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    Istanbul has attracted smart investment and economic relations from the whole world during the previous years. Today, it is a haven for those who want an excellent place to trade and invest. If you want to find the best option to buy an office, shop, or any commercial property, be sure that it is the best option to start your business.
    Here, you can read all you need to know before buying shops for sale in Istanbul.

    Why do people choose offices for sale in Istanbul as an investment opportunity?

    All people know that Istanbul is the metropolitan city of Turkey and the key trading point located at the junction of Europe and Asia. This city is a prominent business destination from the Silk Road to today’s skyscrapers. Here, you can read about different reasons that make this commercial city valuable for investors.

    Offices for Sale in Istanbul

    Turkish economy

    The government of Turkey provided liberalization of economic and political institutions and established a steady and developing base. Turkey’s economy experienced a prosperous transformation during the past 18 years.

    • The growth rate of Turkey’s economy was about 1.8 percent in 2020.
    • Despite the coronavirus expansion, the Turkish economy still improves.
    • Based on the Turkish Statistical Institute, the gross domestic product of Turkey is 5.1 trillion Turkish liras per year.
    • Most economists believe that the Turkish economy will rise 2.2 percent after 2020.
    • Turkey and China are the only countries in the G20 with an optimistic growth rate.

    A wide range of commercial real estate

    As an investor, you can choose among a wide range of commercial property for sale in Istanbul based on the diversity in business. Following this text, you can read about different types of these commercial properties.

    High-Return investment property in Istanbul

    If you want to make a real estate investment in Istanbul, carefully think about the type of commercial property before buying. While all Istanbul properties guarantee a profit, some of them will provide you with a higher rank of return. Be careful that contrary to popular belief, there is not necessarily a need to invest close to popular destinations in Istanbul. You can find different high-profit projects in outskirt districts based on your budget.

    Get Turkish Citizenship

    If you buy a commercial property in Istanbul, you can apply for Turkish Citizenship with at least 250.000 USD. Many people prefer to buy commercial property in recent years. You can find different commercial properties ready to move or under construction, such as shops, offices, infrastructure facilities, warehouses, hotels, and many other options.

    What are the most preferred commercial property options in Istanbul?

    As I said in the previous paragraphs, you can buy different types of commercial properties in Istanbul, and all of them will give you a great profit. Here, you can read about three of the most popular types.

    Hotel for sale in Istanbul

    Turkey is one of the largest tourist cities, surrounded by waters from three sides, and has a mild climate in four seasons. So hotels for sale in Istanbul could be the first profitable option. Many people believe that Turkey attracts regional and foreign tourists during the four seasons. They like to invest in the tourism field as an invariably profitable option. At this level, the hotel enterprise has the most increased share of tourism in Turkey. You may run a long-term business with a few prosperous breakthroughs in this sector.

    Shop for sale in Istanbul

    The retail sector is also important in the hospitality sector of Turkey. This great sector will provide you with a long-term profit guarantee. You can choose among different shops, which are designed intending to build a sustainable sector. Based on your investment purpose, you can use this commercial place to run your business or rent it.
    While you can find everything in Istanbul shops, some hot items might cause you the most profit. Read a shortlist about these shops, here.

    • You can find a wide range of dessert selections like Turkish delights and baklava with pistachio. Search to buy these kinds of shops in Eminonu (near Sultanahmet), Karakoy, Istiklal Street (the pedestrian street leading from Taksim Square to Galata Tower), and Kadikoy (Asian Side).
    • If you like to sell spices and herbs, try to find a shop in Spice Bazaar, near the Grand Bazaar.
    • Another choice is to sell different textiles and authentic garments, so you have to look for a shop in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul for this purpose.
    • Turkey is popular because of the Turkish rugs over the centuries, and it might be a good choice to start a business. For this purpose choose a shop in Sultanahmet.

    Land for sale in Istanbul

    The last option is the best choice for making a long-term investment. In this case, you can buy land for commercial purposes, suitable for businesses, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, or profit-generating residences.

    How to minimize the risk of real estate investment in Istanbul shops?

    Everybody knows that real estate investment always comes with some risks, but I will tell you some techniques to reduce the risk and make sure your choice is the safest one.

    Shop for sale in Istanbul

    Ask for a full inspection of any commercial property you want to purchase

    When you want to visit the property, invite an expert contractor to guide you about the positive and negative points of your choice.

    Consult the real estate counsel on each deal

    They can help you mitigate disclosure and confirm that your choice concedes with municipal legislation.

    Have an exit plan

    Make a contingency plan about what you want to do if the economy changes or you need fast cash, like converting it into a short-term rental or moving on your own. Alway, working with an experienced real estate agent like the dxboffplan team you can make comparable sales in all cities.

    Where can I find shops for sale in Istanbul?

    Istanbul has some famous commercial streets like Bagdat, Nisantasi, Taksim, where it is hard to find shops for sale. This situation is almost the same for other already operating malls, as they are expensive shops and rarely offered for sale. It might be a better idea to search for shops with reasonable prices in the new under-construction projects. If you decide to buy the shops under construction, it is good to know about the advantages of these cases. First, if you buy a commercial property in the early stages, you can find the best alternatives. Second, the prices of the early stages shops are more reasonable than the already operating shops. You can choose the Basin Express area, located in a strategic location between the city center and Istanbul’s new airport. It is one of the most important developing areas because the subway lines reach the new airport through this rapidly growing area.

    find the most profitable shops in Istanbul

    How much should I pay to buy a shop in Istanbul?

    In Total, the shop prices in Istanbul vary between 5000 to 10000 USD/M2. First, this wide price range is based on the location of the shops. The city center shops are more expensive than those located in the suburbs. The compound shops’ price in newly developing areas like Bassin express is more reasonable. We predict a very optimistic future in value shortly for those shops. But central shops might have lower growth, as they are at the peak of value now.
    The second reason that affects the shop’s prices in Istanbul is the shop age and the construction quality.

    How to find the most profitable shops in Istanbul?

    The first point you have to specify is why you want to buy a shop. For example, you might like to purchase a shop for personal business. Now, you have to specify theright size for the needed shop.
    But if your purpose is to make a pure investment, you have to consider the available budget. In this way, you can avoid limitless alternatives all around the city and concentrate on the most appropriate options. Sometimes, you might like to buy a shop in the city center, but I suggest you search for the shops in the brand new project of the newborn areas. Be sure that they will provide you an increased value appreciation in a briefer period than city center shops. Besides, you can pay more affordable prices for these shops, and installment programs are also available.
    On the other hand, if you choose shops in compounds, you can rent them easier, due to their competitive advantages. Be careful about the attached fees, like management fees, maintenance fees, and title deed fees, to avoid any surprises in the future.


    Istanbul is a perfect place to make a profitable investment. There are many property choices in this city, and shops are one of the most preferred choices among investors in previous years. Like all other real estate trades, you have to be careful when you want to buy shops for sale in Istanbul. Please contact dxboffplan property counselors, and we will find the most appropriate choice for your occasion. Also, you can contact our online advisors and ask all your questions now.


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