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On the banks of the Kura River of Georgia, you can find Tbilisi, the capital and the largest city of Georgia, with a 1.1 million population. This industrial, social and cultural center city was founded in the 5th century. Today, many investors choose to buy a property for sale in Tbilisi because of its literal and figurative sense, open landscapes with mountain views, respectable modern buildings, and cultural layers. Today, many artists, filmmakers, designers, and people with technological ideas love to come and live in Tbilisi. There, you can find different kinds of property like apartments for sale in Tbilisi, townhouses, and villas. If you are thinking about buying villas for sale in Tbilisi, continue reading and learn more about its details.

Why do investors choose Tibilis villas for sale as an investment opportunity?

As you might know, Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia which makes a connection between the eastern European side and the western part of the Asian continent and in the South Caucasus in Eurasia. Today, I want to mention the different advantages of this city that encourage many investors to choose to buy villas for sale in Tbilisi.

●    Tbilisi is a great tourist destination:

The first and the most important reason is that Georgia and especially, Tbilisi has seen great demand from tourists, and this will cause a fertile ground for many successful investment projects. Each year, many tourists visit this wonderful tourist city and its large group of distinguished tourist places and wonderful views. This city’s popularity in the field of tourism and real estate, causes Tbilisi to be one of the most embraced cities by foreigners.

●    Georgian Citizenship:

Another reason that investing in the Tbilisi real estate market is attractive for foreign investors is that Georgia grants citizenship if you buy a property. For example, you choose a villa for sale in Tbilisi, register the contract, buy your property in the right space at a reasonable price, and now you would be a citizen of Georgia. Pay attention, based on the latest update of the Georgia law you can get the residence in Georgia if you buy a property worth over $ 100,000.

●    High return of Georgia real estate market:

In addition to the possibility of obtaining residency in the state as a result of the purchase, many investors choose to buy Tbilisi villas for sale because of the high returns that they can achieve through real estate investment in Georgia.

●    Variety of options to choose:

If you want to invest in the Tbilisi real estate market, there would be a rich selection, especially in villas for sale in Tbilisi due to active construction.

●    Reasonable Tbilisi real estate price:

When you decide to buy property in Tbilisi, especially when your choice is to buy a villa, be sure that the costs are much lower than in the other popular cities of Georgia.

What should you consider before buying villas for sale in Tbilisi?

As I mentioned before, today many foreign investors look to find a great investment opportunity in Tbilisi. Here one of the most in-demand cases is villas for sale in Tbilisi. If you are among these investors and looking to find a great villa in Tbilisi, I suggest you read this paragraph before any purchase. Here, I mention the most important points you have to consider before buying villas for sale in Tbilisi.

●    Be careful about the location of villas for sale in Tbilisi:

The first important factor is the location, and you have to consider it before buying real estate. It means you have to search about the neighborhood, the standard of living there, the available transportation, and freeway access.

●    Be careful about the physical condition of villas for sale in Tbilisi:

If you want to buy villas in Tbilisi and make a profitable investment, you have to consider the physical condition of the property. Make sure to do a physical inspection and know about the different conditions of the property, like the roof and floor condition, plumbing systems, and the electricity system.

●    Be careful about the property poses of villas for sale in Tbilisi:

In this case, you have to consider the property poses. For example, you have to consider if it threatens the environment. Also, you have to ask about its history to evaluate the property value and possible troubles correctly.

●    Be careful about the projected growth in the area you want to buy villas for sale in Tbilisi:

It is helpful to know about the current and forecasted growth of the area around your chosen property for sale. For example, if you choose your property in a neighborhood where the demographics are stable or growing, it would be a beneficial choice.

What are the different types of villas for sale in Tbilisi?

When we talk about villas, all of us think about additional features. For example, we know that villas are like a group in a gated neighborhood. There are many units that all have a common gate, and each one has a compound wall individually.

While there are not many villas in Tbilisi, most of them are detached houses and duplex houses facilitated with swimming pools, gardens, and a lot of other extra features. Most of them are at least 200 square meters, and you have to pay more than $100,000 to buy a villa for sale in Tbilisi.

How much should I pay to buy villas for sale in Tbilisi?

As you know we can not mention the exact price you have to pay to buy a villa in Tbilisi. It is obvious that the price of villas for sale in Tbilisi would vary based on different options like the area/size of the property, its facilitation, the neighborhood, and how far it is from the center. Here is one of the best examples of these villas, their facilities, and their price.

●    Villas for sale in Digomi Village, Tbilisi:

The first option is to buy a villa for sale in Digomi Village, Tbilisi. If you wish to have a luxury and private property that provides the highest levels of serenity, comfort, and quality, do not miss this case. Usually, you can find villas with 4+ bedrooms and balconies in Digomi Village, the best residential area of Tbilisi. To know more about the projects of villas for sale in Digomi Village, Tbilisi, and the prices, contact us at dxboffplan.

What are the best Tbilisi neighborhoods to invest in?

As you know, there is an important rule of real estate, which is location. Before going through introducing the best neighborhoods of Tbilisi, you have to understand what makes a location truly great. These are the following factors: Safety, Easy access to public transport, Walkability, Character, Outdoor activities abound and, of course, high possibility to rent it out.

Now that you know about the important factors you have to consider to choose a great neighborhood for investment, read the list of the three best neighborhoods in Tbilisi for a profitable investment.

How to get a permanent residency in Georgia through investment?

Previously, I mentioned that one of the most important points that attract many investors to choose villas for sale in Tbilisi is that they can get a Georgia permanent residency. Be careful, If you want to buy a villa in Tbilisi in order to get a residency in Georgia, you have to spend $300,000 or more on real estate in Georgia. Pay attention, your property ownership should not be on agricultural land on Georgia’s territory because in this case, you will just get a 5-year investor visa.


In conclusion, I have to mention that Georgia, especially Tibilisi could be a business-friendly investment destination. So, I suggest you make an investment in villas for sale in Tbilisi and see how fast your money returns to you. In the above text, you can read all the essential details you have to know before buying villas for sale in Tbilisi. Also, you can search the dxboffplan portal to find your favorite case. Remember that we are ready to answer all your questions 24/7 for free. You can contact our professional online team simply through the site.

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