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4.8/5 - (5 votes)

Properties for sale in Pearl Jumeirah offer magnificent island living with amazing views of the gulf and the stunning Dubai skyline. The reclaimed island is set to host 7 key residential areas, a Town Center with retail facilities, a one-of-a-kind 2-kilometer promenade, mosques, schools, beaches, and waterfront hotels. The location is tucked away from the noise of the city yet connected to the heart of Dubai’s finest residential district. The area is home to Nikki Beach, which promises the ultimate beach club experience with distinct elements of music, dining, fashion, film, and art merged into one destination.

What is the Appeal of Pearl Jumeirah Properties?

Those who are looking for a waterfront life between Dubai properties yet wish to avoid the bustle of the city must definitely consider investing in Jumeirah Pearl. The neighborhood is conveniently located on the borders of Al Satwa and Jumeirah, surrounded by the stunning Al Safa Park and Al Diyafah Street, and offers easy access to all major metropolitan services. An arterial road network connects the project to the mainland with ease.

Several exclusive villas are also situated close to the eateries and stores in Pearl Jumeirah’s central area for people who wish to be close to the excitement. There are also brand-new, modern family Pearl Jumeirah houses that provide occupants with the highest level of luxury. They offer a refuge from Dubai’s crowded lifestyle because of their well-kept grounds, private pools, and lush gardens.

Properties for sale in Pearl Jumeira | List of Off Plan projects in Pearl Jumeira

Villas for Sale in Pearl Jumeirah

On its own private island, Pearl Jumeirah is one of Dubai’s most opulent and exclusive home locations. Residents of this gated community enjoy a distinctive lifestyle and have access to top-notch services and activities.

One of Dubai’s most luxurious and sought-after real estate options are the villas at Pearl Jumeirah. With expansive private gardens, swimming pools, stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, and direct private beach access, they provide inhabitants with a distinctive and privileged lifestyle.

Villas in Pearl Jumeirah are available for purchase, with prices beginning at AED 15M. If you have set your eyes on owning a villa in Dubai, there are also 4 to 8-bed magnificent villas with many different types of accommodations for you to consider.

Properties for Sale in Pearl Jumeirah

The multi-billion-dollar Pearl Jumeirah Dubai project, which is spread across more than 8.3 million square feet of land, was created by renowned real estate developer Meraas, who has also just completed Blue Water Island.

Between 2009 and 2012, Pearl Jumeirah was built.

With the addition of beachfront apartments, townhouse developments, and independent villas, the project is still expanding.

The Pearl Jumeirah neighborhood, home to a posh resort, a club, and beaches, offers locals and visitors the chance to experience the very best of Dubai living.

Depending on the covered areas, unit kinds, and property views, there are several price ranges for these stunning properties.

Apartments for Sales in Pearl Jumeirah

Pearl Jumeirah is one of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods to acquire a family home because of its exceptional location. There are numerous styles of modern apartments accessible for those looking for a contemporary beachside lifestyle.

Like most apartments in Dubai, the apartments in Pearl Jumeirah have been expertly constructed to offer a chic living experience. They are highly inspired by Miami on the shores of Dubai.

Each Pearl Jumeirah apartment has access to the shared amenities and offers 1-bedroom units for sale for AED 2.8M.

Apartments for sale in Pearl Jumeirah offer investors the significant potential for profits and have a 5.1% ROI potential.

Pearl Jumeira Island Plot by Meraas | Villa Plot in Jumeira First

Lifestyle in Pearl Jumeirah

The Pearl Jumeirah community offers a range of amenities made to appeal to individuals who value comfort and elegance. These facilities include a world-class spa, a cutting-edge fitness center, and a private beach club. In addition, Pearl Jumeirah is home to a variety of upscale hotels, eateries, and recreational amenities. And it’s simple to understand why Pearl Jumeirah is among the nicest places to live in Dubai, with its gorgeous white beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Additionally, locals have the option of going out for the evening to pass the time at lovely bars and clubs. Pearl Jumeirah is the place to be if you want a lifestyle that is absolutely unmatched.

Projects for Investment in Pearl Jumeirah

The Pearl Jumeirah houses for sale are in a beautiful environment, and the locals are friendly and welcoming. Commuting is not an issue because the residential community is well-connected to other significant regions in Dubai. If you want to buy something from us, take a look at what we have below:

  • Pearl Jumeirah Island Plot by Meraas Holding

A freehold residential villa plot called Pearl Jumeirah Island Plot is situated next to The Union House in Jumeirah First. The property has a stunning view of the Dubai Skyline and is located right near Jumeirah beach.

You have the opportunity to create the future you want in this place.

Pearl Jumeira Island Plot by Meraas | Villa Plot in Jumeira First

  • Nikki Beach Residences by Meraas Holding

This high-end residential is  one of developments by Meraas Holding, and ranges in size from 1, 2, and 3 to 4 bedrooms. The houses are contemporary, minimalist, and resort-styled, built using the best materials. The 450-meter stretch of shoreline that spans the resort is also conveniently adjacent to the residences. The homes at Nikki Beach Residences are built with spacious, comfortable rooms that feature modern and contemporary features to give visitors a magnificent lifestyle experience. Modern technology and in-room entertainment are included in the residences to ensure your family’s comfort.

nikki beach residences

Reasons to Invest in Pearl Jumeirah

There are a number of compelling reasons to invest in this very desirable region. For starters, it is close to several main areas in Dubai, so you can easily get to anything you need there.

Furthermore, prominent corporations that have established themselves in Pearl Jumeirah are a boon for prospective tenants or homeowners who wish to improve their careers in these industries and value shorter commutes to work. Additionally, we have compiled a brief list of other reasons that will prove why investing in Pearl Jumeirah is a smart choice.

Hotels in Pearl Jumeirah 

One of Jumeirah’s premier hotels is Nikki Beach Resort and Spa. The five-star hotel, which is home to the well-known Nikki Beach, is typically crowded throughout the Christmas season. With beach clubs and other nightlife choices getting the most traffic on weekends, it makes for one of the city’s most popular destinations. Free WiFi, small poolside bars, and a gym are all available to hotel guests.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Pearl Jumeirah 

The community has easy access to Jumeirah Beach Road, which connects it to the city’s transportation hubs via the arterial routes Sheikh Rashid Highway, Diyafa Road, and Sheikh Zayed Road. Additionally, commuters can use these routes to reach Dubai International Airport and the city’s main business districts.

Those that drive can travel to and from the area with ease. Each apartment in Pearl Jumeirah offers a parking space for up to two cars, so finding a spot is hassle-free. Those who have customized villas may also set aside parking places on their designated plot of land.

Sacred Places in Pearl Jumeirah 

In Pearl Jumeirah, the Town Centre will include two community mosques. The Jumeirah Mosque is only a 7-minute drive away.

Churches are located further down Oud Mehta Road. There, you may visit some of Dubai’s most popular churches, including:

  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church
  • Dubai City Church
  • Temples are concentrated on the northwestern outskirts and in Bur Dubai.

Public Transportation in Pearl Jumeirah 

Public transportation links are well-connected to the Pearl Jumeirah neighborhood. There are also multiple bus stops on Diyafa Road for those who favor taking buses to get about Pearl Jumeirah. Max Fashion Metro Station is about 12 minutes’ walk from the island and is the closest metro stop.

Schools in Pearl Jumeirah 

Pearl Jumeirah has two pre-schools and under-construction plans to expand educational choices for residents.

Universal American School, located on Rebat Street, is approximately 17 to 18 minutes distant. Those interested in furthering their education can go 15 minutes to Canadian University Dubai in Al Satwa, one of the most prestigious universities in Dubai.

Healthcare Options in Pearl Jumeirah 

In the event of a medical emergency, one can drive to pearl Jumeirah facilities such as:

  • Al Badaa Health Center (12 minutes away in Al Badaa)
  • Emirates Hospital (16 minutes away in Jumeirah)
  • Medcare Hospital Al Safa (17-minute long drive to Al Safa)

Shopping Centers in Pearl Jumeirah 

Mercato Mall in Jumeirah is the nearest luxury retail choice for those in need of a retail therapy session. It is one among the top malls in Dubai, with a variety of shops, brand stores, food options, and entertaining activities. You can easily get there by driving or by taking the bus. H&M, Diesel, and Gap are among the many brand stores in Mercato Mall. Other malls nearby, such as Burjuman and Al Musallah Mall, may be reached in around 15 minutes if you are looking for alternative options.

Beaches in Pearl Jumeirah 

The Pearl Jumeirah society revolves entirely around beach life and holidays at luxury resorts and hotels. Pearl Jumeirah has two beaches: North Beach, where the Nikki Resort is located, and Pearl Jumeirah Beach, which is a tranquil hideaway for families. With high tides and fewer people, North Beach is one of the best surfing sites in the UAE.

Nikki Beach Residences
Nikki Beach Residences

Investing in Pearl Jumeirah Properties: A Smart Move

Because of its modern and renewable infrastructure, the UAE attracts investments in enterprises, economies, and real estate. Pearl Jumeira is a magnificent island development with amazing views of the gulf and the stunning Dubai skyline. The location is tucked away from the noise of the city yet connected to the heart of Dubai’s finest residential district.

Get in touch with us if you are hoping to get your hands on UAE off-plan properties in pearl Jumeirah properties. We would be delighted to provide you with an extensive list of our latest listings on Pearl Jumeirah properties for sale. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help you find the property of your dreams.

Pearl Jumeira Projects price table

Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
Nikki Beach Residences Apartments 3,010,000 Ready To Move

Pearl Jumeira Projects

Ready To Move

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Pearl Jumeirah offers 1-bedroom apartments for sale for AED 2.8M

Apartments for sale in Pearl Jumeirah offer investors the significant potential for profits and have a 5.1% ROI potential.

The Pearl Jumeirah society revolves around beach life. Pearl Jumeirah has two beaches: North Beach, where the Nikki Resort is located, and Pearl Jumeirah Beach.

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