Dubai etc. serving as the new travel destinations. It certainly goes without saying that Meraas Holding is one of the most iconic real-estate  conglomerates of all times and when it comes to being the top of the game conglomerate of this region, it is no less than a success story within itself. After its conception and execution in 2007, Meraas Holding has ascended to these new heights of success and recognition within the region all due to its extremely unique and competitive approach of coming up with the Gen-X uber modern concepts of venturing into retail, leisure as well as contemporary lifestyle development ventures. An inherent style and chic tonality can be seen embedded across everything Meraas Holding does and provides the region with and that is the USP and distinct identity of this master developer. As the master developer commits to delivering the highest quality of management and development in each one of its projects, Meraas Holding only partners with top of the line and best in class partners to achieve the same. One thing Meraas Holding has always stood the strong ground for and remains to crown is the amount of versatility it has been able to bring to the region be it through its hospitality developments, retail ones, or recreational ones for that matter. Meraas Holding boasts of its lavish and distinct projects within some of the most sought after and iconic locations of Dubai like Jumeirah, Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Jebel Ali, Sheikh Zayed Road and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) etc. The property development maestros have left a mark on everything they have ventured into. In addition to all these, owing to its strategic and out of the box planning techniques, the master developers are also known to own a bank of lands in some of the major key locations within the region which they can cash highly on given their strategic and nuclear location and the popularity of such areas amongst the residents, expatriates as well as travelers and tourists.

It is a globally known fact that Meraas Holding has delivered some exceptionally popular and splendid projects within the region.  The master development and investment management conglomerate has neither shied away nor confined itself to just one facet of property venturing capabilities. It has rather been experimental and successful at it with various of Meraas Holding popular and pivotal projects across industries like real-estate, hospitality, leisure as well as unparalleled residential ones. Thus, we shall first take a look at all the popular developments by Meraas Holding in the region:

List of Projects by Meraas Holding | Master Developer in UAE

Popular Developments by Meraas Holding:

  • Jumeirah Bay:

Jumeira Bay is indisputably one of the UAE’s most stunning and magnificent man-made islands shaped in the structure of a gigantic sea-horse from a bird’s eye panoramic view riding the rocky and sandy arcs. Jumeira Bay can be counted as one of the most sought-after and lavish residential address in Dubai comprising of a complex of three residential tower schemes i.e. Jumeira Bay X1, Jumeira Bay X2, and Jumeira Bay X3. All these residential towers are what make the stunning and beautiful community of Jumeira Bay providing the breathtaking views of the scintillating waters of the coast and the shoreline. The whole vicinity of Jumeira Bay is a mixed use development featuring region’s highly demanded commercial, leisure, residential and recreational properties all with an unmatched view of Dubai Skyline and the iconic skyscrapers of the city.

  • Pearl Jumeirah:

Pearl Jumeirah is a spectacular development with views of the Gulf and the Dubai skyline. The 8.3-million square feet of the reclaimed island will host 7 key residential areas, a town center, promenade, and other necessary facilities.

However, the master development has also delivered some very popular projects across the region. So be it properties for Sale in Dubai, Apartments for Sale in Dubai, Villas for Sale in Dubai or for that matter, Townhouses for Sale in Dubai, Meraas Holding has delivered it all to utmost perfection within the region. And not just that, when it comes to Hotel Apartments for Sale in Dubai or the much talked about beaches, recreational amusements, or leisure developments in the iconic locations of Dubai, Meraas Holding triumphed even that. Thus, to take a walk back memory lane, we shall rift through some of the most popular and well-received projects of the master development entity in the following account:

List of Projects by Meraas Holding | Master Developer in UAE

Popular Projects by Meraas Holding:

  • La Cote Residences at Port De La Mer:

La Cote at Port De La Mer is Meraas Holding’s most recent addition to its existing chain of the most astounding & revolutionary residential projects. Amalgamating luxurious living with a comfortable lifestyle bearing access to all the defining necessities of life with 1BR, 2BR, 3BR & 4BR apartments and a dedicated space for townhouses, La Cote at Port De La Mer is surely one of the most anticipated ventures in the region. This immaculate development comprises of 5 residential buildings with a total of 408 intricately designed and adorned low rise apartments serving as the canvass of some of the state-best interior designers. All the apartments own their separate out-looking balconies providing a beautiful view of the stunning Port De La Mer in the surroundings.

  • Villa Amalfi at Jumeirah Bay:

Villa Amalfi at Jumeirah Bay is a set of intricately designed and spectacularly infrastructured 3BR, 4BR & 5BR Villas in one of the most sought-after and vibrant destinations in Dubai. Jumeirah Bay. This residential venture in such a popular location in Dubai is all set to serve as yet another marvel by the region’s bespoke developer Meraas Holding.

  • Nikki Beach Residences at Pearl Jumeirah:

Located in the popular vicinity of Pearl Jumeirah, Nikki Beach Residences is a premium residential project offering a total of 63 branded apartments which range from 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom units. The branded residences also include 6 townhouses and 1 penthouse. All the homes feature modern, minimalist and resort-inspired residences using the finest materials. The homes are also located in close proximity to the 450-meter shoreline stretch spread across the resort.

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La Voile Apartments
Port De La Mer
Meraas Holding
Uninterrupted views of the ocean and Dubai Skyline
Starting Price
AED 1,271,000

La Voile Apartments

The perfect place for family or group of friends, La Voile Apartments ooze both style and sophistication with easy-going ambiance and warm lighting. La Voile Apartments are exclusively crafted apartments in Port De La Mer offers 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartment units with the most premium amenities. Also offers an affordable price from AED 1.27M with 40/60 payment planتُعد شقق لا فوال المكان المثالي للعائلة أو مجموعة الأصدقاء ، حيث تتميز بالأناقة والرقي مع أجواء مريحة وإضاءة دافئة. شقق لا فوال هي شقق مصممة حصريًا في بورت دي لا مير ، وتوفر وحدات سكنية بغرفة نوم واحدة وغرفتين وثلاث غرف نوم مع وسائل الراحة الأكثر تميزًا. يقدم أيضًا سعرًا مناسبًا يبدأ من 1.27 مليون درهم إماراتي بخطة سداد 40/60


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