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Last Update: 2024-06-02

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    Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia with a population of about 1.1 million, is one of the popular destinations for real estate investors. This industrial, social and cultural center was founded in the 5th century. If you are looking for a place to breathe in the literal and figurative sense, I suggest buying a property for sale in Tbilisi. Continue reading and learn more about the apartments for sale in Tbilisi.

    Can foreigners own property in Tbilisi, Georgia?

    The exact answer is yes. Based on Georgia’s legal rules, the citizens of foreign countries can own property in Tbilisi, Georgia, while they have the same rights as Georgian citizens. All properties, such as Tbilisi apartments for sale, are the fair game for everyone in Georgia.

    Why buy an apartment for sale in Tbilisi?

    Today, many people choose Georgia as a great place for their business as the prices are low. Also, you can run your own business in this country in a short time, in a day or two, which puts Georgia in 6th place on the Ease of Business Index. All these points attract more investors, which makes Georgia’s economy strong. When we talk about investing in the Georgia real estate market, there are two main cities: Tbilisi and Batumi. But Tbilisi is more popular as it is the capital of this country. Two main reasons attract investors to buy apartments for sale in Tbilisi.

    • Tbilisi is a capital city where you can buy real estate for under $1,000 per square meter. For example, you can buy a property right in the center of Tbilisi, while you have to pay a little amount of money.
    • Foreign investors can buy property in Tbilisi while they have the same rights as Georgians.

    Which neighborhoods are the best to buy an apartment for sale in Tbilisi?

    There is no exact answer to questions like this. The answer might vary based on different reasons; like your needs, your financial situation, your investment goal, and the time frame that would affect the answer. As Tbilisi is a popular destination for visitors and tourists, many people buy an apartment for sale in Tbilisi to rent to tourists. In this case, it is important to find a location close to Tbilisi city center, as the criteria that visitors usually visit. Among the popular locations of Tbilisi, I can mention Saburtalo, Vera, Vake, Ortachala, Mtatsminda, Rustaveli Avenue, Freedom Square, the district of old Tbilisi, and Aghmashenebeli Avenue.

    If you want to buy an apartment for sale in Tbilisi, continue reading and learn more about the areas that will bring you a better income and high rental yields.

    • Apartments for sale in the historic district of Tbilisi

    If you are looking to buy a valuable property in Tbilisi, the historic district is where you have to search. There, you can find different apartments in terms of buildings and designs, which will connect your investment mainly with immigrants and foreigners.

    • Apartments for sale in Saburtalo, Tbilisi

    Another well-known area of Tbilisi to buy an apartment for sale is Saburtalo. This place is popular to have the most metro stations, which makes it easy to reach it from any part of Tbilisi. Also, these years some strong developers started to build new and interesting projects, so they attracted many foreign investors to move there. If you are a university student from a foreign country who wants to buy an apartment for sale in Tbilisi, I suggest you search in Saburtalo. This place is the home of famous Georgian universities like Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgian Technical University, and the University of Georgia.

    • Apartments for sale in Vera and Vake, Tbilisi

    Another popular neighborhood of Tbilisi is Vera and Vake, which is close to the city center and full of expensive hotels,  restaurants, cafés, and boutique hotels with high standards, very popular.

    • Apartments for sale on Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi

    If you plan to buy an apartment in Tbilisi to rent it to tourists, Freedom Square might be a great option. This place is located in the center of Tbilisi, which is at the end of Rustaveli Avenue.

    • Apartments for sale on Marjanishvili avenue or Aghmashenebeli, Tbilisi

    Aghmashenebeli is another main neighborhood in Tbilisi, full of people of different nationalities and from different countries. You can find many Turkish restaurants and Arabic shisha bars in this tourist destination.

    While the above options could be great options for you as a foreign investor, the price might be a bit high. But there are other neighborhoods in Tbilisi to buy a property for sale with lower prices, such as Varketili, Moscow Avenue, Vazisubani, Nakhalovka, Gldani, Mukhiani, or Dighomi.

    How much does it cost to buy an apartment for sale in Tbilisi?

    Today, apartments for sale are the most popular type of property to buy in Tbilisi. It was because of the increasing number of tourists who visit Tbilisi as a popular destination. Totaly, apartments in Tbilisi are different in price, area, and size. Here is a list of popular cases for sale in Tbilisi with their approximate price.

    • Two-room apartments in uptown parts of Tbilisi price

    In this case, you can search for apartments in neighborhoods like Vake, Mtatsminda, and Vera. These apartments are considerably more expensive than other parts of the city. The normal size of these apartments is between 40-and 60 square meters with one bedroom and one living room/kitchen. You have to pay around $50,000 to $80,000 for a two-room apartment like this.

    • Three-room apartments in uptown parts of Tbilisi price

    You can find bigger and more facilitated apartments in these areas with three rooms, one bedroom, one living room, and one separate kitchen. These apartments are around 70 square meters, and you have to pay between $90,000 to $110,000 for a unit like this.

    • Two-bedroom apartments in residential areas like Digomi in Tbilisi price

    You can find an apartment of about 60 square meters, which has two bedrooms far from the center in Digomi for about $45,000. But as this neighborhood is a big area, you might find a little cheaper price in other parts of this place.

    • Two-bedroom apartments in Tbilisi’s tourist places price

    You can find a 90-square-meter apartment with 2 bedrooms in some tourist places like  Marjanishvili or Aghmashenebeli street at the price of $85,000.

    • Two-bedroom apartments in Tblisi’s old areas price

    If you want to buy an old apartment about 50 years old, you can find a fairly cheaper case. Refurbished, painted, and renovated apartments with two bedrooms and 100 square meters in old areas would cost $170,000.

    • Price of studio apartments for sale in Tbilisi

    You can start your property investment by choosing to buy a studio apartment in Tbilisi. Normal studio apartments in Tbilisi are between 25 to 35 square meters, with no bedrooms. If you want to know how much should you pay to buy a studio apartment in Tbilisi neighborhoods, here is a list of some of them:

    • Avlabari & Didube: $30,000
    • Saburtalo (Vazha-Pshavela): $40,000
    • Digomi: $24,000
    • Marjanishvili: $37,000


    If you have some extra money and look for a great chance to make a profitable investment, you can find great villas for sale in Tbilisi, or you can choose to buy apartments for sale in Tbilisi, Georgia. Here, in dxboffplan, we are ready to find the best cases based on your budget and interest. If you have any questions, you can contact our professional online team 24/7 for free.


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